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The paranormaly is generally considered to be something that is beyond the understanding of science. This includes psychic phenomena but over the years other areas of interest have been added to the category, such as UFOs and aliens, cryptozoology (which includes bigfoot), out of body experiences, and unexplainable places in the world, such as the Bermuda Triangle.

For many people the paranormal is a fun diversion on TV, either through a documentary or a movie about the supernatural. For others, though, the mysteries of the paranormal are a life-long study, and the following articles have been written for them.

NOTE: Some of the articles are still under construction. Check back later for more updates.

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Angels and Other Spiritual Beings



Angels and demons are so integrated into the world view, from ancient to modern times, that it would be hard to imagine when their existence did not occupy the minds of the populace. Both beings are deeply rooted in religious scripture, but can also be traced to later writings, such as Saint Augustine and John Milton, who may have been more influential in how we view them today than the bible.

Archangels & Other Angelic Beings (Michael Channeling)

Demonology: An Introduction

Devas and Devic Kingdom

Nature Spirits

Spirit Guides

Thought Forms & Dark Entities (How to Get Rid of Them)




Divination is the method of obtaining knowledge of the unknown or the future by means of omens. Astrology, tarot cards and oracular utterances may also be regarded as branches of divination. The derivation of the word supposes a direct message from the gods to the diviner or augur. It is practiced in all grades of civilization. The methods of divination are many and various, and strangely enough in their variety are confined to no one portion of the globe.



Divination: An Introduction





Esoteric & the Occult


Esoteric and occult are broad terms with similar meanings. They cover a historically fascinating gamut of various practices and beliefs that began in antiquity and, in some cases, still survive till this day. In this section you'll find articles ranging from alchemy to magic practices, and so on.


Black Magic

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Cross & Crucifixion

Demonology: An Introduction

The Devil


Grail Legends

History of Magic


Magic Numbers

Magical Diagrams & Instruments

Magic & Occult in China

Magic and Occult in Egypt

Magic and Occult in England

Magic and Occult in Greece

Magic and Occult in India



Secret Traditions


Teutonic Occult Practices



Extraterrestrials and UFOs

Extraterrestrials & UFOs

Aliens (or extraterrestrials) are sentient lifeforms that do not originate on earth. Often depicted as grey-skinned humanoid figures with enlarged heads and slated black eyes, aliens have left an indelible mark in mainstream society, fictionalized in books, movies, comic-strips, and supermarket tabloids. Stories of alien abductions and UFO sightings have both stirred the imagination and heightened the levels of paranoia in the easily impressionable. Conspiracy theories and notions of government cover-ups have circulated for years among UFOlogists. Each year a new movie about aliens is made and each year the questions continue: Is there life in the universe? Are aliens real?

Are Aliens Real? (Channeling about Aliens & UFOs)

Crop Circles



Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghosts & Hauntings

A ghost is said to be the spirit of a person or animal, in either a misty form or an exact reproduction of the once living person. Ghosts have been sighted in the day or night, but are widely known for their nightly visitation, thanks to the film industry and the public's interest in the supernatural. The earliest reference to ghosts begins in ancient Mesopotamian religions, as well as ancient Egypt and classical Greece. A more earnest investigation into ghostly phenomena occurred near the end of the 19th century by the Society of Psychical Research, but the results were inconclusive. Today, the spirit of that reserch is being conducted by parapsychologists and "ghost hunters."

Are Ghosts Real? (Channeling about Ghosts & Hauntings)

Luminous Phenomena

The Afterlife as Seen by Spiritualists

A Guide to the Afterlife (Michael Channeling)


Monsters and Shape-shifters


In folklore and the field of crytozoology, monsters and shape-shifters have been granted a magical existence that has been widely depicted on books and the big screen. Kids love monsters and adults have not entiely let go of their childhood fascination with them, either. The following articles take a look at the legitimacy of these creatures and how they've been portrayed throughout the centuries.

Is Bigfoot Real? (Pros and Cons)

Loch Ness Monster




Out of Body

Out of Body

Out-of-body experiences (called OBEs), where the soul appears to float above the body, can be self-induced or witnessed during near-death-experiences or vivid dream states. The self-induced journeys are called astral projection and the phenomena was extensively explored and written about in books by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in the field.

Astral Projection: A Guide

Remote Viewing


Psychic Phenomena

Psychic Phenomena

Psychic phenomena has been scientifically studied since the latter part of the 19th century, and the phenomena itself has been reported since the dawn of civilization. While early parapsychologists focused on mediums, séances, and hauntings, more modern approaches favor the possibility of life after death, near death experiences, and astral projection.



Automatic Writing




ESP (or Sixth Sense)


Psychic Readings



Spiritualism: Introduction




Unexplained Phenomena and Ancient Mysteries


The public is fascinated by tales of lost civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. The search for these sunken continents has aroused the imagination and sparked endless debate. The articles collected below continue that quest through a further exploration of the facts and even the use of channeling, if relevant. With a new documentary about Atlantis emerging almost every year, one thing is certain: the search will continue until the lost continent is found.



Bermuda Triangle

Easter Island

Hollow Earth (Agartha)

The Paranormal: Recommended Resources



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