Soul Age

Soul Age

This channeled compilation shows what the the estimated soul age is for various countries around the world. Keep in mind in that in any country you may find all of the soul ages represented to a certain degree, from infant, baby, young, mature and old soul. This list simply highlights the soul age stage majority in a particular country.

Understand that one soul age is not better than another. Soul age represents individual perception and values. Infant souls are learning about survival and getting accustomed to living in a new life form. Existence is often atavistic. Baby souls are learning the rules of existence and work to build a structure to govern life. Fundamentalist religion and figures of authority prevail. Young souls are driven to achievement, put profits before people, and build societies marked by the latest innovations in technology, medicine, military superiority, and so on. Mature souls are people-centered and relationship-oriented. They build social programs and champion humanitarian causes. Old souls are laid-back and have a live and let live approach to life. They have less interest in playing the material game. Learn more about soul age.

Albania: Baby

Algeria: Young

Argentina: Late Baby & Early Young

Armenia: Mature - Old

Australia: Young

Austria: Mature

Bahrain: Young

Bali: Mature

Bangladesh: Baby

Belgium: Late Mature & Early Old

Borneo: Infant & Baby

Brazil: Late Baby & Early Young

Bulgaria: Baby

Cambodia: Infant & Baby

Canada: Young/Mature

Caribbean Islands: Baby

Central America: Baby

China: Late Young to Early Mature

Chile: Young

Costa Rica: Young

Cuba: Late Mature (pockets of Old)

Czechoslovakia: Early Old

Denmark: Young & Mature

Egypt: Baby & Mature (pockets of Old)

England: Mature (with pockets of Baby & Old)

Estonia: Late Mature to Early Old

Ethiopia: Infant

Finland: Late Mature & Old

France: Young/Mature

Germany: Young to Early Mature

Ghana: Baby

Greece: Baby & Mature

Haiti: Baby

Holland: Old

Hong Kong: Young


Iceland: Old

India: Baby & Young (pockets of late Mature & Old)

Indonesia: Baby

Iran: Baby

Iraq: Baby

Ireland: Late Baby & Early Young

Irian Jaya: Infant

Israel: Mid-Cycle Young

Italy: Late Mature

Ivory Coast: Baby

Japan: Early Young (some urban areas late Baby)

Kyrgyzstan: Young

Kuwait: Young

Laos: Baby

Lebanon: Mature (with young soul upstarts)

Liberia: Baby

Libya: Baby

Malaysia: Baby

Mexico: Baby & Mature (pockets of Old)

Middle East: Baby

Morocco: Infant thru Mature

New Guinea: Infant

New Zealand: Baby & Mature

Nigeria: Baby

Norway: Late Mature to Early Old

Oman: Young

Pakistan: Young

Peru: Mid-Mature

Poland: Late Mature

Portugal: Baby

Romania: Baby

Russia: Late Mature & Early Old (with Young soul leaders)

Saudi Arabia: Late Young

Singapore: Young

South Africa (Black): Mature

South Africa (White): Baby

South America: Baby

South America (Amazon): Infant

South Korea: Young

Spain: Young

Sri Lanka: Infant

Sudan: Infant

Sweden: Mid-Mature

Switzerland: Young & Old

Syria: Early Young

Taiwan: Young

Taiwan: Young

Ukraine: Baby & Mature

United States: Young & Mature

▪ Both US coasts seem to draw a healthy mix of Young/Mature

▪ Southern California: Young

▪ Northern California: Mature

▪ Washington state: Mature

▪ Southwest drawing influx of Mature & Old

▪ Sante Fe & Taos, New Mexico: Old

▪ Pockets of Vermont: Old

▪ Florida Keys: Old

Vietnam: Young

Yemen: Late Young

Yugoslavia (former): Mid-Mature

Curious about your own soul age? Take the test: How Old is Your Soul?

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