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April 2021

The Mature Soul Shift


March 2020

The Coronavirus


January 2019

Atlantis: Plato's Lost World


April 2017

Reincarnation: Everything You Need to Know

Archangels and Other Angelic Beings

Is Bigfoot Real?


March 2017

Are Aliens Real?

Role Photos Study



The Old Soul in Love (Michael Video)

The Old Soul (Michael Video)

Sexual Objectification (The Audrie & Daisy documentary)

Thought Forms

The Old Soul (Revised)


JULY 2016

How Old Is Your Soul? (Soul Age Test)

Stages of Life (The Internal Monads)

101 Spiritual Books You Must Read Before You Die


JUNE 2016

The Michael Teachings For Curious Christians

Applying The Michael Teachings


MAY 2016

A Guide to the Afterlife




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Soul Ages

Our goal sets the theme for a lifetime, acting as a primary motivator that guides our course of direction in life.


The Old Soul

Learn about the Overleaves, personality traits that shape our individual experience during each lifetime.