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<Nancy> Dave, let's begin.

<DaveGregg> Before we start I want to make a quick announcement about the room. To keep the interruptions to a minimum and to ensure that the channel can concentrate at her best, I will periodically close the floor to discussion. In other words, the room will be in moderator mode. That means only the channel, myself, and whomever she is addressing will be allowed to talk during the session. If Michael asks for a group response I will, of course, open the floor to everyone. So if you're wondering why you can't see your comments, that will be the reason. We'll see how this works and discuss it on the MT list tomorrow.

<Nancy> Are we ready?
* DaveGregg sets mode: +m
<oldpriest> ready
<DaveGregg> Ready...we should now be in moderator mode
<DaveGregg> Go ahead Nancy


<Nancy> But many of you may not. I am Nancy Gordon, a Michael student since 1996-7. I am going to take the questions that were sent to me in the order that they arrived. And I am going to post as often as I remember to so that we don't lose anything. That should be about every three or four sentences. Any less often may mean some of it won't appear on your screen. The Michaels are here, and they will open with what they want to say to us all. I know that you have asked personal questions, but be prepared for the Michaels to use those questions as springboards for a teaching session. They have looked forward to this chance to do just that.

<Nancy> Michael, are we ready?

Michael: We are, Nancy. Good evening to all of you. The channel has said that we are eager to meet with you and that is true. We know you, each of you, as our students and we welcome you to this time of connecting with us directly. There is as sense of anticipation among you that is Good Work. We are not unaware of the need for freeing some of the tension that exists in the world today, among individuals, between nations, and we offer this assurance that there is method to this madness, believe us when we say this. The tension is a result of the tremendous changes that are occurring, reflected in the earth itself, although we do not intend that you put too much emphasis on the very natural goings on in the atmosphere and under the earth. These are natural, as we said, and was happening to the planet long before you appeared on the scene. No, we mean that the apparent loosening of violence and disruption that you are experiencing is merely the last hurrah of the fear laden energy of those who are precipitating this chaos.

This is not especially reassuring to those involved and we acknowledge that. It is true, however. We do not predict. We do offer odds based on our assessment of events, and it is likely that within the next s50 years violence as you are witness to today will be a thing of the past. For one thing, it will be to no one's advantage to destroy the fabric of a society as is happening in too many areas of the world today. Economics has its place in your world, and the continual destruction of life and limbs is costly. We, therefore, suggest that as much as you lament the violence, that you take comfort in the fact that in the nature of things it is relatively short lived. We offer this as our gift to you tonight, that there is hope and that some of you will live to see it fulfilled, if our understanding of the future is on target.

<Nancy> Now, we will take the questions that the channel has received.


Q & A

<Nancy> From Susan (Sweetsage): What is my real mission on earth?
Do I have pre-natal agreements and if so, what are they? Why am I

<Nancy> Michael: The mission of everyone of you is to experience the physical plane, to learn lessons that cannot be learned any other way but in a human body. Having said that, we know that each of you has agreed with your Essence before each lifetime to an objective for that life. For you Susan, it is the objective of learning to let things unfold before you, then taking action to use them as you find useful.  Within your pervue there is a tendency to wrench events as well as people into a pattern of doing that suits your plans. This may or may not be in accord with their natural flow. Be aware that working in concert with the natural flow is much less tiresome and tiring than the opposite. Do you have agreements you have made before incarnating? Of course you do. Perhaps you would like to refine your question and ask it more specifically.

<susans> I guess is what I am meant to do here; involve spiritual teachings of some kind. Writing ?

<Nancy> And as to why you are here, on this plane at this time, you
have chosen to do this in order to activate you interest and
profound attachment to the spiritual life that you have been
learning about. You may pursue this interest in writing if you choose. That
is a possibility. You may also consider this: You and all Old
souls influence the world of your inhabiting merely by being in that
world. You really do not have to DO very much. WE suggest that you
may get as much satisfaction from minding your small circle as you
could casting out to a larger one. 

<susans> thank you....go to the next person

<Nancy> From Sal Rachele: I have been channeled as King cast. Is
this correct?

<Nancy> Michael: This is correct.

<Nancy> From Sal: Do I have any pre-natal agreements with the
fragment in seat #343 in my cadre/entity?

<Nancy> Michael: You have an agreement, yes. It is not a pre-natal agreement, although for all intents and purposes that is moot. <Nancy> You have connected and that is sufficient agreement for this time. WE remind you all that not all serious connections, matings, or other kinds of relatings are by agreement before incarnating. Many are, but not all. The ones you enter into 'on the fly' as one of our students so graphically puts it, are just as valid. 

<salr> Thank you.

<Nancy> From Kathryn Schwenger: What is my most infamous or
notorious past life, and what did I learn form that life?

<Nancy> Michael: Now, now Kathryn. Do you hope that you were a
buccaneer, or would you rather have been Ghengis Khan?

<Kathryn41> actually, I have no idea - just thought it a good
question for a Halloween time of year:-)
<Kathryn41> I am interested in what that life taught me:-)

<Nancy> We see your lifetime as a fairly notorious highwayman of the
middle of the 13th C of the common era. You were the third son of a
large family of a miller, a flour merchant, and there was not much room for your talents or ambitions. As you came into late adolescence you teamed up with a small band of brigands and during the next six or seven years you led a life of excitement and some prosperity. In the end you were caught and hung. Lessons: That there is a larger world in which the soul can flourish, even if it flourishes at the expense of others. Having noted this you were never again tempted to confuse this issue. Btw, we hope you perceived our humor in our opening remarks. 

<Kathryn41> I did and appreciated it:-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you for the information:-)

<Nancy> From Karen May.: Would Michael comment on my new career
aspirations which seem to include writing rather than working with
animals which was channeled for me some time ago.

<Nancy> Michael: Your scattered approach to life at this time is more than just your Artisan role's tendency to take on too much at once and forget to finish things. This is a time of experimentation for you. This is not only such a time but it may be a welcome change from the routine that has governed your life to this time. As for your feelings of comfort with the keyboard, remember that most of you have come to this age using the keyboard, unlike past generations. It may be useful for you to stop and consider whether this is a 'career' tendency or just a habit that has become comfortable. We do not say that you could not make a career out of it, only that it might be merely a tool and so could be treated as just that and not as a beacon beckoning you onward.

<karen> thanks. I make my living at a keyboard in a different way, and while I'm comfortable "here," I feel like my scatter-brained state is affecting my job. All I want to do is write, but I can't seem to focus on that either.

<Nancy> Focussing is come by with practice and often with a certain diligence. If you are serious about learning to focus, then you can do no better than to set aside a time each day for concentration and ultimately meditation. This is the surest means for bring to bear the elements of your life that need defining.

<karen> OK, I'll buckle down and set aside a specific time of the day for writing, and "just do it". Thank you.

<Nancy> Examine various ways, then, by which you can use that tool, the keyboard. As you explore, and as you learn to still your questing mind, you will very likely come to an application of your talent that 'grabs' you as nothing has lately.

<karen> thanks very much!

<Nancy> From Alicia W.: How accurate is the theory of evolution as man has defined it. Is it in keeping with the reality of species development on earth? How does the idea of 'intelligent design' fit in?

<Nancy> Michael: Let us look at the last question first. All creation is intelligent. There is no grain of cosmic dust nor of the minutest cell that is not intelligent. Therefore the design is by its nature intelligent. Now, is there a divine being who has drawn up the blueprints for all of this creation? Not in the way that your scriptures tend to picture it. All of what you call creation comes from one source, the Tao. But the Tao does not create. The Tao allows energy to 'escape', to be cast from IT in its quest for the experience of parting with it. It is this energy that ultimately 'creates', that sets the intelligent patterns for matter to follow. If you wish to call this 'intelligent design', you may do so. Now as for the theory of evolution as understood and taught by your scientists, this is as near to the truth of things as most fragments' minds can encompass. The species that evolved on this planet to the point that it could be ensouled had to have certain physical qualifications: among them was the opposable thumb and a palate and larynx for speech. You may not think that the opposable thumb is primary to your humanity, but we suggest that you try to do the most ordinary gesture without being able to bring your four fingers together with your thumb. Upright gait was also part of the requirement for ensoulment. So in a manner of speaking, there is no argument between the Darwinists and our teachings. It is just that the theory of Darwin was not informed by the considerations that you and we understand. Ensoulment was accomplished some 60,000 years ago. The area that cannot be ascertained by science is the assistance that the evolving species had from the universe. When you have heard that your planet was 'seeded' by star peoples you imagine that humanity as it exists today was brought fully formed from a distant planet and introduced here among the animals that already inhabited it.  But this is a misunderstanding of the 'seeding' process. It is much more usual that a promising form be identified and then 'helped along' in its evolution, a process that takes generations, by the way. The physical apparatus must exist in at least incipient form. You cannot make omelets without breaking eggs. If the species that became human had not had the potential for speed, for instance, a different vehicle would have had to be found.

<Nancy> We would be happy to discuss this at greater length another

<Nancy> From Susan Glassman: Would Michael comment on my recent bout with depression, which I seem to be coming out of, and also say something about who I am, what did I come to do, how am I blocking that, if I am, and why have I suffered so deeply at this time?

<Nancy> Michael: Susan, we repeat what we have said before: All fragments are in a body on the physical plane to experience the lessons that can only be learned in that guise. You are correct that you have weathered the storm and are putting your feet on a more positive path. Think back now, to the experience and we believe you can answer your own question. Do you not recognize the lessons as they have been worked through and become a part of you? This is the meaning of such measures as depression. Very often in no other way will a fragment come to terms with its being. Think back now, to the experience and we believe you can answer your own question. Do you not recognize the lessons as they have been worked through and become a part of you? This is the meaning of such measures as depression. Very often in no other way will a fragment come to terms with its being. Think of it. You are you. You are an infinite spark of the Tao, of All That Is. If you would rather think in terms of being a part of divinity, by all means think so. For you are. Then you are also a human female, a woman. That is part of your identity for this lifetime. And you are here and not there, alive and not dead, all of the positive things you can imagine. Imagination is your greatest ally at this time. You ask what is blocking you from what you came to do. You can blame it on your mistrust of your imagination. Let it become more real in your life and you may find that the lessons of this past year will seem much less appallingly distressing. Lessons are not always hard won, but for you at this time they have been. We recognize this and we commend you for your attention to them. Now is the time to raise your head and look forward, not down, to IMAGINE things that were unimaginable even a few months ago.

<Nancy> From Deborah A.: In what manner, if any, does each individual person working with Orin and Dabenes's Awakening the Lightbody tapes assist the earth specifically?

<Nancy> Michael: We have often said that there are many teachers working in your world at this time. Each has a specific objective and each goes about fulfilling this objective as it has decided on. The work of the teacher Orin/Debene is to alert those who hear that there is more to life than the physical. This does not materially differ from our own message, nor could it, if it is Truth. We have characterized most of this world's people as moving in a waking sleep. Our mission is to open some of these eyes to a waking wake. This is the same mission that Orin/Debene have undertaken. The only difference is the ears that are hearing. As more hearers of messages awaken, there will be an impact on the earth, physically upon the matter of the earth, which will affect the interaction between humans and their environment. Which will result in changes that will be palpable. Awakening the Lightbody refers to loosening the energy within not only the individual but also that which can be found in nature. Nature, meaning the covering of the planet, its garments of soil and rock and air and flora and fauna, have a synergy that most of you do not feel. Any effort to establish a connection with this energy is Good Work. The work will only be done by individuals. "Society" has no ability to deal with this energy.

<Nancy> From David G.: Why is my third chakra apparently not working as it is meant to do and what can I do about it?

<Nancy> Michael: David, the third chakra, found in the stomach area, is aligned with your moving center. In your experience, do you think that you have had much to do with this center?

<DaveG> I think I sometimes lay down my personal power too often
in relationships, work, etc.

<Nancy> This is the chakra of nourishing, of putting forth. Putting your personal power into a relationship does not have very much to do with this chakra, unless you are equating it with fostering. Instead, it is a part of the growth of the organism, of maturing of effort. This chakra can be opened and will bloom with a clearing of the areas that surround it. Take a moment to consider: Movement is outward, understanding is inward. Your inward understanding is quite well developed. Now it is time to bring the outward into play. If you wish to apply it to relationships, do so. You may also decide to apply it to your working environment. Foster openness, be conscious of the flowering of events as well of people. Then your third chakra will open and offer you its power of nurturing.

<DaveGregg> Thanks, Nancy.

<Nancy> From Judith P.: I am interested in the statement: You create your own reality. Does Michael believe this is true? Who is the YOU that is referred to? Has this belief ever caused harm in the healing arts?

<Nancy> Michael: Every statement of truth can be distorted. There is always that possibility given the general ability of maya to distort all reality. There is a powerful ability among human beings to make desire come true. You have all experienced this in your own lives. This can be construed as 'creating one's own reality'. Does this mean altering the laws of the universe? Of course not. Gravity is not going to respond to anyone's desire to cause things to fall up rather than down. But when the energy of the non-physical plane intersects with the physical plane, interesting things can happen. It is in this area that the truth of the saying can be found. Yes, there can be misuse of this dictum if it is applied by those who do not understand the differences between the  planes of existence. If you are suffering from a ruptured appendix, it is highly unlikely that wishing it away is going to accomplish the cure. Did you create the conditions which caused the appendix to rupture? Maybe, if this condition serves some purpose that you may or may not consciously wish. But as in all things that have to do with the physical plane, sometimes a ruptured appendix is just a ruptured appendix. 

<Nancy> From TzM: Will I meet my life partner soon? What can I do to bring this about in a timely manner?

<Nancy> Michael: The chances of your meeting a candidate for a successful mating within the next two years are greater than even. There really is nothing that you need do to facilitate this meeting. Each of you has made several mating agreements before incarnation, just because there are any number of reasons why a particular one will not happen. But within the framework of your life, Tziporah, conditions point to a successful mating in this time. You have also asked if you have successfully complete the 3rd internal monad. We would say yes you have. Have you begun the 4th yet? No. It is unlikely that you will for more than a dozen years. 

<tm> Many thanks!

<Nancy> We have come to the end of the questions, and I am not going to ask for more from the group. Michael, do you have anything more you would like to say to us tonight?


<Nancy> Michael: We have come to you tonight to fulfill our objective to teach. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and to offer our insights as we see them, to smooth the path to agape that each of you is walking. We have said this before, and those of you who are teachers yourselves will appreciate our tendency to repeat: One of the greatest gifts you can give to each other is the gift of kindness. We leave you with that thought. There is a great deal of criticism available to each of you. Why should you expand on it? Offer instead compassion and kindness to each other and to everyone with whom you deal. This is the way of Truth, of the teachings as we understand them, the way of the Tao. 

<Nancy> Michael is finished.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy & Michael. The chat room floor is now
open for discussion. ;-)
* DaveGregg sets mode: -m

<Kathryn41> thank you so much Nancy and Michael.
<Nancy> I don't say Michael is gone, because they have told me they
have no place to go. :-)
<susans> thank you nancy and michael :))
<Kathryn41> it was a really good session.
<pumpkineater> thank you Nancy.
<Kathryn41> hehehehehe cute
<JohnRoth> Thank You!
<Alicia_W> Thank you, Nancy and good night.
<jane> thank you.
<Nancy> It has been my pleasure to be able to be here, and I thank
you all for being here, too.
<tm> Thank you SO MUCH! This was AMAZING.
<PaddyOGrill> Thank You Nancy.
<firefly> thank you, Nancy

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