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Channeling: A Path to Personal Growth and Transformation

Channeling, the practice of connecting with spiritual entities, has been around for centuries. From ancient oracles to modern mediums, people have sought guidance from beyond the physical realm.

Have you ever felt a sudden surge of inspiration or guidance seemingly out of the blue? This might be a brush with channeling, the act of connecting with a higher consciousness for information or wisdom.

On this page explore the act of tapping into a higher consciousness, find articles that teach about the mechanics and history of channeling, and then peruse the growing archive of Michael channeling that has been collected over the years.

What is Channeling

Channeling is the act of connecting with a spiritual entity and receiving transformative information from them. The person that transmits this knowledge is called a channel or a channeler). Channeling is different from mediumship in that a medium communicates with people who have recently died, whereas a channel communicates with a spiritual teacher. Both practices are equally valuable.

Sources of channeled wisdom are typically drawn from the higher self, spiritual guides, or advanced teachers from a higher planes of existence, such as the Causal, where Michael currently resides. The knowledge imparted is intended to assist in the spiritual development of those that choose to receive it. How the information is used is always subject to personal choice.

Channeling is a skill that can be honed and developed, but like anything else in life, having an innate talent for channeling (like someone who is born with a natural gift for singing) is an obvious advantage. Channeling may also be wildly varied in its transmission. Some channels work exclusively with verbal communication, while other channels receive vibrant imagery, works of art and music, and in some instances, pure energy.

Channeling is not subject to a set of hard-fast rules, but channeled entities don't make predictions, tell you what to do, or demand any form of allegiance. Their guidance is solely meant as a source of empowerment and as a tool to raise conscious awareness.

Channeling History

The history of channeling

Types of Channeling

  1. Conscious Channeling: Conscious channeling refers to a form of spiritual communication where the channeler remains fully aware and in control of their consciousness while transmitting messages from entities or higher spiritual beings. The channeler acts as a conduit, allowing the communication to flow through their thoughts, emotions, or words, but they maintain awareness of the process.

  2. Trance Channeling: Trance channeling involves the channeler entering an altered state of consciousness, commonly referred to as a trance, in which they allow a spirit, entity, or higher being to take temporary control over their body and vocal apparatus. During the trance state, the channeler's consciousness may be partially or completely overshadowed by the communicating entity.

  3. Automatic Writing: Automatic writing is a form of channeling where the channeler allows messages to flow through their writing hand without conscious intent or control. The channeler may enter a meditative or receptive state, and the information or messages are believed to be channeled from spirits, guides, or the subconscious mind.

  4. Mediumship: Mediumship is the ability to act as an intermediary or medium between the physical world and the spirit world. Mediums, also known as psychic mediums, claim to receive messages, information, or evidence of the afterlife from deceased loved ones or spiritual entities and communicate this information to the living.

  5. Verbal Channeling: Verbal channeling involves the channeler using spoken words as a means of transmitting messages from spiritual entities or higher realms. The channeler may speak in their own voice or alter their tone and mannerisms to reflect the identity of the communicating entity.

  6. Non-Verbal Channeling (Art, Music, etc.): Non-verbal channeling refers to the process of conveying spiritual messages or creative expressions without the use of spoken or written language. This form of channeling can manifest through various artistic mediums, such as painting, drawing, music, dance, or other forms of artistic expression, believed to be guided by spiritual inspiration or entities.

On this page explore the articles that teach about the mechanics and history of channeling, and then peruse the growing archive of Michael channeling that has been collected over the years.

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Articles About Channeling

What is Channeling
Confused about channeling? Learn more about it here.

What is Channeling? Who Can Channel? Why Channel
Channeled insights about channeling.

The History of Channeling
Trace the origins of channeling.

How to Channel
Excellent introduction to the art of channeling.

Spirit Guides
Article by Shepherd Hoodwin about your spirit guides.

How Michael 'Feels'
Discusses how students and channels experience Michael's energy.

Channeling Michael Information More Than Once
A somewhat controversial but important subject.

Evaluating Channels
Thoughts on choosing a channel

Channeling & Stylistic Differences
There are many factors that can account for stylistic differences among channels.

Seth Quotes
Not channeling from the Michael Entity, but a collection of inspiring quotes from Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts.

Selected Books About Channeling

  1. "The Law of One" by Ra (Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, and Jim McCarty): This series of books documents channeled communications with a higher-dimensional entity named Ra. The material covers a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical topics and has become influential in the New Age and spiritual communities.

  2. "A Course in Miracles" by Helen Schucman and William Thetford: Although not explicitly presented as channeled material, this book claims to have been received through inner dictation from Jesus Christ. It offers profound spiritual teachings and a unique perspective on forgiveness and love.

  3. "The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts: This book series introduced readers to the entity known as Seth, who channeled through Jane Roberts. The teachings cover various aspects of reality, consciousness, and personal growth.

  4. "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak: This book presents the channeled messages from a group of Pleiadian beings, offering insights into human history, spirituality, and the evolution of consciousness.

  5. "Messages from Michael" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: This series of books, as most readers here know, presents channeling sessions with a group of discarnate entities collectively known as "Michael." The material explores personality profiles and soul characteristics based on the Michael Teachings.

  6. "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette: This book provides guidance on how to connect and communicate with spiritual guides, angels, and other higher beings to seek support and insights in daily life.

  7. "Emmanuel's Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos" by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton: This book features channeled messages from the entity known as Emmanuel, offering wisdom and guidance for personal growth and spiritual transformation.

  8. "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer is a very popular and influential book on the topic of channeling. Sanaya Roman has authored several other well-known books that have gained recognition within the spiritual community.

Comments from Michael About Channeling

● "If you deliberately provide incorrect information, or represent yourself to be ‘channeling’ when you are not, that comes close to the process called ‘mind fuck’, and it leads eventually to Karma." (MMFM, p. 237)

● "In regard to the assumption of channeling, it is in fact rare, if not impossible, for fragments on the physical plane to reach much beyond the Causal Plane, in large part because the function of language in all its myriad forms breaks down as matter becomes more attenuated towards energy. We have said before but we will reiterate: the nature and "achievement" of the Akashic and Buddhic Planes are as difficult for us to grasp as our state of existence is for you. We realize that this is of course the nature of our stage of evolution, and your perception and experience are the nature of yours.  

For those who claim to channel the Tao, we must state that no one on the physical plane -- or the Causal Plane, for that matter-- is in a position to grasp that perfection of love and totality which is the least part of the nature of the Tao. At the same time, it may be said that the experience of living itself is the physical-plane equivalent of channeling the Tao, in which case 'everybody does it'.  

Generally speaking, in terms of channeling, evolutionary stages may reach two beyond their current manifestation, which is of course why we can reach the physical plane and you can reach us. However, trying to "bridge the gap" between more attenuated states of existence and diminishing physicality render it unlikely for comprehension to exist beyond this two-state gap, except of course for the Tao, which is present in and permeates everything in every plane and all stages of evolution. If this did not occur, evolution would of course be impossible." (Yarbro Group, MFM site)

● “We would suggest for you that it would be wise to steer clear of misguided souls. If you even suspect that the channeling is amiss, or the information misleading, then examine what is being said and done in the light of what you have learned from us. Some groups can and do cause harm to many, often with the ‘best possible’ motives. This, of course, encourages all here present to take care in selecting their metaphysical associates. How can you tell the valid from the invalid? This is an excellent question, and is the very center of the issue of choice. Careful attention to your inner guidance is the first step, of course. However, there are several more obvious clues, namely, that such characters often have a tight group of noisy and self-interested followers: secondly, they sometimes have an affected and flamboyant attitude which calls attention to themselves and to their ‘teaching’ by obvious and blatant favoritism and similar methods. Such self-proclaimed masters often demand complete devotion of others while indulging every whim of their own, punctuated by demands for proof of devotion in the form of subservient behavior and lavish gifts of appreciation: Thirdly, that they often charge exorbitant fees for very little work, and couch their teaching in vague and esoteric language that implies much and explains little. Often such ‘teachers’ create discord and alienation between people and promote feelings of intolerance and superiority rather than the understanding that each Fragment is only that — a Fragment of the larger whole. Of course, such self-proclaimed masters do not encourage questioning or testing of their information. We, and all true mid-Causal teachers, urge but do not require our students to question, to Recognize and Validate or reject as they choose. However, all is not well in ‘the land of Oz’, and it takes more than ruby slippers to get ‘home’.” (MMFM, p. 280)

Channeled Transcripts

Channeled Q & A (from Michael Entity)
Over 300 questions and answers channeled by various Mchael channels.

Michael Chat Transcripts
Transcriptions from a series of 118 group chats with Michael that ran from 2005-2011. Featured channels included Shepherd Hoodwin, Nancy Gordon, Dave Gregg, and Michael Toth.

Original Michael Teachings Transcripts
The material from the 70's that was not included in the MFM books.

Michael Channeling

Selected Channels

Emily Baumbach

The Nine Karmic Sequences
Parallel Universes
Parallel Shifts
Presidential Candidates (2008)

Ted Fontaine

True Choice
Soul Age Polarities
Astral Schools and Soul Levels

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Michael On Channeling
On Ethics
Saving the Planet via Old Souls
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Michael On Community
On the Tenth Anniversary of the Michael Teachings List
What is Channeling? Who Can Channel? Why Channel?

David Gregg

The Mature Soul Shift
The Coronavirus
Reincarnation: Everything You Need To Know
Guide to the Afterlife
Archangels & Other Angelic Beings
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Thought Forms and Dark Entities
Are Aliens Real?
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Dealing With Anger
How to Deal With Toxic People
Seven Steps to Spiritual Health
On the Creation of the Michael Teachings Community
Q & A: 12/25/06 (Christmas)
Q & A: 7/16/06
Q & A: 6/18/06

Shepherd Hoodwin

From Fighting Against To Living For (Sept 11, 2001)
Working With Yourself
Acceptance and Solving Problems
Finding Your Mate & Developing Intimacy
Viewing Politics From Quietude
Learning Love
Changing Your Life
Being a Healer
Experimenting With Cooperation
Exaltation of Self in Service
Transcending Positive and Negative Poles
Dolphins and Whales
Healing Shame
Transcending Fear of Death
Michael On Modes
Michael On Centers

Karen Murphy

Essence Twins & Intimate Relationships
The 5th Monad

Alma Perez

Channeling the Michael Entity

Joya Pope

More Messages from the Dead
Princess Diana's Death

Lori Tostado

Michael On Change
How Essence Manifests
Soul Relationships
The Poles of the Emotions

Michael Toth

Consciousness Shift

Caris Palm Turpen

Traveling Companions
5 Levels of Teachings Facilitation
7 Levels of Karmic Debt
Coping in a Mature Soul World

J.P. Van Hulle & Aaron Christeaan

On the Nature of Forgiveness
On the Nature of True Happiness
On Self-Love

If you are a Michael channel, MichaelTeachings.com would love to post your material at this site. Your contribution would not only be educational for the many students who visit, but a wonderful way to draw more attention to your work.

Please send your channeled material to submissions. Thank you!



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What is Channeling

What is Channeling?

Learn about the art of channeling: what it is, who can do it, and why it is important to know.



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