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Q: Is Devic consciousness still present on this planet? Where are Devas in greatest abundance? What areas have they abandoned, if any, and why? What is their current contribution to the planet, and is there anything humans can do to support this contribution?

OMNI: Life on your planet could not exist without Devas; they are the very glue that holds physical manifestation together. Many of you see yourselves as having a soul, rather than being a soul in human expression. In addition to this, you see your Soul as being anchored in one or more parts of your body. Let us say to you truly that your physical body is contained within your soul, not the other way around. Your soul is like and egg, and you are encapsulated within that.

Indeed, your physical body is not physical; it simply appears that way. A rock is not physical; it simply appears that way. It is all a matter of perspective. Look at a rock at the molecular level, or at levels below that, the electrical level, there is much movement. Speed up time, and you will see movement in rocks, and observe that they are not the stationary, or indeed the physical objects you thought them to be.

Each thing in existence has its angelic expression, that is without exception. Be that a blade of grass, a mountain, a dog, horse or human being. The Angelic Kingdom, which includes the Devic Kingdoms, is the point of manifestation. These beings, which can be (in your terms) extremely vast in nature, or miniscule. They are the point of manifestation, for they from the bridge between non-physical and physical, between form and formlessness. Your physical body exists because the angelic part of yourself wills it to exist. It does this by holding electrical patterns in place with its thought. You are thought into existence.

It is the same with a blade of grass, the same principle, and the same process. For each blade of grass, for each flower, there is a being of Angelic substance that holds the image of that expression within its mind. In doing so, it directs energy towards formation. Every object in your physical Universe, when looked at close up is not physical at all. It is simply a collection of atoms, molecules and sub-atomic particles that are held together in an energy field, creating the form. That energy field, that cohesiveness is as a result of directed thought. So, is Devic consciousness still on this planet, indeed, without it, you would not have a planet, or indeed a body.

Where are the Devas in greatest abundance? Devas are found everywhere, and are fairly evenly distributed around the globe. There are Devas of differing kinds, just as there are different animal and plant species, and differing specializations amongst humans, it is also so with Devas. The highest concentrations are to be found in the rainforests, mountain ranges as also in city parks and gardens.

The high concentrations found in city parks and gardens are serving a twofold purpose. Firstly, their primary objective is to serve the greater good of the park itself, and each individual organism in that park, and they are also there to transmute and transform heavier energies often present in cities into higher energies that are more easily integrated by city inhabitants. For this reason, parks have become a place of refuge, peace, tranquility and healing for many city dwellers. You will also find Devas in large quantities inhabiting balcony and roof gardens, and small plots. Although the primary service of a Deva is to the plant kingdom in these contexts, there is the added dimension of service to the human beings in this environment.

Q: What areas have they abandoned, if any, and why?

OMNI: It is not possible for a Deva to abandon anything. When Devic abandonment takes place, then the form ceases to exist. Devas do not have it within their consciousness to abandon, they are servers by nature, and their nature is to serve. What humans can learn from Devas is that a Deva carries out its task diligently and with enthusiasm, and a Deva never carries out a task that does not fill it with joy. In other words, Devas do what they love to do! They don't abandon worlds, they love them into existence, and they love them into fruition. Even in your most highly polluted regions, those areas that have high levels of toxic waste and nuclear waste, Devas are busily working to uphold the integrity of life. However, do not assume that toxic waste is a negative condition that burdens the Devas unreasonably. Devas, like yourselves, create their own reality, and choose on a higher level to participate in this reality. Like you, they choose experience and they choose what they wish to learn.

A planet that is beset with problems like toxic waste and farm diseases such as BSE, is a planet that is ripe for an evolutionary jump. The problems are forcing you to look at other ways of doing things. As you search for solutions, you stretch, you look upwards, as you look upwards, you open yourself up to the influence of the Higher mind, the Universal Mind. The more problems you have, the more you search, the more you search, the more open your species is to receiving the inspiration of the Devic Kingdom and that which you have called God. Negative conditions are only that if you do not see the opportunity for growth behind it.

What is their current contribution to the planet, and is there anything humans can do to support this contribution? Their main contribution is to hold the highest possible vision for the evolution of all species upon your world, that is their greatest contribution. At night, they often work together with your guides and Soul and work on your chakras and meridians. Whenever you ask for healing, Devas are dispatched to carry out the fine work. They can weave in and out of your chakras, transforming denser energies and integrating higher, much lighter energies. You may call upon them in meditation. Some are as small as a pinhead; others are as large as a tall building, vast in size and in consciousness. They are everywhere!

The greatest service that you as a human can offer them is your gratitude. Simply acknowledge that they are there and thank them for their presence. When you buy plants for your gardens, terraces, home or roof gardens, sit quietly, and invite the Devas into your garden or home. They are partial to quartz crystal, so you may want to place a few fairly large and clear pieces in and around your garden. For those of you who live in the wilderness, this is not necessary, for there are sufficient pure minerals and crystals present for them to enjoy.

Plants that attract butterflies will assist you in creating a flow of life in your garden, so select species that will draw them to you. Not only will you have flowers and plants, but a population of colorful insects that will bring an added dimension and movement to this sacred space. For those of you who live away from the large urban areas, research the indigenous plants, shrubs and trees in your area. Devas will be very attracted to gardens that are created within the framework of the natural setting. Give priority to indigenous plants and shrubs, using them for the backdrop of your garden. Above all, celebrate all life!

Q: How is Devic consciousness currently evolving? How it is expanding? How is their understanding of the nature of life and consciousness changing?

OMNI: The Devic Kingdoms do not evolve in the same way that human and cetacean kingdoms evolve. In other words, they are not progressing through levels of self-awareness and focus. The Devic Kingdoms are in service to the planet and to all life, they are the keepers of life. Just as a shoal of fish or a hive of bees is one entity on the spiritual level, so too is this true for many Devas, entire armies of them representing one cell in a vast body of consciousness. You are the extension of an equally vast being that has extended itself into physical matter, like the finger of god protruding into the physical Universe. However, you have chosen as a being to experience this reality based on free will and choice. You have allowed a distinct personality to evolve that makes day to day choices based upon the information and input that it can perceive. The goal therefore of souls in human form, is to become increasingly aware of the greater self over a period of human physical experiences. For a Deva, the goal is different. These beings do not posses a distinct personality that is separate from the greater part of itself, although they undoubtedly have unique qualities. They have a personality of sorts, but this Devic expression is fully integrated into the greater whole. In other words, as they express their free will, there is no discernable difference between the will of the individual Deva and the will of the entire Devic Kingdom. These beings are expressions of Divine Will at all times. However, this does not make Devas either higher or lower, better or worse. They do not lack free will, but through following their true nature without hesitation, expressing Divine Will is a function of their very existence.

In this way, they do evolve as a whole, but not on an individual basis as a human, cetacean or primate may evolve. As they serve humanity in holding a keen focus on the highest path of evolution of all species and of all life, for the greater good of all, they develop their skills further, which increases their light. As this occurs, it means that they are able to hold that focus even though adverse conditions such as pollution may occur.

On a higher level, the level of the Oversoul, there are differing objectives from one Soul to the next. For example, a Soul may choose to express itself through the Devic kingdom for various reasons. The main reasons are: 1) To experience the physical world as preparation to becoming more involved 2) As an exercise in developing skills of focus and unconditional service 3) As an investigation to broaden the knowledge/experience. Irrespective of the reasons why a soul may join the ranks of the Devic Kingdoms, their service is equally unconditional, focused and loving in nature. A Deva may cut short its Earth experience if circumstances exceed the parameter it calculated prior to joining this particular journey. For example, a Devic Soul would look at probable futures for a particular geographical region, it can predict fairly well if circumstances may change. However, as the future is always probable, and never fixed, circumstances such as nuclear war or contamination may occur that were not originally foreseen in the time line. If such circumstances occur and a Deva concludes that the new circumstances are not in line with its general purpose, then it will depart. However, this is extremely rare, and if it does occur, another Deva will replace it immediately. We repeat, this decision is not taken at the personality level, and is never taken lightly. As we have said, the primary purpose of all Devas is to serve. Service is the most rapid path towards liberation; all beings serve the One.

There is a whole other class of Devas and these beings live on an astral version of the earth, just a slight vibration removed for your current physical planet. It shares the same time and space as your planet, but not the same dimension. It is neither physical nor non-physical. It is a bridge. One could describe it as being the dream expression of planet Earth. Many mature and older Souls also occupy this space, leading parallel lives to the ones you live in the world as you know it. This parallel Earth expresses the highest future for humanity. It is a world of wonder and it is from this world than many of your stories and traditions about Gnomes, Fairies and other such beings comes from. Many of your UFO sightings are bleedthroughs from this world, as are your crop circles. The humanoid like Devas in this world are on a path of evolution, as you are, and they are learning and growing through co-operating with, and serving the Devic Kingdom as a whole. This world is not to be confused with the Astral World, for it is not generally where your dead go to, however, some have and do. This world is the Higher Earth. Just as you have a personality, higher self, soul self and monadic self, your Earth has these expressions of self too. The world in which you are, is the personality self of the Earth. The more you reach upwards towards your essence, your soul, the more you will align yourself with the Higher Earth. Sometimes, when there have been tales of a highly evolved culture disappearing, they have not disappeared at all, they simply were no longer synchronized with the rhythms and electrical charges of this planet, but aligned themselves with the Higher Earth and all the souls involved continue their evolution there.

Just as there is a Higher Earth, it is such higher expressions on Venus & Mars that also support life as you would describe it. Vast forests, lakes and oceans, teeming with life!




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