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A Michael chart is an illuminating portal into the psyche of the human soul. A chart can help you gauge your personal strengths and weaknesses and keep them in alignment with your original life plan -- with an ultimate goal to spiritually awaken and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Too often, though, life shoves you into a box labeled CONFORMITY, where you become like everyone else in order to suit your boss, your family, your friends, and your significant other.

Don't let the world stifle the true expression of your soul: if you're a server you help; if you're an artisan you create; if you're a warrior you rise to the challenge; if you're a scholar you gather knowledge; if you're a sage you communicate insight; if you're a priest you inspire; if you're a king you lead through mastery.

A Michael chart reveals the unique qualities you bring to the world. Embrace who you truly are!

Three Reasons to Order a Chart


Your soul age is your life perspective. This is the lens through which you view the world.

Are you a young soul that's driven by ambition and success? Are you a mature soul that longs for deep emotional connections in a relationship? Are you an old soul that is detached from the complexities of the world and more philosophical?

Knowing your soul age helps you understand how you FIT IN with the rest of the world.

2) ROLE (or soul type)

There are seven roles: Server, Artisan, Warrior, Scholar, Sage, Priest, and King.

To live your role is to live an AUTHENTIC life. An artisan who is blocked from being creative, a Priest who cannot inspire others -- these are people whose role gifts are under-utilized, leading to frustration and depression. You must KNOW your role!

The role represents those vital aspects of spirit that makes a life whole and meaningful. A role gone unrecognized can result in frequent changes of employment, a restless spirit that rarely seems satisfied, and a life that wanders without purpose.

3) OVERLEAVES (or personality traits)

Break the vicious circle of negativity in your life by knowing the tendencies of your personality traits. Are you embracing the positive side of your overleaves or sliding to the dark side? Knowing your overleaves gives you road map to who you truly are.

Armed with this knowledge, you can put your best foot forward and really know that it is your best foot. Knowing your tendencies makes you less reactive and more self-aware of how your energies run. This is vital if you truly want to KNOW YOURSELF.

A Michael chart includes your soul age, your role (or soul type) and your overleaves. You can order a chart for yourself, a friend, a relative, or anyone you're interested in -- even a celebrity. Your imagination is your only limit.

Discover the 25 fascinating elements in a Michael chart that reveal the unique attributes of your soul and personality

Take a look at some of the features included on the chart.

SOUL AGE - Finally! End the debate if you're a young soul or old soul. Michael will reveal your TRUE soul age.

ROLE (or soul type) - There are seven roles. Are you ready to know who you are? Discover the new you.

ESSENCE TWIN - The most significant relationship you can have. Is your twin flame an artisan, scholar, king? Find out with this chart.

CASTING - This is how you express yourself. Do you long to be creative or do you feel driven to lead? Find out!

TASK COMPANION - The 2nd most significant relationship you can have. Is your task companion alive or discarnate?

CADRE/ENTITY - Learn the identity and energetic resonance of your greater soul family and other important connections.

MALE/FEMALE ENERGY - Have you had more past lives as a male or female?

FREQUENCY - This is the vibration of your soul from one to a hundred. Is your frequency high or low?

PREVIOUS CYCLES - Discover how many times you've had reincarnational cycles on other planets.

PAST LIVES - Find out your current number of past lives you've had so far.

THREE PRIMARY NEEDS - These are your unconscious motivators. Do you have a need for Freedom? Acceptance? Adventure?

INTERNAL MONADS - (NEW) Finally learn, for instance, if you're in that pesky 4th monad and at what level.

ESSENCE MANIFESTATION - (NEW) This shows your percentage of essence manifestation. It's like a spiritual A1C test.

GOAL - Your goal is the primary motivation behind what you choose to seek and experience in life. This is powerful information.

ATTITUDE - This shows your outlook on life. Are you Idealistic? Pragmatic? Skeptical?

MODE - Do you approach life with passion or power...or are you merely observant and watch life passively?

CENTER - Find out how you internally react to the stimulus of life. Are you intellectually focused? Emotionally focused?

CHIEF FEATURES - Your chronic phobias in life that act as obstacles to your dreams. This information could be a game-changer.

BODYTYPE - Bodytypes (Venusian, Saturnian, Martial, etc.) govern why we're attracted to people, and more.

Note: Secondary and tertiary chief features and bodytypes may or may not be included. Sometimes, for instance, you simply don't have a secondary or tertiary chief feature that is dominant in any way. That is a GOOD thing.

For your convenience: A special PDF file is included with every order to explain what all the chart elements mean, along with links to longer articles about the subject. I'm also available to answer your questions by email at no extra charge.

Want Even More Information and Value?

The Deluxe Chart with Full Explanation

Let's face it...the Michael teachings comes with a learning curve. To fully understand this system you not only need to learn the definition of the terms but understand how everything works together. What does it really mean to be a Sage or a 5th level Old soul? What is an essence twin or task companion? Typically, to understand a chart you'll need to devote many hours or weeks to reading the articles on the Michael teachings website or invest in several Michael teachings books.

However, if time is limited and you want to get up to speed in a hurry, look no further. The Deluxe chart with Full Explanation is exactly what you need. Offering top-notch value and a price that is too good to pass up, the Deluxe Chart with Explanation is a fully done-for-you service.

With this package, you get 6 additional items (not found on the regular chart) to broaden your understanding of your personality. This includes your raw number (your unique position in your soul group, which reveals your global job and community responsibility), and the special path of your soul, a concept originally introduced by Varda Hasselmann.

All in all, you receive over 20,000 words of explanation on what your chart means and how to best apply the information to your life. The material has been compiled from years of my own writings, but instead of having to search hundreds of articles to find it, everything that pertains to your chart has been gathered into one document. Since your time is valuable, this saves you innumerable hours of research.



I've been a student of the Michael Teachings for a very long time. I've recently had the privilege to receive information from Michael through channel David Gregg. It was information I had not heard before, but which gave me immediate and powerful insight as to why I was always compelled to make decisions for the "highest good" (as I perceived it, anyway), even if someone else's highest good was not my highest good, and even hurt and dishonored me at times. This dynamic was the result of a chief feature I adopted early on as a coping mechanism for a very difficult and even dangerous family situation. The insights from this information helped me understand why I was compelled to martyr myself (I was convinced it was the only way to deflect chaos and maintain a modicum of peace), and to also recognize it when it asserts itself. Because this dynamic is now part of my self-awareness, I can catch myself before I make another decision that undermines my personal well-being.

I have also gotten other gems from Michael through David, and each one has had the result of validating for me why I had gotten stuck, and why I was not more in sync with my soul's plan for this life. I am very grateful to Michael and to David for this information. As much as I think I have a handle on my journey, I have received key insights that gave me a whole new level of understanding.

~ G. Constantin 6.5.2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my chart! I did a prediction of what I thought I'd be and it's truly amazing how much you channeled that matched up with what I'd guessed for myself. 

It's just incredible! I'm even more glad now that I found out about the Michael teachings.

~ Brad P.

All I can say is WOW! Unbelievable! The charts I ordered just continue to amaze me with each one I receive. Absolutely spot on!! I will be ordering at least 2 more soon. Thank you again, Dave. Your gift is truly amazing to me. Such an incredible ability you possess!

~ Carroll S.

How much does a Michael chart cost?

For a limited time only, it's currently $67 per complete chart. With that you get a PDF that provides basic definitions of your chart's details, as well as free email support.

If you're looking for better value and more information, the Deluxe Chart with Full Explanation at $127 is recommended. Over 20,000 words of explanation.

You'll never find another bargain like these offerings. A terrific value.

Don't Forget: Limited-Time Offer

If you've been waiting for the right time to order a Michael chart, this is a great opportunity for you. As demand increases for my low prices, I do not know how much longer I can work at such incredible bargains. At some point the prices will go up. Don't miss out!

Your chart includes information not currently offered by other channels -- and for a price that won't strain your wallet. I always strive to provide more savings and more value. At this moment, learning about the fascinating dynamics of your soul has never been more affordable.

Order a Michael chart TODAY and get the information for HALF the cost of other channels.




READ CAREFULLY: After ordering your chart (order buttons below), send the following information to my email address (Don't Forget to Email):

● Give the full name of the person the chart is about. Type the name in UPPERCASE. If the chart is for another person, it's helpful if you tell the relationship you have with them. Charts for celebrities are also acceptable.

● Provide the birth date (Use US format: Month, Date, Year). Also, include where the person was born and where they currently live (state, country, province, etc. NO street addresses, please).

● If not you, is this person still living?

● If your chart has been previously channeled, include the information you received and the name of the channel. This allows me to check the previous information first. Not being forthcoming about this can lead to poor results. I cannot guarantee, however, that I will receive the same information from Michael. I will give you what I get even if it differs from earlier channeling.

● IMPORTANT: Attach a non-blurry photo that clearly shows the eyes (head shots are preferred) The eyes should be looking directly at the camera, if possible (not looking down or off to the side). Please do not send photos so tiny that if enlarged they are blurred beyond recognition. If you can send SEVERAL photos, that's even better. Preferably one without a smile, and one with a smile. Note: The photos help Michael make a good psychic connection to you. Some channels don't use photos and Michael can often work without them, but most channels want to ensure that Michael is focusing on the right person. That is my intention. The photos serve as a fail-safe and help ensure greater accuracy.

Click the following link to email your photos and info to Michael Chart Order (or use michaelteachings@gmail.com). Note: Correspond with me using this same email address. This makes it easy to search for your photos and messages later.

PLEASE USE the BUY buttons below to pay for your chart. DO NOT use michaelteachings at gmail.com to send money to PayPal.  

Your Michael chart will be delivered to you by email via a PDF file. Samples of my channeling may be found throughout this site, but here are some specific examples (spiritual health, the afterlife, reincarnation, applying the michael teachings).

Expect your chart within 6 -10 weeks. The COVID pandemic has slowed things down temporarily.

Choose from one of these TWO options:

1) Order a Michael Chart ($67) The standard Michael chart.

Number of Charts

2) Order a DELUXE CHART with FULL EXPLANATION. ($127) Get 6 additional items on your chart, plus 20,000 words on over 100 pages that help explain your chart.

Number of Charts

Thank you for your order!

Peace to you,
David Gregg 😃




About David Gregg

David is the webmaster of MichaelTeachings.com and also moderates the Michael teachings discussion list at Yahoogroups. He has been a Michael student since 1996 and began channeling as a tool for spiritual enrichment. He is also a professional musician and plays the saxophone, clarinet, and flute, with a lifetime love for jazz and classical music. He enjoys literature and book collecting, and writes short stories in his spare time.

He occasionally writes reviews and profiles of jazz musicians at his jazz blog, Jazz Reader.



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