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Q: How does the immaterial soul interact with the human brain?

A: If you draw a circle on a sheet of carbon paper, the weight of the intention transfers particles of ink onto another sheet positioned behind. This is a crude example, of course, but because the physical and the spiritual is more of a mosaic rather than a continuous chain, the intention to create an impression from the astral also impacts the material world. The two are interconnected. This impression, although it is not detectable in physical terms, works as a presence that remains part of the physical copy — for instance, the presence of the soul in a physical body.

The soul interacts with the physical brain through a serious of continuous impressions. Each thought from the soul gets implanted into the spiritual field that overlaps the body, and the thought is embedded into the circuitry of the human brain. More specifically, the vibrational frequency of the thought that began at the level of the soul is stepped down in vibration to match the electrical signals used in the brain.

The influence of the role and overleaves overlay the personality in a similar way.

At first glance, this may seem a physical impossibility. How can the immaterial merge with the material? To borrow a concept from the quantum world, the particle-wave duality that exists among electrons and photons is an apt way of describing the same dichotomy between the physical, the spiritual realms, and their interactions. None of this, however, could be measured using scientific instruments.

What your mainstream science has yet to realize is that the material world is only a small fraction of the infinite reality that exists all around. A greater coalescence of these worlds is present, but it's neither viewable or measurable. The physical and spiritual worlds work together as one. The physical, for instance, could not exist without aspects of the spiritual -- just like the body could not exist without aspects of the soul. Everything is a counterpart of everything else that exists between worlds, and this includes all consciousness.

Q: How do spirits communicate with a psychic medium? How is this exchange of information possible?

A: Understand that the normal barriers of communication that exist in your world are not an obstacle when an exchange of information is shared from spirit to spirit. A typical conversation between two people, for example, would need to travel as sound waves through the air and create vibrational signals in the ear that must be interpreted by the brain. On a soul level, a physical mechanism is not necessary; there are no moving parts. The transmission itself is made possible through the shared consciousness of every soul that exists around you. The overarching concept that we all are one is the connective thread in this exchange. Communication from one soul to another is achieved by merely shifting the direction of awareness to the other soul. It's not much different than thinking about your big toe and momentarily focusing your attention there. Your big toe is an undeniable part of your body, but you rarely place your awareness there unless you stub it against a heavy piece of furniture.

As for connecting with an earthbound soul, such as a psychic medium, remember that the sense of separateness you feel is only an illusion. In other words, since each soul is connected to a greater whole, a shift of awareness is all that is required to exchange information from one soul to another. And this includes souls that reside in physical bodies. However, when communication is attempted between a discarnate soul, and someone ensouled in a physical body, the usual impediment is the brain's inability to receive this information beyond the physical senses. This sixth sense, as it is often called, is simply underdeveloped in most people.






















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