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Who is Michael?
Just who is this Michael person(s)?

What's Your Role? An Introduction to the Michael teachings
A brief, lighthearted introduction to the teachings.  Perfect for newcomers, and a fresh perspective for the more advanced student.  

An Overview of the Michael System
Colorfully written overview of the teachings with great examples of how celebrities fit into the system.  Very instructive.  

Another Outline of the Michael teachings
A longtime scholar of the teachings, Phil offers additional insights to help you understand the rudiments of Michael.  

Soul Age

Soul Age and Levels
Classic Michael material excerpted from Joya's wonderful book, The World According to Michael.  If you need to improve your understanding of soul evolution, then this is a good read.   

More On Soul Age
A comprehensive overview of soul age, offering insights on infant, baby, young, mature, and old souls.  

Introduction to the Levels
More information about Soul Age levels.  

Mature/Old Soul Comparison Chart
A look at some of the differences between these two soul ages.

Soul Age By Countries
The channeled soul age of various countries.

Soul Age Levels Chart
Handy chart to reference the different soul age levels.

Older Is Not Better
It is not better to be an old soul than to be mature or young, just as it isnít better to be forty-five years old than it is to be thirty-two or fourteen.

Additional Thoughts on the Soul Ages - By Shepherd Hoodwin
Michael channel Shepherd Hoodwin offers additional insights, along with a Q&A format.  

Trends in Soul Age
Observations on the various trends that can occur as the soul progresses through a linear cycle of lifetimes. 

Comments On Soul Age
Interesting discussion on the break down of soul age in the population, and comments on how to discern soul age.  

Soul Age Polarities - By Ted Fontaine
Soul age lessons are examined in the form of a diary.  Fascinating perspective.

Astral Schools and Soul Levels - By Ted Fontaine
Learn about the schools on the astral plane. 


The Roles
A comprehensive collection of articles on the seven personality roles used in the Michael system.  Well researched, and written with true scholar.

Additional Observations on Roles - By Dave Gregg
More thoughts on the seven roles, further fleshed out, and including observations on the trends each role might display during a lifetime.  

Relationships and Roles
Examines the compatibility between various roles.

Roles As Energy
Our role is our dominant energy, but we have all the others in us as well, at least potentially.

How Roles Appear Physically and Energetically
Learn how the roles exert an influence on the qualities that come through physical traits, especially facial expressions.

Learn about the psychic receivers, or inputs that each role uses. 

Lessons of the Roles
Lengthy examination concerning the Maya (or Great Lesson) of each particular role and an 'organic' approach to determining what might be considered rejection or acceptance of Essence.


The Overleaves
A comprehensive collection of articles on the overleaves.  No stone was 
left unturned in this impressive study. 


  • Goals
    A general overview of the seven goals.  


Attitude concerns the way people regard the world. It is the perspective people have on things around them. It is the stance from which people view things. 

  • Attitudes


Chief Negative Features

Body Types

  • Introduction to the Seven Bodytypes - By Phil Wittmeyer
    A basic overview to get you started. 

  • Body Types  
    Shepherd Hoodwin explores the subject.
  • Body Types - By Dave Gregg
    Here's a more thorough examination of bodytypes.  

Advanced Topics


  • Essence - By Shepherd Hoodwin
    A wonderful exploration of essence, the Michael teachings term used to describe the soul. 

  • More on Essence 
    A short collection of Michael comments on essence. Intriguing.

  • On Essence - By Troy Tolley
    A short collection of Michael comments on essence. Intriguing. 

  • Life Task - By Shepherd Hoodwin
    Learn about your special purpose in life.

  • The Goal of the Soul

  • Male/Female Energy - By Shepherd Hoodwin
    The ratio between male (focused) and female (creative) energy in a particular essence is explored.

  • Frequency  
    Rate of vibration of the soul on a scale of one to one hundred.

  • Previous Cycles
    Learn about the cycle of experience that begins when we are cast from the Tao to work our way back through physical-plane incarnations, and our subsequent progression through the higher planes.

  • Internal Monads (2)
    Information about the seven milestones in life.

  • Thoughts on the Four Pillars
    The four pillars are discussed.  



Applying The Teachings

The Nine Needs

Related Articles


Michael Student Database

Spiritweb Michael List Archives

Michael Channeling

General Topic Q & A 

10th Anniversary of the Michael Teachings List
Audio and Written Channeling

Ted Fontaine

Nancy Gordon

Shepherd Hoodwin

Alma Perez

Joya Pope

Troy Tolley

Lori Tostado

Caris Palm Turpin

Traveling Companions
5 Levels of Teachings Facilitation
Coping in a Mature Soul World

JP Van Hulle

Michael Tools

Annotated Overleaves Chart 
Here is a standard overleaf chart, but with annotated definitions that pop-up via java script.  A very useful resource.

Overleaves Photo Database  
Celebrities and Michael students are matched by their soul age, role, and overleaves.  An invaluable tool to learn how to apply facial attributes and expression to the Michael teachings.

Michael Teachings Quizzes 
Various online tests to help you determine your personality.

Michael Teachings Glossary
Basic terms and definitions.  

Michael Teachings Books


Michael Teachings Chat


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