The Akashic Records

The Holographic Archives of the Universe

akashic records

A great deal of information is available from the akashic records. Those familiar with the akashic records tend to think of them as a place, like the reference library of the cosmos. However, the akashic records are everywhere, part of the fabric of all things. Everything that occurs is recorded there. Anyone can learn to access this information, at least to some degree. However, the records are quite complex and require a great deal of practice to use skillfully.

What Are the Akashic Records

The core of the akashic records is the akashic plane, the neutral plane. It is the overall record for the universe. The akashic plane interpenetrates the other six planes through their “local” akashic records. For example, our physical body has an akashic record of all that it has experienced; that record will ultimately be distilled and integrated into the akashic plane. Since the akashic plane is adjacent to the causal and mental planes, essences focused on those planes can access it most easily.

Some psychics directly access at least the surface of the akashic plane. However, from the physical plane, it is not possible to go very deeply into it. Accessing the akashic plane is not really what your lessons are about on the physical plane, and you are not designed for it. This is one reason you find it useful to channel sources such as ourselves. It is germane to our lessons to delve into the akashic plane. We are learning to do this, and we can access information that might be inaccessible to you. We are not discouraging you from trying to access it yourselves, but we can help in this way.

Although psychics may have limited access to the akashic plane, they can have full access to the physical plane akashic records, which are not yet fully distilled.

The instinctive (neutral) center is the location of a person’s individual akashic records; it interpenetrates the other centers and stores their memories there; it is the seat of the subconscious. The individual instinctive center is, in turn, connected to larger “storehouses,” such as the collective consciousness of humanity. Ultimately, it is connected to the whole, so when we clarify our instinctive center through self-knowledge and healing, we are contributing to the clarification of the whole physical universe. Also, as our essence integrates the reincarnational self we are in this lifetime, our akashic records become more accessible to our whole essence, and ultimately, our records will be distilled into the akashic plane, contributing to the knowledge of all the planes and the Tao. Scholars, being the neutral role, play a special part in this distillation process. So the integration simultaneously moves outward, from the individual to the whole physical plane, and upward, through the astral and causal planes to the akashic plane.

The instinctive center, and the akashic records in general, store memories in whatever way they were experienced and understood, irrespective of any “ultimate truth.” If information in it is organized and clear, it is because the experience it records was clear, or was later clarified; the information doesn’t necessarily naturally occur that way. For instance, some types of information, such as traumatic past lives, may be difficult to get clearly if the original confusion around them is still there. On the other hand, Michael Reading chart information, which is based on an akashic records reading, is usually clear because it consists of specific choices made by a person’s essence.

There is no distillation of the akashic records except through the evolution of those who had the experiences those records record. If you had a traumatic experience in the past and you dealt with it—if you evolved your experience of that trauma—that, too, goes into the records. What ultimately remains on the akashic plane is the distillation, what was learned, which is what is relevant for the universe to carry forward into the future. The rest is compost, breaking down into its component parts. This distillation is constantly occurring as you continue to grow. It happens within you as a personality, and within your essence, entity, cadre, and so forth. When you pick up unfinished pieces from the past and see them with more clarity and understanding, you evolve the experience.

The akashic records appear to you as a literal record of things exactly as they occurred that can be replayed and looked at from different angles: each person experiences an event differently, and all those experiences are recorded. Everything that ever was is recorded, including the smallest minutiae—the falling of a tree in a forest is recorded.

However, it is not that a very extensive supply of VHS tape running through all reality is constantly being imprinted. The real explanation lies in the nature of time itself: the akashic records are actually windows into the past; they go into the neutral space directly above the time-space continuum and allow one to look into another time without actually going into that time—it is strictly a window, a place from which to view.

Since there is an infinitely long past, this could be overwhelming, but what you end up attracting to your vision is what has some relevance to you, some reason for you to see. Your being on a particular piece of land, for instance, automatically biases your looking into the akashic records to the records of that land, unless you specifically ask for something else. And why would someone see a particular event that occurred on that land, and not one of a million others back to the time it was ocean or even gas? A particular story is attracted in your presence because of something in it that resonates with you.

akashic records

In Yarbro, Michael refers to the akashic plane as a “photographic record.” In fact, all akashic records could be thought of as photographic, or perhaps holographic, since they are not merely visual, but multidimensional—when we look through the “window” the records provide, we see the total experience. We could think of it as being in a “code” similar to the digital information on compact discs and CD-ROMs (which are all zeros and ones), rather than in language as we know it. Therefore, as with photographs or videos, when the code of a particular event is accessed and “played back,” there are many ways it can be translated into language and interpreted. Also, there is far more in the code than is readily communicated in language, so it is wise not to take any translation of the akashic records as the final word.

Different channeled entities sometimes give conflicting, or at least apparently conflicting, versions of everything from how the universe operates and the history of the earth, to what we are meant to eat. To illustrate why, let’s look at one example: a hypothetical car accident. As is well known, if you ask twenty bystanders what happened, you are likely to get twenty at least slightly differing accounts, as well as those from the people who were in the accident. Journalists are supposedly trained to be objective, and if one is present, you would expect that he could tell you what really happened, but different journalists can also give conflicting accounts. However, you can probably piece together a good idea of what happened if you compare enough accounts and see where the common threads are.

Let’s say that fifty years later, a nonphysical entity is researching that accident in order to answer a question about it at a channeling session. The “pictures” of everyone’s subjective experience of that accident are in the akashic records. Whose account will the entity rely on? It might be useful for the entity to consult several. Even if many of those accounts show pictures of the accident itself with reasonable objectivity, these are also subject to interpretation, and may not completely show the factors that led to the accident. The Los Angeles Rodney King beating was on videotape, but a jury in the first trial still found the police officers innocent—they interpreted the pictures differently than most people did (which led to riots). What is the ultimate truth about the beating? Were the officers justified under the circumstances? We have to decide for ourselves, and to do so fairly would require a good deal of research and mature judgment. Our court system is supposed to provide this kind of research and mature judgment, but we all know that it often fails to do this. Similarly, nonphysical entities must research and exercise wise judgment, based on deep understanding, in order to accurately interpret akashic records.

There is no absolute version of reality and no ultimate source of information that can rightly say, “No, this is how it really happened—guaranteed.” Everything in the akashic records was recorded by a consciousness with a particular point of view, and the records are vast. That’s why it’s worthwhile to explore a variety of points of view. It is true that the Tao as a whole is the ultimate source for the universe, but it is concerned with the large picture, just as the CEO of a major corporation would not be the one to tell you exactly what went on in a sales meeting in the field somewhere.

Channeled entities are in a process of growth and evolution, just as we are. And just as reading books and working with teachers and groups may assist our growth, it is similar for them. They have their teachers, groups, and “books,” only their books are nonphysical—they are in the akashic records. And channeled entities, like us, are not all reading the same books. The information they give us depends on what they’ve been reading. Everything in the records was someone’s experience of what happened; therefore, none of it can be said to be “wrong.” A challenge for a channeled entity is to interpret the records from the highest and most inclusive point of view. The highest truth is the synthesis of all elements of truth in every point of view.

The akashic records, then, do not provide instant knowledge. Information must be gathered and interpreted; this is an art as well as a science.

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