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<ShepherdHoodwin> Whenever I do a session, I picture a container to hold the energy. In an individual session, it's big enough to hold me and the client. In groups, it's a bit larger than the room. Tonight what I see is huge, the biggest I've ever worked with.  I ask to create a sacred space that can hold everyone in clarity, free from psychic debris, cords, negative entities and negative energies of all kinds. Imagine yourself in that space. Some of you channel energy, whether you know it or not. Imagine this group space filling with higher energies; energies that provide upliftment, healing, and grace for all.

It's a large space to fill, but if we all participate, it can be done and could even offer a blessing to the planet as a whole. I notice in sessions that sometimes clients also channel Michael without necessarily realizing it. If you feel connected with Michael, ask to allow their energy to fill this collective space through you. Is anyone feeling a shift in your energy?

<aeoneSweetSage> Yes.
<Anna_Surface> Yes.
<carterc> Outward, in a triangle...
<colleen> definitely.
<kpp216> Yes definitely.
<laurie> Yes.

<ShepherdHoodwin> It is truly remarkable that people from around the world can gather in real time in this way. What a gift the internet is. Eventually, you might begin to feel yourself as being the whole global energy that we're co-creating.

<ShepherdHoodwin> MICHAEL: Greetings to you all.

M: Energy work may have more significance for the earth than words. Whenever you choose to act from a vibrational place that is higher than that of your environment, you are doing energy work. That is sometimes called taking the high road, refusing to react to "negativity" with more of the same. Since there is so much negativity, you each have abundant opportunities to do energy work. If you train yourself to recognize energy, you can speed up the work by deliberately focusing on clearing and raising it. This is not a hard skill to learn but it does take practice.

It's not realistic to think that 35 people could process the world's energy in a meaningful way. However, in holding the intention to do just that, to think big, you open up your channels and accomplish the most that you possibly can. You can certainly make an impact on *your* world, if not the whole earth.

Allow your essence to flow through your body. Let it clean out the "pipes." Ask it to join with the essences of all present and present in spirit. Let the voice of essence be amplified. Ask that unconditional love flood the earth.
Ask that all the minerals of the earth be blessed by this combined essence energy. Ask that all the elements of the earth be blessed: water, air, earth, fire. This includes the weather. Imagine soothing and comforting flowing into the world's weather. Would anyone like to share your experience of this energy work so far?

<laurie> Its vast, and my heart is racing.
<Kathryn41> It is very powerful - having a physical effect on me and I have to keep grounding it -- but in a good way.
<carterc> I think Mother Nature is glad to have the extra help.
<Anna_Surface> A soothing Peace...... Loving and balancing.
<Evelin> I almost fell asleep, it's so peaceful and quiet...
<CarrotWax> somewhere I'm imagining the Dalai Lama saying "Right on!"

<ShepherdHoodwin> SH: Laurie, work with grounding; it will help your racing heart.

<colleen> I am reaching my arms out and telling mother earth that we are soothing her and we love and respect her.
<laurie> Gotcha.
<lucas12345> Yeah, I noticed that...
<aeoneSweetSage> I feel a sense of many starting to awaken from a slumber...and, as our vibration increases it increases the vibration of others around us.
<tziporahmiriam> Very powerful...I am tingling all over...i also feel as though we are stroking mother earth and to help calm her convulsions.
<aeoneSweetSage> Bringing things into a much better state of balance.

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: Each person is potentially quite powerful, especially when aligned with essence and the essence of others. It's just that most don't think this big very often. What if you lived each day with the intention that your presence be a blessing to the whole earth? Ask that all plants and devas be nourished with the higher energies that you bring to the whole. Allow the healing that is natural to your being fill the animal kingdom.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Any sharing?

<aeoneSweetSage> The earth/and earth energies would respond and bless us equally in return, if people did this.
<Siggi> The plants and animals are what I connect with most.
<Evelin> The devas are always dancing :)
<Elo-Maria_Roots> I connect with animals the most; it helps me concentrate.
<laurie> The devas and elementals need our help...everyone's help...I have tears flowing because they feel us!
<aeoneSweetSage> The secret to life is how we choose to exchange with all other living elements, incl. rocks/minerals plants/animals and other ensouled species; incl. man
<carterc> The planet spirits are happy to have this swell of healing energy at such a momentous time.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Focus now on bringing this flow of goodness to all the human children of the earth. What do you feel?

<Siggi> I feel the energy "blanketing" all things and people.
<laurie> smiles.
<aeoneSweetSage> I have a higher than normal feeling about how important intent is
<carterc> Forgive me, but I think they all want a drink of water.
<colleen> I feel a melting of aggressions of peoples of different countries toward each other.
<ShepherdHoodwin> SH: LOL!
<Evelin> Water? Is that why I feel like crying? :-)
<tziporahmiriam> I see them growing up and changing this world.

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: Focus now on showering the blessings of love upon all women. Womankind has specific challenges on this planet. Ask that women receive what they need to become more whole. Ask that healing also come to any wounds relative to women and the feminine. That you carry internally. We could devote a whole session just to this, for the feminine is wounded in most human beings. For now, set the intention that the feminine is embraced with love and is on a path of accelerated healing. Bring now unconditional love to all men, souls currently in male bodies. There is currently much energy of attack both towards men and from them. Focus on peace coming to and from men. Male energy has perhaps not been so disturbed in millennia. The reason is that it is shifting along with the world's shift to a mature soul perspective. It has been used to running things. It is afraid that a better balance with female energy will bring ineffectuality. Of course, the reverse is true. Visualize male energy being reassured that it is moving in the direction of greater effectiveness and joy. Ask that all your inner wounds around men and the masculine principle be healed.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Sharing?

<colleen> This is so needed.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Ask to forgive both the masculine and feminine for being out of balance. We grow by going out of balance and then finding it again.

<Alexandra> You must be right - that we're out of balance - this is the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
<laurie> I feel a blending of the masculine/feminine and the result is balanced strength.
<tziporahmiriam> Loving, bending, flexible strength.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Enfold the whole earth in the highest quality of agape known to you.

<carterc> Shepherd, you've described what's going on in the world right now to a tee.
<colleen> I feel that balanced male/female energies would be he world's greatest blessing.
<LaurelB> Going out of balance and then finding it again -- I really like that way of looking at it.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Now simply let the light that we are radiate to all things, to all dimensions, to all levels, to all planes, to all beings. This is truly what it means to be unconditional--pure radiance.

<tziporahmiriam> (crying)
<Evelin> (same here)

<ShepherdHoodwin> Ask now that all the Universe's wounds be healed and that all its imbalances be balanced. The "trickle-down" theory may not work very well when it comes to economics, but when you allow yourself to be a force of healing for the whole, it creates a climate of healing that encompasses everything in your life. Bring to mind a relationship in your life that needs healing, and ask that agape permeate it.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would anyone like to share your experience?

<Kathryn41> I have had great success healing a damaged relationship with this means.
<tziporahmiriam> (Feeling more clear now, and connected, finished crying)
<carterc> There are relationships that *only* agape can even begin to heal...

<ShepherdHoodwin> Let this light shine on any other relationship that comes to mind. This can include those who are now discarnate. Take a minute or two with this. Bring this collective agape to any leaders to whom you wish to offer it. Most people, including leaders, do the best they know how to do. Your light can help them do better. You might choose to forgive them for their blindness. Any comments?

<colleen> the act of forgiveness feels very, very good.
<tziporahmiriam> I envision everyone's hearts softening...the hawks, the militants, that part of all of us.
<Cheri_> Believe if or not I hadn't thought of that before.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You might now choose to forgive anyone who has wronged you. By forgiveness, we mean that you release frozen energy concerning them. This allows you to get more of yourself back, so to speak.

<Cheri_> When I have done this before I seem to think forgiving means letting them walk all over me again.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Cheri, you bring up a good point. Many falsely believe that agape makes you a doormat. Not so. It includes unconditional love for yourself, so that you create any needed boundaries to keep yourself and others safe. Agape restores balance wherever needed. In agape, nothing and everything are personal. Agape serves the highest good always. It is not attached to personal agendas. People are afraid that they'll lose their personality if they "succumb" to agape, that they'll become as bland as white sugar. However, one only loses false personality. True personality becomes even more distinct and specific. Nothing is lost in agape except maya; agape includes all things.

<ShepherdHoodwin> The energy in the group has shifted. Would anyone like to share your perception of that?

<colleen> The personality sparkles with agape.
<aeoneSweetSage> As we trade old energy in for new energy, we become something more, rather than something less.
<laurie> It has lightened up considerably...feels really really happy.
<Anna_Surface> My focus had shifted as I thought about boundaries and then my thoughts rambled from there.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Are there any questions or comments about tonight's topic?

<Siggi> Tonight's energy work is something I do on a daily basis.
<cheryl> a young girl visualized in my mind and thanked me for the energy work..
<Elo-Maria_Roots> i have done this kind of meditations earlier, but it never felt so poweful.
<CarrotWax> Yes, the group energy helps a lot.
<laurie> you zeroed in on exactly what I'v e been contemplating for some weeks now..very timely :-) I, also do this as frequently as i can, energy -wise.
<tziporahmiriam> To me this feels like a VERY concentrated, very focused, more powerful version of living in the light.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Dave, who's up for the first question?
<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria

Q & A

<Elo-Maria_Roots> My parents Eve Roots and Gunnar Roots – in their home there are strange things going on lately. We have been seeing objects, that may be UFO-s in past years too, but about last year or so, something has changed there. My parents donīt feel well (physically and mentally), plants donīt grow normally, they have seen lights and objects and they feel, that something is wrong with that place. Is there something, that affects their health and nature and should they move to another place? There is some other reasons for moving too, so, what you suggest?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Give us a moment. We are looking into it. In the meantime, let us as a group direct this love energy to Elo-Maria's parents.

[Long Pause...]

<ShepherdHoodwin> It looks like there is extra-terrestrial activity in their area, most likely attracted by some heavy pollutants being dumped in the area--they are trying to neutralize them. Your parents would be wise to relocate.

<Elo-Maria_Roots> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Morgan, you are next.

<msky> What does Essence want me to know at this time?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Your essence would like to encourage you to explore you larger environment more thoroughly. You are getting a little stuck.

<msky> Thank You.
<DaveGregg> Siggi?

<Siggi> In all of my past lives, what was the most influential thing I ever did, that influenced many people in a positive way, and how does that life reflect on my life now?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Shortly after the printing press came into common use, you commissioned the printing of books that you felt would be particularly helpful to others and gifted them throughout your region. You were well-to-do but not among the richest people, and spent most of your money on this project. Your children were not thrilled about their reduced inheritance but learned through your example of using your resources to help others. At least three other men of your time were inspired to do something similar. This helped lead to the establishment of libraries.

<Siggi> How has that life reflected on this one?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You found that so rewarding that your subsequent lives were often free of the self-centeredness that so often characterizes human lives. You allow a good flow of riches both into and out of your life.
<Siggi> Thank you ... I still "gift" books to others.
<DaveGregg> Cheryl, you are next.

<cheryl> The 4 months between my husband and tc's brain surgery and his death, I felt a strong male presence around me. Would Michael comment?

<ShepherdHoodwin> This was his primary spirit guide, who is also a friend of yours.

<cheryl> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> KerryP?

<kpp216> What advice can you give me to handle the upcoming moves successfully, and is there anything specific that I should beware of?

<ShepherdHoodwin>(Are you asking about the property whose photo you sent?)
<kpp216> yes

<ShepherdHoodwin> You have an agreement with a women whom you will feel is the right buyer for this property. This transaction should be consummated in about four months. It should go smoothly. We suggest that you stay calm and centered, not allowing other family members to insert their fears and pulls. Follow-up?

<kpp216> no, and thank you:)
<ShepherdHoodwin> One more question, Dave.
<DaveGregg> Susan?

<aeoneSweetSage> i recall reading somewhere in michael teachings about mate agreements ... what are these ? how many of them do i have ? and, when will i, or did i already meet this/these mate/mates?

<ShepherdHoodwin> There are two kinds of mate agreements. Those made prior to incarnating and those made recently in light of current conditions. Both kinds are useful. Those made prior to incarnating are based solely on the life plans of old friends who think that mating might work well for both of them in the upcoming lifetime. However, lives often take unexpected turns, and sometimes none of the prenatal mate agreements lead to a successful mating. Or, if they did, sometimes they don't last as long as anticipated.

Essence constantly monitors the progress on the life plan as the life progresses, and is, of course, in communication with many other essences. Sometimes it makes new mate (or any other kind of) agreements are new opportunities come into view. The average number of prenatal mate agreements is nine. You have 18. This is not all that unusual. You have a lot of friends. :) You have actually met 15 of them since childhood. You probably won't meet the others. Two are no longer incarnate. One is indisposed. You have no post-natal mate agreements at this time.  Follow-up?

<aeoneSweetSage> wow...thank you...i guess i have some sorting to do

<ShepherdHoodwin> We will conclude here. Love and blessings to each of you, and good-night.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Shepherd. And thank you all for attending tonight! ;-)

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael:-) Thank you Shepherd.
<aeoneSweetSage> love and blessings to shepherd & michael
 <Ann899> Thank you Michael and Shepherd.
<colleen> thank you, that was sooooo loving!!!!!
<laurie> thanks!
<LaurelB> thank you Shepherd and Michael
<cheryl> that was an awesome session....!!
<Elo-Maria_Roots> Thank you all!
<JohnRoth> Thank you!
<Siggi> Thank you Shepherd for your time and energy!
<tricia99> Thank you Shepherd, Michael, good night all!
<cheryl> I like the idea of doing focused energy work...
<LoriA> Thank You
<Alexandra> Thank you Shepherd.
<Guest60754> Great session! Thank you!
<CarrotWax> thank you shep!
<JohnRoth> the energy work was very helpful!
<JohnRoth> And now I need to say Good Night all!
<artifaker1> well done shep!
<Cheri_> thank you, I look forward to understanding what went on more completely.
<msky> Thank You Dave, Shepherd and Michael. I have some thinking to do.
<Alexandra> Good night.
<LindaWhitehead> Thanks to all who were present especially Michael, shepherd and Dave.
<Elo-Maria_Roots> And Good morning
<Siggi> We can all continue the energy work on a day-to-day basis ... send out love to the earth.
<NancyG> Thank you, Shepherd/Dave and Good night, all.
<Kathryn41> yes, late good morning Elo Maria and Elf
<aeoneSweetSage> yes, good idea siggi 5 min; every 55 min
<LaurelB> I'm sure it will continue all night
<DaveGregg> Yeah, Maria you must be seeing a sunrise. ;-)
<Kathryn41> sleep well 


Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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