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The Personality Profile
Originally designed by JP Van Hulle and Jose Stevens

This questionnaire will help you find your role and personality "overleaves," as they are called in the Michael system. These overleaves are chosen by your essence before each lifetime, and change from lifetime to lifetime to give your essence experience with each overleaf. All overleaves are used in each lifetime to a certain extent, but this profile will help show you your "default settings" as it were, to help you understand why you do things or act the way you do. Click on each overleaf category below to find which ones are yours in each category. To learn more about what the essence and personality profile is all about, refer to our pages on the roles and the overleaves.

The personality overleaves consist of:

  • ROLE: This is the blueprint of who you are and what special proclivities you may possess.
  • GOAL: This is your primary motivator in life. It is what you are always striving to accomplish all your life, over and above your career goals and other interests.
  • MODE: This is the method of action you take to achieve your goal. This is the "how" of your general approach to life.
  • ATTITUDE: This is your primary perspective and is how you view your Goal as well as everything else in your life. It is the lens through which you look at the world.
  • CENTER: Your center determines how you immediately react in any situation. It energizes you instantly to react in a particular manner. Of course, everyone reacts differently at times, but there is a typical reaction you will have to spontaneous events. This reaction is what is being looked for here.
  • CHIEF FEATURE: (AKA Chief Obstacle) This is your primary ego defense mechanism and is almost always a reaction based on fear. You may find a bit of yourself in all of them because most likely you have done them all from time to time. Since you are frequently blind to your own Challenging Feature it may be best to consider how someone who knows you would describe you. Other people can always see your Challenging Feature.




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