Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

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Do Dogs Go To Heaven?


Q: Do dogs go to heaven? Do they have souls? Some teachers tell us that dogs and cats and other animals do not have souls, or are part of a group soul. What is your experience of this?

Omni: We delight in this question for it gives us the opportunity to talk to you about the nature of the soul and the nature of consciousness. Let us say this categorically. Everything has soul, it may not be 'complete', it may be a fragment of a larger entity, in the way you are a fragment of a much broader and larger entity, but consciousness that is in itself a part of, and linked to, the All-That-Is, that which you call God, lives in everything, and through it, everything lives. Even a rock, a bird, a stream, tree, mountain, all has soul, everything lives. Objects such as rocks for example seem to be void of a soul, void of life, owing to your unique perspective. You know that a tree is alive, for it grows leaves, produces fruit and gets taller. As you observe this movement you say 'It is alive, for there is movement, growth and change'. Beings such as yourselves, who have convinced yourselves so well that your reality is the only reality, compare all that they observe to themselves. This in itself is not a bad thing, but as you are limited in your perception of yourself, your perception of other objects, other forms of consciousness, is limited by your perception of yourself. You see, all your perceptions are merely projections. As we have said many, many times before, there is no such thing as reality, only your perception of it. Before we go on to talking about souls, let us talk about your perception of life. For the most part, when you observe movement, you say there is life. Although a tree does not move, you perceive 'life' for there is movement within the stationary object. Old leaves fall off, new ones replace them. Branches get longer, and in the right season, fruits are produced.

Take a look at a rock. It is just sitting there is it not? It does nothing at all. Well, look again. Get closer to it, change your perspective, and you will find movement. It has a molecular structure, and these molecules are in movement, very rapid movement indeed, in fact, the rock is in a constant state of change. Your earth is exactly the same. Continental plates disappear under one another, the friction adding to the earth's magma, new seabed and continents appear in other parts of the globe. There are earthquakes and volcanoes, exchanges of various gasses that have a direct effect on all life on the planet. However, for the most part you see the Earth as a rock, but let us assure you, it is a living organism. It breathes, it recycles, regenerates, moves, does all of the things that living things do, and yet it is seen as 'inanimate', lifeless, lacking soul. The Earth is as alive and as conscious as you are! You cannot see it for all her movement is on a different time scale. Her in-breath and out-breath happens over hundreds and thousands of years, death and re-birth over countless millions of years. It is the scale of time that leads you to conclude that it is inanimate, that is all.

We understand then you ask this questions you are asking if your beloved dog will go to 'heaven' and has your beloved pet been here before, does this one re-incarnate as you do? Let us remind you. What is the purpose of all creation? It is to experience through creation is it not? So, would not the entity, or oversoul that projected its consciousness into your beloved dog perhaps decide that more than one life as a dog would serve the quest for knowledge through experience. This oversoul could decide that one dog life is sufficient, but that is unlikely, just as there are a few souls that feel that one human life is sufficient.

You are part of a much broader, much vaster being. This broader being is even greater than what you imagine your soul to be. In essence, your soul is the incarnate form of your broader entity, yes; we will use the word entity in this case. Your entity is formless and it has a seamless connection to all that is. It is indeed, a part of the All-That-Is and exists in a state that is beyond time, distance, dimensions and beyond questions and answers, it is simply in a state of being, and observes that which emanates from it. You could say that your entity is your portion of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, it is where form meets the formless, this is where that which is transcendental and that which is infinite meet. It is this portion of you that projects itself into lower vibration in order to create your soul, however, it does not do that directly, it first creates and embodiment of itself, a reflection of its consciousness in form first. This embodiment is what many of you have come to know as angels. Your Guardian Angel, is the embodiment of this transcendental and infinite part of yourself. This angelic part of yourself is beyond questions, and beyond answers, it is in a state of being. This is a Divine Paradox, it creates your the soul in order to gain experience, and yet dwells in a state of no questions and no answers, it simply is. This may de difficult for you to grasp, but it is so. Even within this space of 'being', there is movement, and that movement creates perspective. In effect, the state of 'no questions' gives birth to 'questions' the state of 'no-answers' gives birth to 'answers', this is the nature of the Universe. If there were no movement, all would cease to exist. Once an evolved consciousness reaches the state of 'no-questions - no-answers' it immediately compares that to its previous state of having 'questions' and 'answers' and a new adventure is created.

dogs in heaven

It is the nature of consciousness that as parts of self become self aware, that they seek out who they are. This is what occurred and is the reason for what seems to be a paradox. As your greater entity existed in a state of no questions and no answers, certain parts of it became self aware, for these parts were on the outer edges, which created perspective, and then individuation. As this occurred, the desire to know and to understand the nature of self was born. From this desire, a personification of the greater entity thus came into existence in angelic form; it was this form than then brought to life your soul, and thus you. Just as you are an extension of your soul as an incarnate being in the physical world, your soul is also an extension, an incarnation, of the angelic self, the form through which your eternal self-expresses itself.

This angelic self is the beginning of all form and is vast in nature. It can create many, many forms, just as the Hindu's have reflected this in their many gods. Gods with many arms and faces. To understand this, you must see the Universe as not the creation of God, but of these vast angelic beings who sought experience on behalf of their greater entity.

The Universe is made up of many layers. In the physical world you have the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the sentient kingdom. Each of these four kingdoms can be seen as a level of consciousness. The sentient kingdom is currently made up of Human Beings, and Cetaceans, as humanity evolves, room will be made for other primates to join the world of sentient beings in your world. Sentience is essentially self awareness and with this comes a sense of 'good' and 'bad', a sense of conscience and natural guilt for unnatural acts such a murder.

Does your dog and cat have a soul? Indeed, it does. However, such souls are not karmically linked to the earth. They choose to work in harmony, and often return time and time again to share life with the shame humans, however, they do not create or incur karmic debt or 'lessons'. They are, for the most part, simply present to observe sentient beings, often in preparation to embarking on a journey of sentient ensoulment themselves. In this role, they form emotional bonds to people and places, and will often return frequently. In other words, as humanity evolves, many of your domestic dogs and cats will approach human or other primate opportunities in the future. So what type of soul would choose to incarnate in the form of your dog or cat? Physical form is an adventure that many, many souls choose. It offers many opportunities and poses many unique challenges and situations. Entities that wish to embark upon a physical adventure as a sentient being will more often than not embark upon a 'courtship' with physicality. This 'getting to know you' period will be characterized by projections of itself into the various kingdoms, if not all of them. An Soul will project itself into a rock, a mountain, in a crystal, a river, the ocean, many, many different forms in order to aquaint itself with many physical forms, and with the earth itself. However, these 'projections' are not idle, for these souls will make up the Devic kingdoms and will learn from their service to the One. Like wise, experiencing a tree, a forest, a blade of grass, is all part of the same 'flirtation' with the physical world, however, like all opportunities for growth and experience, it is taken seriously. All souls present, whether in sentient form or not, are in service to the One. Although a consciousness that is present in a rock may be present simply to experience if the Earth is an experience that it wants to further, whilst present, it works for the greater good of all and follows the guidance given to it by the Devic Kings and Queens. At this stage, the soul in question is not committed to sentient experience on the planet. As all beings have free will, a soul may simply decide that it has gleaned enough knowledge of Earth simply through having experienced a mountain or a forest for a few millennia. As the soul gains more experience, it moves on to larger projects, perhaps a shoal of fish, a field mouse, a flock of geese, a hive of bees, countless possibilities. When it is good and ready, it will then decide upon deeper involvement, that deeper involvement will always involve interaction with the sentient species present on the planet. In the case of planet earth, then the choice is made to interact with human beings. It is thus that choices are made to extend a part of itself into a dog, cat or horse, and sometimes other animals such as pigs, cows and goats. Deeper involvement may be primates that are born into or who live in captivity and have daily interaction with human beings. Primate existence in the wild is different, but has similar purpose.

When you move away from the physical plane, the first dimension is what has been called the Astral plane. This plane of reality is divided into 8 levels, and the first and second layers, along with the 7th and 8th level are subdivided, in effect, creating 12 levels in total. Most human beings will enter the Astral plane somewhere around the 5th level, some at the 4th, and still others at the 6th level. Ancient teachers such a Jesus for example, are present in the 8th level, often descending into the 5th and 6th levels in order to teach and guide to large groups of souls. You will find that your domestic dogs and cats are often to be found between the 2nd and 5th level, however, their presence in the mid levels of the astral plane are 'assisted' by souls who are working with them, as they could not hold this focus naturally. Other animal presence in the higher levels of the astral plane, are 'shadows' or 'projections' of animal souls manifested there through individual sentient soul desire, or as an apparition of a group reality. In other words, a recently arrived soul may have the strong desire to see his or her pet Golden Retriever. This desire can be so focused that a 'shadow' of that form will appear and interact with the soul in question. In essence, it is not 'really' there, but will look and feel as if it is to the observer. As a guide who often travels into the Astral plane to teach, such apparitions are easy to detect. On an energy level, they are extensions of the energy of the soul that has the desire to be with them. More than that, the apparition contains energy that seems different to the energy of the soul that is seeing it, for as it is 'projected', it is 'created' with the memory the soul has of the animal in question. As humans have relationships with animals, their energy mixes with your own energy, in similar ways that the energies of your parents, mates and children are also part of your aura. This energy projection, is not a totally accurate representation of the animal, but represents the souls ideal memory of the animal soul in question. However, that is not the entire story. As this projection comes to life, the soul of the animal on the lower levels of the astral plane becomes aware of this desire and a 'shadow' of itself is likewise projected towards the form that is taking place. In this way, both the pet and the human soul are aware of each other, although not really together. In essence, a part of itself blends and merges with the projection, adding to the 'looks and feels like' feeling of the animal that is being witnessed. So, are these human soul really interacting with the souls of animals on the astral plane, the answer is yes, but not in a limited sense that is dictated by the memories and desires of the human soul wishing their company.

What we believe that most teachers have meant when they have stated that dogs and cats do not have souls, is that they do not have developed reasoning on the personality level as do humans, and therefore do not make conscious choices to experience this or that in a future life. Therefore, their choices are made by their 'oversoul'. However, as they begin to develop more self-awareness over many lifetimes, and develop emotional attachments to human beings, they begin to influence the choices made. As humanity evolves and becomes increasingly sentient, animals too move forward. Many years ago, it would have been 'true' that animals did not have a 'soul', for just as the average age of human souls on the planet was young, so too were the average ages of animal souls. In the vastness of the Universe, the term 'never' can very, very rarely be applied. The Universe is such that if ninety nine billion souls do something this way, there will almost always be one that will do it another way. That is the nature of growth, that is the nature of consciousness!



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