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Once you've gained knowledge about soul age, roles, and the overleaves, there are many other components of the Michael teachings system to learn about, such as the seven planes of existence, the akashic records, cadres and entities, previous cycles, internal monads, essence twins, task companions, agreements, karma, and so forth. 

So pull up a chair and continue your journey.



Soul Cosmology

  • The 7 Planes of Existence  
    Learn about the seven planes of existence: Physical, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic.

  • The Soul's Journey
    Explores personality, essence, spark, and casting from the Tao.

  • The Game  
    Life is just a game the Tao plays on the seven planes of being.

  • The Akashic Records
    The records generated of everything that happens in the universe as it occurs.

  • Cadres and Entities (4 articles)
    Series of articles on understanding the structures of our spiritual families.

  • Cadences, Numbers & Casting (5 articles)
    A collection of articles about casting.

  • Michael Math
    Understanding Michael Math.

  • Entity Definitions
    Learn the names of each entity, along with some of their notable attributes and personalities.




  • Essence  
    An exploration of essence, the Michael teachings term used to describe the soul or higher self.

  • Essence Contact
    Essence contact occurs when the personality opens to its essence or to the essence of another.

  • Life Task
    Learn about your special purpose in life.

  • The Goal of the Soul
    Discusses the needs of the soul.

  • Male/Female Energy
    The ratio between male (focused) and female (creative) energy in a particular essence is explored.

  • Frequency  
    Rate of vibration of the soul on a scale of one to one hundred.

  • Previous Cycles
    Learn about the cycle of experience that begins when we are cast from the Tao to work our way back through physical-plane incarnations, and our subsequent progression through the higher planes.

  • Internal Monads (2 articles)
    Information about the seven milestones in life.

  • The Four Pillars 
    Lean more about True Rest, True Study, True Play, and True Work.

  • Nine Karmic Sequences 
    Karmic Sequences are nine types of universal stories that your essence likes to play out, so that no matter what your own Role, you can experience the flavor of any of the other Roles.



  • Essence Twins (3 articles) 
    Collection of articles about the Essence twin, the mirror of your soul.

  • Task Companions  
    The second-closest bond an essence can have, after that of essence twin.

  • Traveling Companions
    Learn about these special individuals who provide additional support in your life.

  • Heartlinks
    A heart-link refers to a pair of fragments who have completed certain monads and have chosen to be linked during a particular lifetime.

  • Imprinting
    Examines the conditioning by outer influences such as parents, education, or society in general.

  • Cording
    The act of establishing a cord of connection with another person that draws energy from him/her.

  • Karma (3 articles)
    Examines the compelling debts we sometimes incur, or owe to others. Self-Karma and Sexual Karma are also explored.

  • Agreements & External Monads
    Non-binding contracts that we make with other people pre-incarnationally.

  • More Comments on External Monads
    Channeling by Shepherd Hoodwin.

  • Support Groups & Configurations

  • Support Groups
    Read about this configuration containing twelve positions, each offering various kinds of support that each individual needs.

  • True Recognition
    Recognizing those you have past energetic connections with.

  • Relationships and Roles
    Examines the compatibility between various roles.

  • Relationships and the Michael teachings  
    Ponders the connection between relationships and the teachings.

Applying The Teachings


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