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A study of archangels and other angelic beings is a popular topic on the Internet and a source for numerous book titles found each year at Barnes & Noble.

Angels, and archangels, in particular, fascinate both spiritul seekers and the mainstream public. Angels are revered in Christian groups and new age circles alike. On Internet forums, the channeled wisdom of Archangel Michael or Gabriel are discussed and praised for their rich insights into the human condition. Interest in angels is seemingly getting stronger as more people search for answers to questions that perplex and haunt them.

Ever curious about the angelic realms, I asked the Michael entity for their reply on a series of questions about angels. Not formally a Michael teachings subject, I was fascinated to learn how the origin and soul groups of angels were so similar to our own.

All that follows below (with the exception of the list of archangels) is what I channeled.

List of Archangels


list of archangels



Archangels & Angels (Q & A)

What Are Angels?

Angels are evolved expressions of devic energy that chose not to incarnate into physical form. Their spiritual evolution is earned through assisting human souls that are physically incarnating.

Interaction may come under the guise of acting as spirit guides, lending healing energy to a wide range of endeavors, or offering wise counsel in-between lives to souls still locked in the incarnational cycle. Similar to their earlier role as devic beings, angels assist humanity through means of support, inspiration, and healing. In return, angels evolve on their own through this selfless service to others.

Angels are not subject to the dualities of physical existence and are therefore unaffected by the negative poles of overleaves or false personality. Angels emit a purity of energy that's grounded by the forces of the earth and the immutable presence of the Tao.

Over time, angels progress through the other planes of existence, combining larger collectives of angelic souls into groups similar to entities, cadres, and so on.


Is There a Difference Between Angels & Archangels?

An archangel is a recombined entity of other angels from the same soul group, roughly consisting of around a thousand angelic souls.

Although angels don't incarnate into the physical, they do evolve through a grand cycle like human souls do. Because they do not incarnate, they are loosely assigned to groups of incarnate souls -- usually, sparks they were familiar with as devic beings before the choice was made to become human or angelic. In short, angels evolve as these other souls evolve. It's a mutually collaborative relationship. Angels are so inextricably connected to these groups that repercussions of catastrophic events occurring to assigned humans are felt throughout the angelic kingdom.


What Are the Specialties of Popular Archangels?

Like all entities (or soul groups), each archangel has certain abilities that become more pronounced as their journey continues. As a whole, however, the main objective of an archangel entity is to gather the experience and wisdom from the individual angels that comprise their larger collective and use it to teach.

The teaching of an archangel is not only available to mankind, but it serves to instruct and guide those angels still working in the trenches, so to speak, of humanity. Much of the instruction involves the dispersion of healing energy. This is an angel's stock and trade. Angels are better equipped to expertly wield this force more than any other soul.

Popular archangels, such as Michael and Gabriel, do exist but their original entity of angelic beings has since progressed into the upper planes of existence. The archangels bearing their names today are surrogates, if you will, that act on their behalf. There exists a lineage of archangel energy that continues the work left behind by their predecessors. This should not suggest that these surrogates are impostors. An angel that claims to be a popular archangel is genuinely tuning into the vibrations of the original soul group, and can legitimately channel from that resonance. The connection, then, is still available despite the departure from the astral of the original archangel. New archangels, now in alignment with the old, can act as ambassadors for these older groups, even if, in this case, the real archangel Michael, now resides on the Messianic plane.


Why Are Angels Portrayed in Art with Wings, Halos, and Harps?

The very nature of art speaks to the creative imagination of the artist. Angels have been depicted in a wide variety of guises and apparel that more times than not demonstrated the imaginative abilities of the artist rather than actual realism. Much of the angelic art from the past also reflected stories from mythology about angels, copiously extracted from religious scripture and literature.

That angels have wings, mimics the devic nature of these beings and the collective impressions of millions of earthbound souls that have envisioned angels with wings for much of human history. Therefore, as part of the mass vision, some angels do have wings when interacting with humans. Angels are spiritual beings, however, and can project themselves in any manner they choose. Their preferred appearance is whatever is most comfortable to the human soul they are presently serving.


What Do Angels Do?

If we were to provide a job description, the entire point of an angel's existence is to serve humanity. At some juncture during devic consciousness, the soul decides to end further evolvement and travel to another planetary system or choose to either accept human or angelic sentience.

Angels chose to serve. It is one of the noblest choices a spark from the Tao can undertake. On the other hand, choosing to serve in this matter is not without personal benefit, as service to others directly enriches the evolution of the soul providing the service. The contract ultimately benefits all.

What angels do beyond the basic job description is so extensively varied that it would be impossible to cite every individual nuance. As a whole, angels heal. They heal with their presence, their guidance, their inspiration, and above all, with the unwavering commitment of their love. Angels remind us, through their wise counsel and virtuous examples they set, that love is the prevailing force in the Universe, and that love is all that truly matters.


Do Fallen Angels Exist?

Angels, of course, are not susceptible to the addictive lure of physical plane illusions, but they can become energetically depleted, for want of a better description, and occasionally need to recalibrate themselves. Because their ability to serve is not optimal, they may become inactive for a time, temporarily taking a rest from the souls they chose to serve. In this instance, it is not a fallen angel that lost the favor of a higher deity, but simply an overtaxed angelic servant in need of a break.

Remember that angels would not be subject to the vibrationally lower experience of human existence. From a strictly biblical perspective, they are sinless. The fall from grace is a central theme throughout the bible, but it is just another human invention that buttressed the long-standing mythology about angels and other biblical figures.


Is There an Angel of Death?

The angel of death marks an ancient tradition that may be traced back to multiple religions and assorted folklore. Images of the Grim Reaper, with his terrifying scythe and intention to harvest a crop of human souls, is a frightening apparition. Other tales painted the angel of death as a morally righteous avenger that carried out God's murderous wrath. These were all horrifying prospects for earlier civilizations in your history. As we stated earlier, though, they are the products of human imagination.

An angel of death does not exist.

That a dying person is greeted by spirit guides at passing is true. As the veil of life and death grows thinner, these guides are more likely to be seen by the dying, and even remarked about to family members gathering around. Such deathbed visions, especially centuries ago when superstition and irrationality were at heightened states, certainly contributed to the myth of an angel of death.


Can Angels Incarnate as Humans?

As we mentioned before, angels are non-incarnating sparks from the Tao that are on the same path as humans but have made the decision to evolve without using a corporeal body. There are many reasons for this decision and it largely depends on the type of experience the soul wishes to encounter on a particular planet. For some, more profitable lessons involving the earth, for instance, may be gained by helping incarnating fragments with the challenges they face with physicality. That would describe the angel.

Once a soul has embarked on a cycle via angelic realms, however, those qualities are not lost in ensuing experiences on other worlds. There are energetic markers that continue. Once an angel, always an angel, to twist an old saying. Thus, in a technical sense, there are souls around you who once were angels in a different cycle of incarnations. They may currently sport the usual sundry characteristics of being human, but there will be a trace of something otherworldly about them, something, let us just say, angelic.


Do We Have a Guardian Angel?

The short answer is Yes.

The truest explanation is that guardian angels are the spirit guides assigned to you in each lifetime. Whether or not one of your guides is an actual angel depends on the particular demands expected in that lifetime and if prior associations exist with the angelic kingdom.

Angels are employed as guides when there is either a former connection with that angel, such as thematic threads of lifetimes that were energetically interconnected or because an extensive regime of healing energy seems needed for the duration of that life.

Because of their inherent detachment from the visceral calamities encountered during physical incarnations, angels are better suited to work energetically with a soul. The soul of an angel is not diluted by the ignoble influences of life and is therefore in its purest form.


How Do We Connect with Angels?

You connect with an angel through the spirit of intention. Your intention is the rallying cry behind any endeavor you undertake in life, and the same is true when making a connection to the spirit world.

Since angels are always open to making contact with you, half the battle is already won. If you've already been made aware that you have an angelic spirit guide, you could begin there. If you desire to contact an archangel, it would be helpful to set the intention in your mind and contact them by name. Trust that the sincerity behind your request will be known and that the declaration of your intent will be heard. From that point forward, time is the final arbiter.

At first, close your eyes, quiet your mind, and monitor how you feel in your body. Be aware of subtle differences in the physical sensations you are having. Angels will initially work with you energetically. You may sense sudden shifts in mood, such as unexpected feelings of euphoria that defy logical explanation. Don't rationalize or resist the sensations. Allow them to flow unabated throughout your body and wait for more of them to capture your attention.

This may be all you experience the first couple days -- or for several weeks, even. After all, you are learning to establish a connection with an angel. You probably haven't done that before. You are also learning to discern normal body states from states where a connection has been made with an intelligence outside of yourself. This will be new.

Once you have the confidence that the energy is not your own, begin posing simple questions to your angelic presence and wait for a subtle response amidst the quiet refuge of your mind. You may not hear anything at first. That is okay and half expected. Be appreciative of the connection that was made, and above all else, value the time as an opportunity to practice patience. Patience is your Rosetta stone.

Eventually, stray thoughts may trickle into the mental sanctuary you created. Again, ask a question and wait for a reply. Ask for the name of your angel. Ask if there is anything your angel would like to tell you.

Congratulate yourself. You have just made contact with a disembodied intelligence in a dimensional world outside your own.


About David Gregg

David is the webmaster of and also moderates the Michael teachings discussion list at Yahoogroups. He has been a Michael student since 1996 and began channeling as a tool for spiritual enrichment. He is also a professional musician and plays the saxophone, clarinet, and flute, with a lifetime love for jazz and classical music. He enjoys literature and book collecting, and writes short stories in his spare time.

He occasionally writes reviews and profiles of jazz musicians at his jazz blog, Jazz Reader.



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