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Although modern physicists have various ideas about the universe, they do agree that every bit of it consists of energy. It may be a tiny bit of energy, or it may be enough to generate all of creation, but all matter is energy.

Because energy is the power that causes every action and reaction in creation, it is handily available in many forms. One form that we know well is the human soul or spirit, a non-physical expression of energy.

We are students of a non-physical collective of souls named Michael, the name they suggested we use when referring to them. A group of souls such as this is called an Entity.

There are a little more than 1000 souls included in the Michael Entity. The individual souls of this Entity lived human lives a very long time ago, and when the last soul united with the group they decided to become teachers for those who were still working their way through their cycle of lives here on earth.  That would be us.

Since the souls of the Michael Entity no longer have bodies, they use the common element that all of creation shares, energy, to reach us. This is where channeling comes in.

Every one of us can channel, that is, receive energy as information, and many have. It is just that we do not recognize it as such. When we connect in dreams with a beloved parent, ancestor, or friend who has died, we are in a way channeling. When we go within the self to try to sort out a particular concern, we put ourselves in touch with our soul, the part of our being that is not wholly mired in the illusions and fog of the physical plane. This also is a kind of channeling. When we ask the Michael Entity to connect with us, we are channeling in a particular way.

A channel, as the word implies, is a conduit, neither more nor less. It is a
pipeline open at both ends. The energy that connects the beings on either end travels both ways. That is all channeling is: the transmission of energy expressed as thought or emotion between a spirit energy and a human receiver and back again. For those who choose to connect with them, that spirit energy can be the Michael Entity.

Channels are not particularly special people and, in general, almost anyone can channel. It just happens that some people are more open to this kind of energy reception than are others and are better at it, just as some people are better singers than their neighbor even though each of them has the same physical apparatus for making song. This has to do with the blueprint we each bring with us into a given lifetime, the profile of our current personality. So some sets of these personality elements are more tuned to channeling than are other sets, but with practice it becomes easier.

This said, a Michael channel is not a witch, nor controlled by demons, nor a person claiming supernatural powers. A channel is only the open line between two telephones. It is true that one of these phones is situated in a non-physical `space', but the other is certainly fixed in the physical world.  It is the thought that passes from one to the other that is the real reason for both the existence of the activity known as channeling and for the person we call a channel.

Since they no longer have the physical means to express themselves, the Michael Entity teaches through channeling. As teachers they offer a practical map for navigating the physical plane, which for us is planet Earth and the experience of living here. Since the Teachings are not a revelation, the Michael Entity does not promote a spiritual path with creed, rites, and priests. They have also very definitely said there is no requirement that their words be believed. Their mission is simply to inform, leaving up to the individual what he or she chooses to do with this information. The Michael Entity is not an oracle; they neither predict nor prescribe. They have said emphatically that to do so would interfere with our right of choice, the primary component of human integrity.

There are two main elements of the Michael Teachings. The first is the fact of reincarnation. The second is a description of the journey we each make as a human being. Together these two elements confirm who we are, where we are going, and why. These two truths of the Teachings are neither new nor an invention of the Michael Entity; they are an integral part of creation. The Michael Entity merely chooses to remind us of them and to offer assistance toward our understanding of the art of being human.

The fact of reincarnation refers to the truth that we are spiritual beings on the journey of exploring what it means to be human. This exploration requires many lifetimes to complete. What a waste of energy it would be if each of us had only one lifetime to learn everything there is to know about being human, let alone having only one chance in all the vastness of space and time to get it `right'.

The baby who lives just long enough to draw its first breath and then lets its spirit go has had one experience of being human, valuable knowledge in itself.  But it is only one experience, one very brief and limited experience, and the spirit deserves and actually craves more. So the Michael Teachings are crafted to remind us about the simple yet profound truth that enough lifetimes have been built into the plan to allow each of us to master human-ness in all its ramifications.

The Teachings also offer a description of the human journey, a blueprint which explains the how and where and why. In addition, the Teachings assure us that we are an integral part of this universe and that our existence contributes to the whole that is the ultimate extension of creation. Finally, the Teachings are the means by which we remember that the universe, across the immensity of creation, experiences itself in all its beauty and wonder through us.

That is all Michael channeling is: A reminder of who we are.

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About Nancy Gordon

Nancy has been a student of the Michael Teachings since 1997, as well as a student of metaphysics for half a century.  A computer channel, as opposed to a vocal channel, she is developing on an agreement made with Michael in 2004. 

Nancy has retired from channeling.



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