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Channeling: The act of allowing an intelligence not in
human form to express through oneself


Explore our collection of Michael channeling on selected topics of interest. Learn more about channeling with the following articles.  

About Channeling

You can read additional articles about the mechanics of channeling at our related articles page. And find hundreds of channeled pieces by a variety of channels at the New Age Village channeling page.

Just for laughs, check out: Top Ten Signs That Your Michael Channel Is Crazy

If you are a Michael channel, MichaelTeachings.com would love to post your material at this site. Your contribution would not only be educational for the many students who visit, but a wonderful way to draw more attention to your work. Please send your submission to the email address below. Thanks!

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                          Featured Channeling:

 Read  General Topic Q&A's  with Michael

Shepherd Hoodwin and others have graciously agreed to accept general questions and channel the answers from Michael. 

                                        Live Chats with Michael 
Our growing collection of live Michael chats that meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (occasionally on the 5th Wednesday and Sunday). Please see our complete schedule.  Read our complete chat logs.

 10th Anniversary of the Michael Teachings List
Audio and Written Channeling

Chat Transcripts


More Channeling

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J.P. Van Hulle & Aaron Christeaan



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