The Nine Needs

By Dave Gregg

In the Michael teachings there are nine "universal" needs that act as unconscious motivators in our lives, inspiring us to evolve spiritually, and to seek out the lessons most appropriate for our growth.

The nine needs are: Security, Adventure, Freedom, Expansion, Power, Expression, Acceptance, Communion, and Exchange.

At first glance the needs may seem like a mere footnote in the teachings, but they can wield an enormous impact in our lives, instilling a remarkable sense of inner peace if satisfied.  Indeed, an unrequited need feels like a hunger that no amount of food can touch, resulting in inexplicable feelings of sadness if not properly nourished. 

Consequently, when our needs are met we're generally happy with the shape and focus of our lives, but when they're blocked, a cloud of discontentment darkens every corner of our existence.  Needs are so influential that if they are consistently unmet we'll find ourselves trapped in a downward spiral of dissatisfaction and extreme frustration.  Needs will not be ignored.

Every so often, though, not satisfying a need can be beneficial.  Michael channel Jose Stevens says:  "Sometimes the stress of not having your needs met results in personal growth, so it is not always a bad thing if your needs are not met. On occasion your essence deliberately thwarts a need so that you will be pushed to deal with a lesson."

Understanding Our Needs

While we experience all of the needs in certain degrees, three primary needs are usually selected at a young age and remain fairly consistent throughout a lifetime. In later years the needs become more important and are used to help us accomplish the life task.  At this point the needs may slightly change in priority, thus charting a better course through life as the task progresses, and helping to steer us away from too many obstacles. 

Although there is some similarity to the overleaves, Needs are primarily about satisfying inner yearnings, where overleaves mainly focus on perspectives, or ways of reacting.  Supportive alliances with the overleaves are commonly seen when, for example, a need of communion is paired with the emotional center, or passion mode with a need of expansion.  Needs that abrade with themselves or with other overleaves can lead to conflicts in the personality. 

Relationships and Needs 

It is important to understand that the fulfillment of needs are strictly the responsibility of the person who has them.  A person will often expect their spouse, friend, or family member to help in this fulfillment, but needs are a reflection of the inner world, and are solely the responsibility of the individual.  Attempting to impose the attainment of a need upon the actions of another person will only create resentment and discord.  

Relationships can play an integral role in our needs.  We tend to have more things in common with a person who shares one or two needs with us, and such commonalities can help forge a deeper connection with that person.  The compatibility and long term sustainability of most relationships is indeed based on the needs that are shared.  Typically, little connection is shared between those who have no needs in common.  In fact, opposing needs often lay the groundwork for domestic strife and the formation of karmic relationships.

How Needs Manifest 

Like the Overleaves, Needs can be expressed positively or negatively.  They are also expressed indiscriminately, since a potentially destructive expression of a need is just as easy to manifest as a positive one.  

There are seven levels of expression for each need.  The greatest level of satisfaction is achieved when needs are expressed at their highest levels. The seven levels of expression for the need of Adventure, for example, are:  

1) Destructive drama  2) Addictions/Adrenaline rush  3) Excitement of senses - drugs, sex  4) Stimulation of mind  5) Self Discovery  6) Essence contact  7) Enlightenment

Soul age plays a decisive role in our ability to manifest the higher levels of each need.  To better illustrate, in the previously mentioned need of Adventure, an Infant soul might commit a random act of violence to fulfill the need; a Baby soul might trek into a rainforest and attempt to convert the local natives to a religion; a Young soul might attempt to conquer a nation; a Mature soul might seek a star-crossed lover; and an Old soul might explore the spiritually expanding merits of a philosophy, such as the Michael teachings. 

Applying the Information

Carefully examine the following descriptions and out of the nine needs listed, try to determine the three that resonate the strongest.  Some people like to create a list and either group them from one to nine based on highest priority, or in tiers of three groups.  Either way, the end result should be to identify the top three needs that play a meaningful role in your life, and then examine if they are being satisfied or not.  If not, ask yourself how you can change that.  

Employing the services of an excellent Michael channel can be of assistance during this process, but if you are completely honest with yourself the primary needs will start to reveal their true nature.  Good luck!  

 Nine Needs:

  1. Security
  2. Adventure
  3. Freedom
  4. Expansion
  5. Power
  6. Expression
  7. Acceptance
  8. Communion
  9. Exchange


The Nine Needs | Security 

Note: This brief article series was researched using information originally introduced by Jose Stevens and other Michael channels.  


Dave Gregg is a longtime Michael student and the webmaster of  During the day he works on a gazillion projects online, and at night you'll find him at a local jazz club playing the saxophone.  You can read more of his thoughts about the teachings at: Michael Teachings Blog 


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