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Michael Teachings Books

The following is a list of Michael teachings books currently in or out-of-print. In most cases you can find these books on Amazon and I've linked there when new or used copies are available. Since many of these books are now out of print, local used book dealers are another alternative. 

The MFM books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro were the first Michael books published, and they contain the original channeling from Michael. Since then, other authors (and channels) have contributed to the Michael library, offering material for both beginning and advanced students.


Michael Teachings Books More Messages From Michael Michael's People Michael For The Millenium

Messages from Michael - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Berkley Books. New York. (1979)

More Messages from Michael - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Berkley Books. New York. (1986)

Michael's People - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Berkley Books. New York. (1988)

Michael for the Millennium - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Berkley Books. New York. (1995)

Michael Teachings Books

Journey of Your SoulJourney of Your Soul: A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings
By Shepherd Hoodwin

Journey is easy to understand for beginners, yet contains highly detailed information not found anywhere else for advanced students. An essential source book for all Michael students. Read the Review

According to Jon Klimo, PhD, author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, says, “Shepherd Hoodwin has given us one of the best books to date about the phenomenon of channeling. Journey of Your Soul may well also be the best of the Michael books due to its clarity, thoroughness, and detail."


Shepherd also has a new series of Michael EBOOKS available (Click on a book for more info)


World According To MichaelThe World According to Michael: An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe
By Joya Pope

A lively introduction to the Michael information about soul ages and personality overleaves. Includes information on essence twins and task companions.


Michael: The Basic TeachingsMichael: The Basic Teachings
By Aaron Christeaan, JP Van Hulle & M.C. Clark.

This guide covers the whole of the cosmology, roles and overleaves in detail without overwhelming the reader. A practical reference guide to understanding who we are and what tools we have to make the most of our lives.




The Michael HandbookThe Michael Handbook
By Jose Stevens & Simon Warwick-Smith.

The pioneering book that reveals the foundations of the Michael Teachings. Explores the basics of the teaching with insight and probity.




Personality PuzzleThe Personality Puzzle
By Jose Stevens & JP Van Hulle

Contains a complete questionnaire to help you determine how you fit into the Michael system, and how to interpret your personality type. Find your strengths, weaknesses and hidden potentials.




Tao To EarthTao to Earth
By Jose Stevens

This book covers all the important information about the setting up of a lifetime, from describing karmas, agreements and relationships. Essence twins, task companions, monads and astrological influences are included.




Earth To TaoEarth to Tao
By Jose Stevens

Presents a comprehensive blueprint of spiritual awakening & its relationship to healing. Discusses the support of nature devas, animals, spiritual guides, and the seven steps to "agape".




Transforming Your DragonsTransforming Your Dragons
By Jose Stevens

Turning personality fear patterns into personal power. Identify which of the seven dragons are your primary and secondary dragons, or chief features. Then learn how to deal with and conquer them.




7 Personality Types7 Personality Types
By Elizabeth Puttick PhD

A comprehensive look at the seven roles in the Michael teachings.



Spiritual Turning PointsSpiritual Turning Points
By Victoria Marina

A comprehensive work that looks at the Internal Monads through the lens of Shamanism, Astrology, and the Michael Teachings. Read the Review




Other Michael Books

Body Types: The Enneagram of Essence Types
By Joel Friedlander

Michael's Gemstone Dictionary
By Judithann David and JP Van Hulle.

Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers
By Sarah Chambers

Michael’s Cast of Characters
By Emily Baumbach

The Michael Game (101 Questions to Ask a Channel" and More)

Searching for Light: Michael's Information for a Time of Change
By Carol Heideman.

The Second Coming (Fiction Based On The Teachings)
By John Dalmas

Concordance to the Michael Teachings
Barbara Taylor. Updated in 1996, for 21 Michael books.


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