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This entire site, of course, is a place for study, but this page was created to feature specific teaching material intended to broaden your learning experience. Find instructive articles here, along with audio workshops and videos.


  • Understanding the Michael Chart
    Shepherd Hoodwin provides a thorough explanation of a student profile, including the Michael Math and overleaves. Read this if you're curious how your chart is put together. 
  • Annotated Overleaves Chart
    Here is a standard overleaf chart, but with annotated definitions that pop-up via java script. A useful resource. 
  • Michael Channeling Q & A
    Explore this collection of Michael channeling based on general interest topics.
  • Personality Profile 
    Use this test to help identify your role and overleaves.
  • Role Photos Study
    To learn how individual traits are visible through the eyes and facial expression, Michael students and celebrities are matched here by their roles.

  • Photo Comparisons of Overleaves
    Learn to recognize the distinct look of the various overleaves.
  • Applying the Teachings
    Learn how to apply what you've learned about the teachings to your life. An important study for all Michael students.

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Dawn Barker - Soul-ciology (9/28/17)

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The Seven Goals

Our goal sets the theme for a lifetime, acting as a primary motivator that guides our course of direction in life.


The Overleaves

Learn about the Overleaves, personality traits that shape our individual experence during each lifetime.