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In this category, find guides and articles about spirituality on topics such as meditation, unconditional love, mindfulness, spiritual enlightenment and other studies -- all geared to help those on a spiritual path break from ego-centered lives and raise consciousness on a global level.

Both full-length guides and blog posts on spirituality are featured here, with insights that will inspire the reader to reach higher in their spiritual growth and development -- the ultimate goal the attainment of agape (or to love others unconditionally).

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a generic term used to cover a wide range of spiritual topics that include religion, health, relationships and personal development. To provide a single definition of spirituality would be impossible. The subject is too broad. For this site, however, we primarily explore spirituality as it pertains to the human condition, with questions like, Why are we here? How can I be a better person? What is the meaning of life?

Our definition of spirituality, without promising to be a definitive one, is that spirituality is the awakening of the heart, the acknowledgement of the soul, and the realization of a ONENESS with all things. Spirituality helps purify the heart of old toxins like anger, jealousy, greed, and fear -- paving a new spiritual path with the more loving virtues of kindness, compassion and tolerance. It can all sound over-simplified at first and without effort, but what rarely gets talked about is that a spiritual path is indeed a lifelong pursuit that requires continuous practice and refinement.

A study of spirituality can transform a life in the following ways:

✓ An all-encompassing embrace of the people around you, not just a select few.

✓ Able to see the spiritual in all walks of life, even the most mundane.

✓ Ability to feel peace and non-resistance to what life has to offer.

✓ Living life in the present moment.

Common answers to most life questions may be found by studying spiritual wisdom, various inspirational teachers, and standard practices such as meditation, contemplation, channeling, mindfulness, and any teachings that provide a greater understanding of loving-kindness and compassion.

What is Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment?

Simply stated, spiritual awakening or enlightenment means to BE AWAKE.

To spiritually awaken or become enlightened, you must rouse yourself from the largely unconscious state of a slumbering world, an ego-centric dream state where false personality rules and the world is governed by duality and illusions of separateness.

Being awake is not necessarily a state of mind where all emotions are warm and fuzzy. The release of dualistic perceptions simply sees qualitative states such as good and evil as one and the same. There is no separateness, only a veil of perceptions.

When we are spiritually awake we are no longer defined by our bodies or our minds, and are an essential part of a much greater picture. When we see the illusion that has boxed our thinking into being separate beings in the world against one another, it becomes much easier to let go of our own personal delusions about the self and ego.

What Spiritual Growth is Not

All topics associated with spirituality are intriguing and may even become tools for further development, but not all spiritual approaches lead to spiritual growth. Spiritual development always involves doing inner work to spot personal weakness and identify where ego is running the show, so to speak. Here's a list of studies or approaches that may be personally rewarding but do not necessarily result in spiritual growth.

✓ UFOs & Aliens, conspiracy theories; anything that encourages paranoia

✓ Paranormal and occult practices; ghost hunting

✓ Astrology; various forms of divination

✓ Personal growth and success seminars; an obsession with money, achievement & power

✓ Attending religious services by obigation; ritualistic behavior without contemplation

✓ Adopting strict moral beliefs and enforcing them on others

✓ Assimilating spiritual concepts from books and workshops without doing work on self

Explore more information about this is in the following guides and articles on spirituality.

Spirituality Articles

Collected below are a series of guides to various spiritual topics geared toward transforming awareness on a subject or filling in the blanks regarding any gaps of knowledge. The topical guides are intended to be more comprehensive studies of a subject whereas the blog submissions are shorter, more succinct examinations. Since a study of spirituality brings an ever expanding realm of wisdom, more articles will be added as they become available. Enjoy!

(NOTE: Some of the articles are still under construction)

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Engaging in a study of spirituality offers a range of benefits. It expands our understanding of ourselves and the world, fosters personal growth, and provides tools for emotional well-being. Spiritual study helps us connect with meaning and purpose, cultivates compassion and service, and supports the integration of spiritual experiences into everyday life. It promotes inner peace, fulfillment, and transformative awakening, while also fostering connections with like-minded individuals and communities. Overall, spiritual study enriches our lives and guides us on a path of self-discovery, growth, and a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.


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