Michael Teachings FAQ


Michel Teachings FAQ


Michael is a group soul, a collective consciousness of 1050 essences who finished all their lifetimes on Earth, cycled off the physical plane, and recombined into an Entity who now resides and teaches from the mid-causal plane. Basically, they (Michael usually refers to themselves as "we" rather than "I") are spirit-guides and mentors to us here on Earth, channeling their wisdom and energy to us for our spiritual advancement and learning. Through this, Michael also learns and evolves. The journey they have taken is the same one we are on, they are just in another plane of existence now. (You may read more about what other Michael channels and students say about who Michael is here.)

What are the Michael Teachings?

The Michael Teachings are a system of describing and understanding who we are and why we are here. Its main purpose is Agape--unconditional love and acceptance. Through the Overleaf system, the Michael Teachings offer a way of looking at the world, life, and consciousness in a non-judgemental but descriptive terminology that is a kind of soul-psychology. These teachings are very spiritual at their core, with many words and ideas that are primarily in Eastern religions, but unlike the religions and beliefs, seek to embrace the human experience in every form as a valid learning experience and an integral part of the whole being. [One thing I never liked about some Eastern philosophies and a lot of New Age beliefs, and religions, was their denial of the physical body as if it were a bad thing that must be overcome.] The Michael Teachings are all-inclusive--you are your body (while incarnate on the physical plane) AND you are so much more. "You are Spiritual Beings on a Human Path," sums up what the reachings are about in a nutshell. The "shadow" side of humanity is just as much loved as the "light" side. These teachings are the most comprehensive and compassionate models I have ever found to grasp the complexities and relationships in the human condition. 

Is this 'Michael' the same 'Michael' as the Archangel Michael that several people claim to channel, write books about, etc..?  

No, this Michael originated in the San Francisco Bay area of California in 1973, and the material was later published by author, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. There is no relation at all to the Archangel Michael.

Isn't this just another kind of limiting belief system/religion?

Michael does not ask or require that any of their teachings be accepted as an ultimate truth. They do not want anyone to take this belief system and make it into a religion. They are the first ones to say, "Take what you need from this, and leave the rest." Verification and discernment of the information is the key to whether it is useful to you. The Michael Teachings are a structured terminology, but are not set in stone. They are dynamic, continually evolving just as everything in the Universe is. A lot of the Michael Teachings is very intellectual, but in order to really "get it," one must experience, feel, and live the teachings--this leads to clarity in one's life.. This has been my experience anyway. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another though! The Michael Teachings are a tool for achieving wisdom--but each piece of spiritual enlightenment is just one step on the ladder--the journey continues and never ends. "Know Thyself" is what can be gained--but isn't that the goal? (In this, Agape is achieved also).

Aren't the Michael Teachings just another way of putting people into boxes and making the categorizer look superior?

Inherently, in this western society which is very hierarchical, it is very easy to categorize many aspects of the teachings as tools to judge others and make one's self feel superior to another (or inferior for that matter). For most people, it may be difficult to look at the "soul-ages," for instance, and not  feel like it must be better to be in the mature-soul age, when they are actually baby souls. This can create anger and prejudice. Each soul-age, each overleaf, each stage of consciousness is just as valid, unique, and good as another. They are each steps on the path from the Tao back to the Tao. We all came here to experience what it is to live, so each experience has its own merit. These teachings are about Love. They are not intended to be used to separate us or make us look superior, but they could be used in this way, just as any belief system can be used to separate and hurt people. It's all about choosing and creating what you want in your life. The Golden Rule still applies. Spiritual growth occurs with love, and it happens with pain. Which kind do you prefer? Whatever you choose, it will be what's right for YOU, and you will not be a better/worse person than anyone else. Each person will do the same kinds of spiritual lessons during their cycle of lifetimes on the physical plane, in their own way, in their own time. I always try to remember this when I feel like I am not being understood, when I feel like I need to be right about something, or that this other person "just doesn't get it." Usually it's not about the other person--I need to let go--and respect their space, who they are, their process. It's just as important as my own. 

Here is how Joya Pope shared her perception of the categorizations (mainly about the soul-ages) with me: 

"Some of us intellectual types have an easier time loving everyone once we acknowledge that people exist at all kinds of levels of development and once we see some patterns. Then it was easier for me to stop trying to nudge and push people to GET IT and move along. I have a LOT more enjoyment of people with these ideas about levels in my head. I love myself more easily for understanding these patterns too--and forgive myself more easily for being lazy about the material world. Or for feeling like I don't fit in some social or business settings."

Who Channels Michael?

There are many Michael channels at this time. Michael says that just about anyone who is sincere and wants to channel them can do it. Michael channeling is not something given to one person to make them special or some kind of great authority, it is open to all those who seek growth and spiritual advancement (i.e. almost anyone). The more well-known Michael channels have put out books on the Michael teachings. 

Michael has an easier time transmittiing certain information that is specific in nature through channels who have expertise on those subjects. For instance, it would be easier, and likely more accurate, to have information channeled about building a certain kind of technical project through a Michael channel who is a scientist or engineer, rather than through a Michael channel who hasn't seen a science book since high school, and who isn't interested in that kind of information at all. Likewise on health or business issues. One thing most all Michael channels share is a deep interest in the workings of the Universe and the human soul and psyche. This is Michael's specialty.

How Accurate is Channeling?

Michael claims that the most open channel on the best day will still only get information accurate to about 80%. This is due to a number of factors, including but not limited to: translation of thought into words or other physical media, emotional attachment of the channel to the information, ego of the channel getting in the way of the transmission, Michael just may not know the answer to a certain question (they are not infallible), or other various energetic/psychic interferences. 

There are many things Michael does not know. Often though, after asking a question about a certain topic, Michael can either access other sources on the Causal plane (or elsewhere) to get the information, or else they will investigate the topic. I found that if I asked the same question a few months later, Michael had a whole bunch of information that they said they didn't know about previously the first time I asked. Also, asking the same question to different channels often gets different answers. Sometimes it's completely different, but more often, each answer complements the other one with a few overlapping elements. The Michael teachings are probably the most cross-referenced works of their kind for the accuracy of such information as the Overleaves and the description of the evolution of life/spirit.

- Lori Gilbert

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