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Opening Comments

ShepherdHoodwin MICHAEL: Greetings to you all.

Tonight, there is an expansive energy. Take a moment to feel it. There is a sense that many of you have been preparing the ground, so to speak, as if you were planting a garden, and that now, much rapid growth can occur. Also, notice your connections to others, including those participating in this chat. These are also growing, filling in. Throughout the session, we will check in with you relative to the energy. Notice how it progresses.

ShepherdHoodwin: Dave, we'll take the first question.

DaveGregg: Elo-Maria, you're first...

Elo-Maria: I have a question about current situation in Estonia. Russia has occupied Estonia several times in the past and the last occupation ended in 1991. It's been peaceful since then, but lately Russia has started an ideological war against Estonia, accusing Estonians of being Nazis, giving false information to Russians about Estonian history, supporting groups who vandalized in our capital at the end of April, and so on. Some extremist groups are threatening, that worse attacks towards Estonia are still ahead. I'd like to know how Michael sees this situation and how these current tendencies may develop in the future.

ShepherdHoodwin: Although the future cannot be predicted due to the
element of free will, it is our impression that Estonia is developing
increasingly strong ties with Europe and the U.S. There has been a change of consciousness in Estonia during the past several years that has less fear toward other countries and is more oriented around asserting its own sovereignty. By sovereignty, we don't mean so much politically or militarily, but energetically.

You are filling your space with your own identity, and that leaves less room for foreign intrusions. We see the current events you describe as a test, an opportunity to become conscious of the fact that there has been a change, that you no longer fear, and that you can react as one might to a pesky mosquito.

Elo-Maria: Thank you!
DaveGregg: Vanessa, you're next...

Vanessa: Please tell me about my life task, how what I am doing does or
doesn't contribute to my completing my life task, and whether or not I'm
aligned with my essence and how to become more so.

ShepherdHoodwin: Your life task involves teaching others the meaning of
physical existence. You are interested in helping those around you realize
the value of experiences that may not appear to them to have value. You are both learning and teaching to use whatever happens as grist for the growth mill. This is based on the premise that nothing that occurs is truly insignificant if the fragment involved chooses to infuse it with meaning.

The greatest obstacle to your completing this task is a loss of "faith" or inspiration, the belief that maybe what you're doing itself lacks meaning. The challenge is for you yourself to cherish the moments of living for their meaning.

Your relationship with essence internally (since you *are* your essence, in truth) is marked by a lot of back and forth with personality. As with many people, your judgmental mind wants to run the show sometimes. Finding a balance between mind and spirit is a key. You hear the voice of essence but argue. There is nothing "wrong" with this but the goal is total integration in which all parts of self are participating in steering the boat of self.

Vanessa: what can I do to find that balance?

ShepherdHoodwin: Listen. Listen to your mind, and receive its ideas.
Also listen to essence and receive it. Listen to your emotions and to your
body as well. As that, in your heart, all their ideas merge into a
consensus. Don't be quick to decide--let the process unfold until there is

Vanessa: Thank you.
DaveGregg Alexander, you're next...

Alexander_Mcdonell: It seems to me that our contraception techniques
are far from ideal.  Do you have a suggestion as to where to look to find
something better.

ShepherdHoodwin: It is likely that within the next ten years, there
will be an improvement on the IUD, a more comfortable and effective design. This would certainly be preferable to the hormonal interference of the birth control pill.

DaveGregg RL, you're next...

RL: I'd just like to know something about the nature of the karmic
debts and primary agreements I have fulfilled in this lifetime?

ShepherdHoodwin: You have been very busy in this lifetime tying up a
lot of loose ends. None have concerned major karmic debts and you do not
plan to deal with any of those in this lifetime. However, you have been dealing with a lot of minor karmic loose ends, many of which have been optional in terms of your taking action regarding them. This lifetime is a lot about clearing your slate.

You are a meticulous soul and, with a number of people in your life, you have wanted to reach neutrality and clarity, so you have
been going the "extra mile."

RL: Has my coming to Australia anything to do with any agreements?

ShepherdHoodwin: Yes. Virtually everything you do in this lifetime will
have something to do with agreements or otherwise tying up loose ends. You will feel satisfied at the end of this lifetime if you feel that you've
checked off your "list" a number of minor items. This will keep you busy and productive.

RL: Thank You.
DaveGregg: Laughingboi, you're next...

laughingboi: I have been working with male energy for some
time and I am disturbed lately by the suicidal martyrdoms that have been
happening lately. How do I discourage this type of violence?

ShepherdHoodwin: Of course, you cannot interfere with the choices of
others. However, the opposite of suicidal martyrdom is holding a strong sense of the value and sanctity of all life. There is a prevalent belief that martyrdom exalts one. There are instances in which it does. For example, sacrificing your life to save someone else's, when done in true love and courage, can result in much growth, in part because it transcends the body's fear of death and allows for choice from a higher level rather than from the purely survival oriented. There *are* causes worth dying for. However, when insecure, impulsive young men hurl themselves (and others) headlong into death, it is usually out of a misplaced desire to prove their manhood. It would be more useful to have rites of initiation for young men where they can test themselves in positive ways. Athletics functions in this way for many young men, although there is too much emphasis on winning and not enough on personal achievement regardless of score.

There is a prevalent belief that Jesus and other spiritual leaders sacrificed themselves, and that their apparent martyrdom was their key gift to humanity. The emphasis tends to be on their deaths. What really matters in the example of spiritual masters is their lives--how they lived. Those who are too quick to sacrifice their lives before they have actually lived with integrity and love are missing the point.

laughingboi: Thank you very much.
DaveGregg: JohnM, you're next...

John_M: Hi again Shepherd, and Greetings again, Michael! I am a member of a quadrate and a sextant. The other quadrants are discarnate. Tonight, however, I would like to learn a bit about the other members of my sextant. Have I met any of them in this life, or are there plans later in this life to meet? Thanks as

ShepherdHoodwin: There is one member of it whom you are planning to
meet physically, and in the near future, possibly in the next year or two.
This is a younger female sage. Follow-up?

John_M: No, and thanks again!
DaveGregg: Ok, Maggie, you're next...

mheinze: Maggie here - Hi Shep & Mich  :p  ..11ish years ago I inquired
about my life task and you said I was largely unaware of it. No fresh ideas
have occurred to me. Please will you speak to my life task, including if my
interest in the human energy field and such has anything to do with it.

ShepherdHoodwin: Your life task is to be like a bee who cross-pollinates amongst a wide variety of flowers. Your intention in this lifetime is to meet a lot of people from many different walks of life, and to spread ideas among them so that connections are made that would not be otherwise. A subset of this is energetic healing and holistic health, wanting to introduce ideas to people who may not have previously realized that their field is related to another.

mheinze: Nope - thanks & love.
DaveGregg: Lori, you're next...

LoriS: I would like to know the nature of any present or past
relationships with William C.

ShepherdHoodwin: You have known one another several times, mostly in
friendly ways, although there was one karmic entanglement some time ago, involving a drunken brawl. The most significant prior association was as brothers, which occurred three times. There is a strong sense of comfort
between you due to those lives, a sense that the other "has your back" and
you can just relax. In another lifetime, you taught him how to read and
there was also affection from that.

LoriS: Do we have any plans to meet in this life?

ShepherdHoodwin: Yes, a meeting is likely.

LoriS: Thank you!

ShepherdHoodwin: We would like to pause now to address the energy work. Please tune in and notice how it has progressed, and what you are experiencing. Comments?

Elisa17: Seems it's dimmed a bit, but it's changed somehow, too.
marion: I am having a more all over body sensation vs it being around my
EvaDillner: I feel lighter, several questions I had swirling around
were answered tonight.
cynzim: I'm feeling it on the right but i still have a headache
laughingboi: I'm still thinking about positive rites of passage...thinking too much I guess.
marion: I have noticed lately feeling the energy I associate as being Michael as a sensation that is more encompassing instead of buzzy..hard to

ShepherdHoodwin: Cynthia, try grounding--send your energy down into the earth.

cynzim: Thanks.
Jyoti_Shah: Lots of energy pouring in through the Crown chakra and even more from the third eye chakra.  It is a bit uncomfortable the surge of energy.

ShepherdHoodwin: Jyoti, send it down into your body and out your heart.

The energy is shifting now as your attention turns to
it. Notice it becoming more radiant and powerful. Feel your essence and personality becoming more unified. We mentioned at the beginning that this is a time in which much growth can manifest. Notice what is manifesting in you.  Comments?

Jyoti_Shah: This feeling of being connected with ALL
cynzim manifesting this second or in general?

ShepherdHoodwin: In this moment.

Elisa17: feels like my personality doesn't want to move at all.
EvaDillner: Calm.
cynzim: Loosening up a bit and feeling more hopeful.

ShepherdHoodwin: Elisa, you might try *being* with your personality.

mark_townley: There is a slight edge to it.  Like being at a precipice.

ShepherdHoodwin: Mark, that suggests some tension about to release.

Jyoti_Shah: It feels like a big warm hug from all of you.  I am feeling
choked with joy.

ShepherdHoodwin: The energy reached a turning point just now. It is
shifting into something easier. You might notice a quality of effortlessness, of sure radiance.

Jyoti_Shah: Feel pain in the throat chakra

ShepherdHoodwin: Jyoti, see if you can feel beneath the pain.

Jyoti_Shah: Like?  May be some sorrow from the past being released?

ShepherdHoodwin: Yes, Jyoti. There is healing there.

Jyoti_Shah: Thanks.  It is very powerful. Cant stop the tears.

ShepherdHoodwin: The collective energy is much changed. Any comments?

Vanessa: It feels calmer and more focused.
EvaDillner: sense of sureness, but can't specify in words what that is,
other than it feels like now

ShepherdHoodwin: Dave, we can take another question.
DaveGregg: Elisa, you're next...

Elisa17: Could you give me some advice on overcoming the anxiety Iíve been feeling about dealing with Social Security and my disability pension?

ShepherdHoodwin: Perhaps we could try an experiment here, Elisa. Would it be all right if the group worked with you on this?

Elisa17: Sure.

ShepherdHoodwin: Simply bring to consciousness this anxiety. We invite each person to "tune in" to Elisa and see her anxiety being replaced with calm. Elisa, keep feeling the anxiety and let us know what occurs.

Elisa17: It feels like people are taking away little pieces of it at
the edges.

ShepherdHoodwin: Visualize yourself placing a light in the middle of
it. Try holding a belief that light and love are stronger than anxiety. Anxiety is a way to keep yourself mobilized. Love, however, is far more effective.

Elisa17: Ok.  It's difficult to do. It's starting to change. What should I focus that love on?

ShepherdHoodwin: Just put the love where the anxiety has been. Hold the intention that the anxiety will complete be replaced by love.

Elisa17: It feels more stable, more solid now.  Better.

ShepherdHoodwin: What were other people's experience of this exercise?

Vanessa: I feel more centered.
laughingboi: I think that if we are simply dealing with anxiety then
its a great exercise, but if she actually wanted Michael's comments
regarding her Social Security and whether or not she is going to recieve it,
then perhaps there is something missing.
DianeK: I immediately got goose bumps ;-) as we all focused on helping
Elisa.  Then I noticed some of my own anxiety start to lessen.

ShepherdHoodwin: Elisa, do you feel that your question was answered?

Elisa17: Yes, I didn't want to turn it into a two-parter on you :-) Thanks.  In all my puzzling over the issue, I'd forgotten about love *sheepish grin*.

ShepherdHoodwin: One of the great spiritual lessons is that if you
change the energy you hold about a problem, you can shift the whole thing.

Dave, we will take a last question.

DaveGregg: Mark T, you're next...

mark_townley: Michael, you previously told me that I was a nun in Nazi
Germany in my last life.  I believe in that life I was born Paulina Borowik
on August 30, 1905 in Rudna in the province of Lublin, Poland.  Michael,
can you confirm this?

ShepherdHoodwin: Paulina was a member of your cadence.

mark_townley: A member of my cadence?  Not the same entity?

ShepherdHoodwin: A cadence is your group of seven within the
entity--it's a very intimate bond.

mark_townley: Would this be the nun you spoke of to me previously??

ShepherdHoodwin: No.

mark_townley: ty.

ShepherdHoodwin: Notice the collective energy once more. Feel the growth manifesting.  Any comments on it?

cynzim: It feels a bit more "settled" in a good sort of way. That may be just me.
Elisa17: Feels bright and clear. Purposeful.
laughingboi: My brain is just more curious than usual...like a acupuncture needle put in the right place.
Jyoti_Shah: Feel a sense of calm now.

ShepherdHoodwin: The collective energy is much larger and stronger than
in the beginning. It is continuing to change. Growth is manifesting in a greater filling in between the spaces, so to speak. Can you feel that?

We will conclude for tonight. Love and blessings to each of you.

Elisa17: Thank you Michael and Shepherd.
John_M: Thank you Michael, Shepherd, and Dave
mark_townley: Thank you Michael. Thanks Shepherd!!
DianeK: Thank you Shepherd, Michael and Dave!  Good night all ;-)
marion Thank you much!
Diane_H: Thanks Shepherd!
laughingboi Yes, thank you much.
Jyoti_Shah Thanks  Shepherd, Michael and Dave.  Today's session has
been energetically enlightening.
cynzim: x & o!
Vanessa: Thank you Michael, Shepherd and Dave!
Karen: Thank you, Shepherd!
Jyoti_Shah: much release for me of past and therefore, healing.
ShepherdHoodwin You're welcome! I think the clothing optional thing really helped.

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