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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<NancyG> Everyone, bring your concentration to our coming together here. Let the rest of your thoughts move out of your mind. Focus on yourself, your membership in this community of students. Remember, the words of the Michaels may be directed to answering a particular question, but they often turn the answer into a teaching for all of us. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG> We are here, Nancy. We are always 'here'.

<NancyG> We are come together with all of you as you sit before the screen that shows our words. This is a truly 'good work', you know, the ability to have a conversation like this among so many of you who live in so many separate places. It is easy to forget that the energy that is generated among all of us, and we include ourselves in the gathering here, is instantaneous, all-encompassing, a loving mantle which surrounds each of you and us. When there is an sense of isolation, take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. You are one of our students. You have chosen to include yourselves as one and we accept all who ask.

We have answered many spoken and unspoken thoughts about loneliness, about being without connections in your various places of life, and always we remind you that separation from the community is a matter of perception. If you perceive yourselves without the support of the community, why then it is very possible that you have denied others the chance to be available for you?  Think about this: One of the most signature realizations of the physical plane is isolation, or at least your experience of the plane. We have said before that you humans are among the most lonely of all creation. So ask yourself: what can I do to remedy this sense of being all alone in my study of the teachings, in my attempts to apply them to my life? Do I make use of the possibilities that I have to connect? Or do I suppose that if I wait long enough, someone will find me?

We suggest that each fragment will think about this, as he or she will, in a very individual way. Common to every one, however, is the need to reach out, to take steps, to abjure waiting to be approached and to approach. There are many present tonight who might welcome a private correspondence with you. Take a chance. Be ready to open your hearts and minds to those who share with you your openness to learning more about our message.

We teach, yes. We teach through many, not just those who are able to connect with us directly, the channels who are known to be available. We teach through those you connect with in the most cursory ways, the most mundane, ordinary, non-mystical, down to earth conversations. If you find yourself lamenting your isolation, your loneliness, then we beg you to take a chance with the options open to you to bridge that chasm and to find comfort in the expanding community made possible by the technology that is yours today. Stay in peace, dear students. We are ready for your questions.

<DaveGregg> Carrotwax, you have the first question...

Q & A

<CarrotWax> I tend to have a good amount of tension in my body, with a lot of muscle tightness, even after trying yoga, relaxation sessions, etc. I'd like to know about the cause of this and perspectives on how I can proceed towards living life inside a body that is relaxed, moving fairly effortlessly and full of grace in movement.

<NancyG> Matthew, there are those born with relaxed bodies, with muscles that run freely and which 'move effortlessly and full of grace. And there are those bodies which are less flexible by nature, which express life as more rigid and tense. The latter is yours. The cause is merely a physical response that for you is normal. It is not connected to anything more sinister or worrisome. We remind you also, that masculine bodies are by their nature more rigid than are feminine bodies, a result of stronger musculature. We suggest that continuing efforts to loosen the tension cannot be without merit and that such approaches as yoga may be united with sessions of deep massage occasionally. You may be able to lessen the tightness, we do not think you can alter your natural tendencies to any great degree.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lisa, you're next...

<Lisa_I> What was the purpose of the relationship I had with my ex husband Jay & was there karma to be fulfilled on either side or any past lives together?

<NancyG> The fragment Jay and the fragment Lisa came together as a result of an agreement to combine lives for a part of this lifetime. The agreement was not 'until death do us part' as you found out, Lisa.

Within the relationship there was opportunity to grow in understanding of each other as two beings with overleaves that helped to form quite different personalities. This opportunity was taken because the overleaves were chosen with the experience in mind. Yes, you have lived three lives together, although this was the first as mated. Indeed, that was part of the experience that you wanted. This was an agreement only, however, not karmic driven. There was no karma created between you during the experiment.

<Lisa_I> Thank you so much Michael, I hope I can put this behind me now as it has been painful.

<NancyG> The connection, Lisa, was not meant to be painful, only instructive. The pain came from the abrasion of the overleaves that proved to be too different to allow much connection.

<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorie> Can you please tell me about my spirit guides (what to call them, who they are or how they come to me...etc)?

<NancyG> The fragment Marjorie has two guardians, both male energies, who can be called Palen and Shu. Their connection with you began many centuries ago, over ten, when you three were a team of sail makers in the south Pacific. At that time you often spoke of being available to each other, even when you each closed your eyes on life. The sense of the metaphysical was strong among you, a result of your close attention to the spirits of the ocean and earth. There has not been a chance for these two, now discarnate together, to connect with you again until this lifetime.

<marjorie> Thank you and love to you.
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivyy> I am going to graduate from college this may and when I do, we want to move north.  I was wondering about either Bellingham or Olympia, Washington in terms of which would be a better fit for finding true community and making a decent living? Or if there is an even better suggestion than either in Washington?

<NancyG> The woman Ivy is beginning her adult life now, a major step in the maturation of the personality. We congratulate you. Within the possibilities available to you at this time, we would have to say that there is no special signposts or caveats either for or against the locations you are considering.

This is a time of exploration and for acquiring experience. You can hardly make a mistake, whichever one you choose. As life goes on, certain locations begin to mean more, have qualities that will draw you for various reasons. Be assured, however, that this is a free choice time. You will make of your choice what you need for the time being. Employment appears to be available at both places, and depending on your own designs for companionship and friendship, there are those who also look for these same comforts.

For those of you who are just starting out, both in the teachings and in your adult life, be less concerned about what is the 'right' choice and more about using every experience that comes along as part of your arsenal for dealing with the physical plane.

<ivyy> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> Good evening, EM, and Michael -- I'll keep it simple due to list length. May I have my four Trues?

<NancyG> The woman Geraldine makes of her acquaintances, family, colleagues, and chance meetings, her True Study. True Work is the bringing together of disparate qualities in items, especially, and applying them to daily life. True Rest involves the choice of music and the solitude to enjoy it, as well as the sharing of it with one other. True Play is collecting items from True Work and remodeling them, 'improving them'.

<GeraldineB> Thank you, those fit me like a glove :)
<DaveGregg> Lady, you're next...

<ladybroker> My life task and 4 trues. I am a Warrior with a Server Essence Twin. Mature Soul.

<NancyG> The fragment R. is working through a life of understanding what it means to be responsible. This is her choice of task for this lifetime. Warriors by the nature of their role take on responsibility easily. This warrior, however, has chosen to seriously study what responsibility is all about.

True Work: the application of the life task to all aspects of this life's elements.

True Study: the differentiation between what is apparent and what is actual. This has been a study for more than one lifetime.

True Rest: the activities of the mind, including games, collecting words, the enjoyment of puns and well spoken lines.

True Play: the activities of the body, including gentle hiking, swimming, swinging arms when walking, always in the company of likeminded souls.

<ladybroker> Apparent and Actual seem the same but I will ponder the difference as I collect my words. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Lucia, you're next...

<Lucia13> do you know the name(s) of my spirit guides

<NancyG> The woman Carolyn has the assistance of a male energy and a female energy as guides. They are known as Murn and Lessa. They have chosen these names, which have no meaning otherwise, in order to give the fragment Carolyn a way of thinking about them in her own way. Murn especially did not want to take a name from the ordinary lexicon of her male friends.

<Lucia13> Thank you kindly.
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you're next...

<Vanessa> Can you tell me why my sister, Leah, died in Jan. at such a young age (44) and why so soon after falling ill, leaving no time for goodbyes or working through unresolved issues? Iíve had several dreams involving her, and wonder if she and I are working things out that way, or if sheís trying to communicate something to me, and if so, what?

<NancyG> The fragment Vanessa has indeed been connecting with her sister Leah on the astral since the sister's death. There are unresolved areas that the fragment Leah's very sudden death left to be finished. This is often the case when agreements or other elements exist between two fragments and there is no time to complete them. Remember, agreements are not karmic. They may be abrogated at any time for any reason or no reason. However, they do represent energy that two or more fragments consider worth experiencing and so may be resolved on the astral if the principles so choose.

The death of the fragment Leah was not part of her life plan. Rather it was a result of the exigencies of the physical plane. Such things happen more often than you may suppose. Not every action is part of karma or an agreement, or indeed, of a choice. Some things 'just happen'. This was one of those things, an unlooked for event that the experience of the physical plane has in abundance.

<Vanessa> Thank you Nancy and Michael
<DaveGregg> I'm sorry about your loss, Vanessa. :-(
<Vanessa> Thanks Dave :)

<TillScholar> Hi, what is my life task and what does it means for me in the beginning new phase of being now a freelance consultant and trainer?

<NancyG> The choice of the woman Till to become a freelance consultant and trainer puts her at some risk for income. This would seem to us to be the major consideration when she asks what does it mean to be starting a new phase in life. This choice, however, was not made without thought, and so works into the fabric of this life as another thread in the design. A pragmatic scholar with the force of power tends to make things work.

The over arching life task for you, Till, is gather from your various working experiences the knowledge that they contribute. It is the most congenial task that a scholar could undertake. Whether you make use of this knowledge or just store it is of no moment. The action of collecting it is the important thing.

<TillScholar> Thank you all:)
<DaveGregg> Lori, you're next...

<LoriS> What is my relationship with new friend and Michael student Cheryl J.?

<NancyG> The two fragments, Lori and Cheryl, are replaying a song in another key that they have sung together in other lives. Formerly these two were mated and shared in the raising of a large family. Another time they were cousins, both male, working side by side as peasant farmers. This time they arrive in this lifetime to pick up their friendship and general agreement to do so when they can in any lifetime that allows the possibility. We may say that these are connections that they usually find comfortable when the chosen overleaves do not interfere.

<LoriS> Thank you! :)
<DaveGregg> Mimi, you're next...

<mimi_333> A recent work project was ended abruptly with a client. What can you tell me about this relationship and why it has been so difficult? How could I resolve it?

<NancyG> This relationship was unlikely to prosper from the beginning. The fragment came to the project with reservations about the suitability of the situation and did not make any attempt to alter his original objections.

The casting of the woman Mimi urged her to get on with the work, while her Artisan energy became less and less able to see that any good would come from it. The client, by the way, is young Priest in Dominance. Not a good combination to bring to the table in this instance. In the end, we would have to say that there was not much that you, Mimi, could do to salvage things.

<mimi_333> Thanks!!
<DaveGregg> Sabrina, you're next...

<Sabrina_> What was the purpose of the relationship I had with Rick? Do I have any past-lives, agreements or karma debts with this fragment?

<NancyG> We do not see that there was anything other than an attraction present between these two fragments. There was a clean slate for them to write on, an connection to experience and to file as something worth learning, but no previously shared lives and no karmic energy involved.

<Sabrina_> Thank you
<DaveGregg> TzM, you're next...

<TzM> Who are my spirit guides (their names?), what past connections do we have, and how can I be more consciously aware of and in touch with them? I feel like I have so much going on and need all the guidance I can get! Have I been working with them well and donít realize it? What is the difference between spirit guides and a discarnate ET and TC, if any? Thank you!

<NancyG> Each human fragment has a number of discarnate energies around him/her. There is Entity Twin, a spiritual connection who has the most influence on an incarnate fragment when it is discarnate. There is the Task Companion who hooks up with one at a point in the cycle, usually early on, and who can work either in the incarnate state or in the discarnate state to further an over arching objective decided on between the two during a between lives time.

Then there are the guides or guardians, the energies of humans who have taken on the special mission of being available to a fragment during some part of a lifetime, sometimes for a whole lifetime. One's guides/guardians may not continue the same for a whole lifetime. The special talents of a particular energy may be needed for a time and then be replaced by a different energy for another time/need.

This fragment with the collection of consonants for a name has at this time three guides: a female energy wishing to be known as Margharita a connection to 'pearl' that the fragment will recognize; another female energy known as Jule, one who was a blood sister in a lifetime from the 11th C when both women cared for a large houseful of young brothers and sisters; and a male energy who may be named Brett. This energy came to bring strength and seriousness to the trio's offerings.

<TzM> Thank you Nancy & Michael.
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_townley> I have a friend with me who is asking a question tonight. (This is Lucill in Tucson). I'm struggling with a decision to sell my house. What is the best decision for me?

<NancyG> To the fragment Lucill we say that all is choice. You may already have a sense of what you wish to achieve by the sale of your property, and since this is how decisions are made, by weighing the matter and listening to yourself when you do, we do not offer what you would consider advice in these matters. We see far too many possibilities regarding any decision to be able to pick one for you, even if we were of a mind to do so. Gather your information, consult your higher self on this issue, examine the pros and cons, as you like to say, and your decision will become clear to you.

<mark_townley> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Do you have any closing comments?

<NancyG> The Michaels always have closing comments. :-)

Closing Comments

<NancyG> We do, indeed, always enjoy offering a few closing words for you to think about, if you choose to do so.

Within the body of the foregoing, we made a point of repeating often the word 'connection'. This was be design. There are, however, many forms of connection and the sharing of thoughts and actions with another is only one form, a very necessary and useful form, but only one of several. The one that often gets overlooked is the connection each of you have with yourself. This is without doubt the most important connection you can have in any lifetime. Connecting with oneself is not difficult, although many fragments make heavy going of it. Connecting with oneself involves knowing who the self is. This seems to us to be the biggest hurdle in making this kind of connection. And how do you get to know yourself? For each of you it means turning inward, taking the time to talk to yourself in words, and then listening to the return conversation. It may take practice, since you are not used to this kind of dialogue, but it can be done
with any new form of endeavor, practice will make it easier.

You might make a list of questions you would like to ask your self. What am I really like? What do I want? What can I do to make my conversations with my self more helpful? These are some of the beginning questions you might consider. Why do we think that this connection is valuable? Because there is so little understanding between you and yourself, for most of you.

To repeat our words from the beginning of this evening, loneliness comes from being isolated from that which you seek. Perhaps the first object of your seeking could most profitably be your self. Be caring of your self, be patient with it, be loving and accepting. Then you can offer these qualities to your connections with those others whom you seek. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you Michael and Nancy. :-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Nancy.
<mark_townley> Thank you Michael & Nancy!
<ivy> Thank you Nancy and Michael!
<cynzim> Thank you - Nancy, please rest! :-)
<mimi_333> Great food for thought!
<marjorie> Thank you so much Nancy for working so long and hard. Thank you for your love and teachings, Michael.
<ocean1> thank you Michaels and Nancy :-)
<LoriS> Nancy and Michael, thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> A large turnout tonight.
<Lisa_I> Thank you Michael & Nancy & Dave!
<mimi_333> Despite the superbowl...
<fireflysuz> Thanks Nancy and Michaels, the closing comments were a 'good thing' to hear as well

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