Thought Forms & Dark Entities

The Truth About Spiritual Attachment and Demonic Spirits

Thought-Forms & Dark Entities

The removal of thought forms and dark entities, either as spiritual parasites, entity attachment or demonic possession, has been advocated and lampooned in spiritual circles for years. Some argue that a belief in evil spirits is a product of mental illness and should be treated by medical professionals. Others maintain that entity removal is a legitimate practice, and that the existence of pathogens in the world, those microbial killers responsible for an untold loss of life before the invention of the microscope, perfectly mirror the existence of parasitic creatures in the spiritual world.

This article attempts to highlight the most common occurrences of negative energy: what they are and how they can be removed. The invisible creatures charted here may defy credulity for some, and an open mind may be needed to navigate the rougher waters of these concepts.

Channeled comments from the Michael Entity were added where appropriate.

Thought Forms & Spiritual Parasites

According to some psychic practitioners, negative thoughts, particularly those with emotional residue bound to them, can coalesce over time into thought-forms that exist as tiny yet distracting parts of self in the mind. Thought-forms are energetic patterns of emotion and singular intention or desire. Like parasitic worms, they entangle themselves into the mental circuitry of a person (either the subconscious or the aura), and feed off the negative thoughts and emotions that originally spawned them. Entirely self-created, these thought-parasites (although they are not conscious) lure the mind into having more thoughts of the same kind, eventually forging a mental addiction.

Negative thought-forms also exist outside the human body and survive as spiritual parasites, attaching to unsuspecting humans who are a vibrational match with their energy. These thought-forms come from other people (who have either died or released them through spiritual cleansing) and the mental constructs linger in the etheric regions that permeate all physical existence, waiting for a host. Once they attach to a human, they induce thoughts in their host that feed their energetic vibration.

If the thought-form was created through anger, for instance, the human sustains the spiritual parasite by habitually feeling emotions of anger. A thought-form of grief -- available in plentiful supply at most hospitals and nursing homes -- would attach to someone feeling tremendous sorrow. Someone unable to let go of a passed loved one, for example, may be negatively influenced by a parasitic thought-form feeding off their grief.

Psychics and spiritual healers may see these parasites as a variety of creatures, such as black, red, or orange colored larvae, insects, spiders or multi-tentacled creatures. The symbolism of the attachments may vary but they are always perceived in a grotesque light, alerting the psychic that these dark entities do not belong.

Michael's Comments

Thought-forms do exist and can become a source of havoc for incarnating souls unable to control the intensity and emotional amplification of their thoughts and desires.

Thought-forms are created when a particular thought is amplified over what is akin to a broadcast speaker in the mind, where the desire behind a thought becomes so strong and prolonged that the energy coalesces into a pattern that becomes energetically animated. In a crude way, the thought/desire is given life, at least in an electromagnetic sense, and the thought-form sustains itself by feeding off the thoughts and feelings of a similar vibrational intention.

Thought-forms typically manifest as behaviors, mental obsessions or outright addictions. The best way to sever the parasitic connection is to stop feeding the thought-form negative energies that sustain it. Thought-forms cut-off from their food supply eventually dissolve energetically, but like a dried weed in a garden, they leave dormant seeds that can regenerate if the pattern that spawned the first thought-form should return.

Some psychics see insect-like creatures that act like spiritual parasites and feed off the living. Is that correct?

The parasites you describe are not real in the manner depicted.

What psychics typically see are trapped areas of energy -- blockages, if you will -- that clog the flow of energy through the spiritual body, similar to the deposits of plaque in arteries that lead to arteriosclerosis. The negative connotations of these energetic impediments are often the result of emotional scarring and other wounds, both physical and spiritual, that either occurred during the present lifetime or in past lives.

These blockages may be self-cleared or reopened through the assistance of a spiritual healer -- although it is important to point out that while a psychic may do a temporary fix, the condition will return if the underlying issue behind the blockage is not addressed. Once again, it is not dissimilar to the work a heart surgeon does to repair a blocked artery. If the lifestyle that contributed to the ailment is not improved, the blockage may return.

Having a spiritual healer identify the source of the energetic block and coupling that with guided imagery during a meditative session (or spiritual journey) may help reveal the root of the negative impediment, which is the best remedy for removing the problem permanently.

Spiritual Attachment (Discarnate Humans)

Discarnate humans are often recently deceased and may not enter the astral because either they do not know they are dead, or because the life they previously led lowered their vibrations to such a degree that they have become too dense to enter a higher spiritual realm.

Essentially earthbound (the etheric plane that co-exists with the physical), these wandering souls may try to attach themselves to the body of a living person, either hoping to cling to the life force that has become dormant in them or to satisfy old physical cravings and addictions.

The mark of a spiritual attachment is that a parasitic relationship develops where the urges and vices of the discarnate human influence the cravings of the host, creating behavior that is out of character for that person. If the discarnate human was a risk-taker or a drug addict, for example, the host may begin to mimic that behavior, much to the horror of friends and family.

Malicious Discarnates (from the Astral)

A frequent complaint encountered in spiritual communities is that malicious discarnates (or beings) from the astral are effing with them. This might be possible if the soul is an earthbound denizen of the etheric plane, but from the astral, certain problems arise.

From Messages From Michael: “Once the Physical Plane is left behind, there is very little fear experienced by the Fragments, and that permits the Fragments to perceive Essence without trappings.” 

That telling remark from Michael reveals quite a bit.

The astral plane is RESTORATIVE and filled with light. Yes, a cynic might refer to it as a place of so-called happy talk, but the idea of happy talk is really just a sign that love permeates everything from that perspective. 

When you depart from the body and enter the astral, the overleaves, the chief features, and the instinctive centering are all stripped away. In other words, for the most part, the negative aspects of the ego are gone. Spirits still earthbound, however, retain a potential for negative energy (call it a residual that clings to them, like a diseased aura that follows them around) until they raise their vibration enough to penetrate the astral. As long as these tortured souls remain connected to the physical plane, the law of opposites still applies, and they remain trapped until they pull themselves out of their negative, self-inflicted morass.

Thus, dark entities can exist in the etheric plane, which is sometimes mistakingly referred to as the lower astral. We know the etheric is a real thing due to near-death experiences where people have reported hovering over their bodies, and so on. Neighborhoods and small settlements can be found on the etheric, consisting of lost or confused souls. But the etheric is not the astral that we traditionally recognize. That is a misunderstanding. 

The astral is mostly DEVOID of false personality (or the ego), which is strictly a physical plane experience and a byproduct of the body. In other words, astral beings are likely not effing with you, and any earthbound souls you encounter would have a tough time of it, mostly struggling to get your attention.

Etheric vs. Astral

In terms of defining the terminology, it should be mentioned that the turn-of-the-century Theosophists often called the etheric plane the lower astral, but meant the etheric and used both terms interchangeably. You can find such examples in the original books from Blavatsky, Leadbeatter, etc. This ambiguity in terminology caused the confusion we now have in the present. The long and short of it, however, is that eventually, the term lower astral was employed in modern day usage to denote that area closest to physical matter, the etheric layer, where you occasionally find addicts or souls so obsessed with physical plane vices that they desperately cling to the earthly trappings they once knew and shun what they consider the siren calls from the astral. 

Does this mean that all astral fragments are the embodiment of love and light? No. It can’t be that black and white. After all, based on what we understand, astral fragments still have emotions, and one would venture they can feel angry, sad, or frustrated like the rest of us. They still have likes, dislikes, and personal preferences. But these things are more transparent on the astral. Communication is telepathic. If you dislike someone, there’s no hiding it. It’s known. So these issues are dealt with rather quickly. Harboring feelings of ill-will or malice can’t fester as they do on the physical. Thus, any evil intentions are also readily apparent and defused. 

That doesn’t mean there’s no negativity in the afterlife, but without the body to focus and escalate it to a fever pitch, it’s not the SAME emotion experienced on the physical. It doesn’t come with the unsettling element of insanity that provokes physical beings to commit acts of violence. 

Without the distorting elements of false personality and the aggressive inclinations of the human body, disagreements and other areas of contention are more easily addressed. There’s not as much misunderstanding or fuel for the fire. 

The Seven Planes of Existence

Here's the bigger picture: The seven planes of existence form a septet which is broken into two groups of three, separated by a bridge between the duo, the Akashic Records. The causal plane, the astral and the physical are part of a triad. The astral could be thought of as the positive pole, the physical, the negative, and the causal as the third influence, the middle way, or the neutral position. It represents the triadic law of three at work.

Fear dominates the physical plane, where the law of opposites prevails; the emotional ecstacy of love is the law of the astral; and the causal acts as an intermediary, triangulated in a position of truth to administer teaching and wisdom to the other parts of the triad, the physical and the astral. The three higher planes vibrationally above the akashic records (mental, messianic and buddhaic) are configured in a similar way, but without the distortions of fear found in the physical. While the structure looks like another polarity, the law of opposites only operates in the physical plane. The triadic nature, though, reinforces the synthesis that bonds these three realms together. 

Michael once told me the basic problem with negative astral beings that supposedly influence those on the physical would be in the transmission.

For people that hold a loving vessel, they would simply slough off any attempts from a negative entity on the astral. Apparently, a consciously aware person has a spiritual immune system that prevents a viral exchange of this kind. Of course, departed love ones can always connect with you due to a pre-established pathway to the heart.

Interestingly, a negative person, someone deeply entrenched in false personality, cannot be reached, period. Essence can’t reach them; their guides can’t reach them; and negative entities from the astral, if they existed, can’t reach them, either. The person is too cut off and shut down to receive any influence from spirit. They are operating on auto-pilot and lost in the petty desires and machinations of false personality. 

It can be an easy way out to pass the buck this way, to blame discarnates for our reckless loss of inhibitions or suggest we are victims to the malevolent intentions of evil spirits. But this bears too much similarity to biblical belief systems. A glaring example is mankind’s refusal to take responsibility for their own actions. In the past, the devil was the reliable scapegoat for the misbehavior of others. There was no self-inquiry. The blame was passed on to someone else. That’s a chief feature.

In modern new age circles, we’re doing the same thing. This time, evil discarnates are effing with us. It’s a preposterous conclusion but we’ve believed it for thousands of years now. We still have one foot in the stone age. 

Try to break the chains of these antiquated religious relics that have distorted your perceptions till you only see the division and are blind to the greater unity. So often we want answers to our questions, but please, reverse the syntax and start questioning the answers. You might find it liberating. 

Student: But it is so clear there is great evil in the world and always has been.

A: That’s the nature of the physical plane.  It’s a place of duality; the law of opposites. Positive and negative poles. False personality vs true personality. That's a major life lesson. It’s also a challenge you can’t get in the higher planes. Duality doesn’t exist on the astral. Distortion or illusion is stripped away. 

Student: Channels that don't see the great evil in the spirit world are just incompetent or inferior in their abilities or have strong biases. Evil is all around us.

A: That's always possible but look at how such charges devolve into a typical human behavior pattern. Our insistence to be right steers us to find personal defects in those that stand in the way of our beliefs. In this case, certain channels have biases. In other instances, the channel must be highly arrogant. And we’ve also seen people say that so-and-so is only channeling Michael from the astral, hence they are unreliable. Essentially, we look for ways to diminish the value of others in order to bolster our own claims or sense of importance. That doesn’t make for a sound argument. 

A spiritual teaching shouldn't create divisions or promote fear. It teaches love and compassion, and in so doing, expands self-awareness. 

Demonic Possession

Demonic possession, especially in the clinical fields, has long been associated with mental illness. A psychiatrist reported in the Washington Post, however, that his diagnosis of patients with mental illness has also led him to cases that he deemed demonic possession. One patient's abilities, while allegedly possessed, veered into the paranormal, which included knowing things she could not have known about the people that came into her room, and speaking multiple languages, such as Latin.

Although the psychiatrist conceded that cases of demonic possession are rare, the gap between the paranormal and science could be getting smaller.

Michael's Comments

Spiritual attachments to the aura of an incarnate soul are typically awkward and clumsy. The discarnate being, who is often confused or lost, may cling to another in hopes of lowering its vibrations to the density of the physical. The reasons are largely unimportant. The outcome, however, is predictable. Most attempts are sloughed off by the incarnate soul unconsciously. When a soul is incarnating into a physical body, there exists an oil and water effect where it is difficult for an intruding being to attach to the soul of another. Most attachments are through permission, either conscious or in a pre-incarnational agreement.

Spiritual attachment of malevolent intent is then a rare occurrence. Likely prey are those with a mental illness who give permission to an invading entity without cognitive understanding of the ramifications.

So-called demonic entities are just discarnate souls who have made a career out of luring highly impressionable or mentally unstable individuals into permitting a spiritual co-habitation. These dark entities rarely manifest in ways commonly depicted in popular movies, and are more of a nuisance than anything else.

Negative Alter Egos

A more common and vexing intrusion occurs in the human psyche. Frequently misunderstood and wrongly associated with demonic spirits, this invasion involves the presence of negative parts of self generated by the ego (or false personality). Similar to thought-forms (but with cognitive abilities), these parts of self are negative alter egos. They wreak havoc in personalities who are ungrounded spiritually and whom have little access to their true personality or higher self.

Negative alter egos can take over a personality, feeding off the chief features and negative poles, and specializing in destructive emotions such as anger, hate, lust, and others. A total breakdown of sanity awaits a personality unable to reclaim a connection to their true self.

The creation of a false self generally occurs when all access to love is denied for a prolonged period, creating a distorted set of values perpetuated by negative emotions and a diseased mind. In short, the ego (or false personality) can create several distorted parts of itself, all amplified in negativity due to a lack of connection with essence.


Getting Rid of Negative Energy & Attachments

Many practitioners maintain that the best way to avoid negative attachments is to boost the spiritual immune system through a positive outlook, along with personal work to consistently project the authentic self. Attachments are like pathogens and a healthy spiritual immune system can ward off infection. The key is to raise the spiritual vibrations so that they are not a vibrational match with the pathogen or parasite.

Michael's Comments

Treatment for the symptoms of negative energies and attachments are surprisingly similar to the treatment used on obsessive/compulsive disorder, or OCD.

In almost all cases, resisting the intruding thoughts and associated fears only makes them worse. If, for example, you wrongly believe the air you breathe contains poisonous gas, you may try to hold your breath. That solution is ultimately futile, however. One must obviously breathe to stay alive and attempts otherwise only increases the urgency of needing that next breath. The preoccupation with not breathing greatly intensifies the emotional distress of the predicament.

A better solution is to acknowledge the unwanted thought or physical sensation for what it is. Recognize that this mental tic, so to speak, will only grow stronger if you grant it the power to do so. Acknowledge the mental intrusion when it occurs but do not attempt to engage or fight with it. Allow the episode to pass freely without impedance. It will pass.

The first few attempts with this technique may induce some stress, but each time the pattern is broken, the episodes grow further apart, till eventually, they cease to intrude.

If any episodes should return, once again acknowledge the symptoms for what they are (and become neutral to them) -- but do not resist them. In fact, IGNORE them. Spiritual attachments hate to be ignored and will often lose interest in the host.





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