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Would you like to know your soul age, role and personality traits?

A Michael chart includes your soul age, your role (or soul type) and your overleaves. Other Michael information, such as your essence twin, task companion, your nine needs, and so on, are also included.

You can order a chart for yourself, a friend, a relative, or anyone you're interested in. A Michael chart is an illuminating portal into the psyche of the human soul. A chart can be used to help you gauge your personal strengths and weaknesses and remind you how to keep them in alignment.

How much does a Michael chart cost?

● For a limited time only, it's currently $35 per complete chart (or $15 for a partial chart)

Your Michael chart will be delivered to you by email via a PDF file. Samples of my channeling may be found throughout this site, but here are some specific examples (spiritual health, the afterlife, reincarnation, applying the michael teachings).

Michael channeling always adds new insights, with a perspective that is revealing and penetrating.


After ordering your chart (see below), send the following information to my email address:

● Give the full name of the person the chart is about.

● Provide the birth date.

● Attach a non-blurry photo that clearly shows the eyes (headshots are always preferred).

Click the following link to email me at Michael Chart Order (or michaelteachings@gmail.com)

Expect your chart within 4 weeks; however, my turnaround time is typically much faster than that.

Choose from two options:

1) Order a (Partial) Michael Chart ($15) Only includes Soul Age, Role, Essence Twin & Casting.

Number of Charts

2) Order a (Full) Michael Chart ($35) Includes everything.

Number of Charts

Thank you for your order!

Peace to you,
David Gregg 😃




About David Gregg

David is the webmaster of MichaelTeachings.com and also moderates the Michael teachings discussion list at Yahoogroups. He has been a Michael student since 1996 and began channeling as a tool for spiritual enrichment. He is also a professional musician and plays the saxophone, clarinet, and flute, with a lifetime love for jazz and classical music. He enjoys literature and book collecting, and writes short stories in his spare time.

He occasionally writes reviews and profiles of jazz musicians at his jazz blog, Jazz Reader.



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