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Nancy Gordon


<NancyG> Please pull your thoughts together and hold your energy within the group. Remember to stay hydrated. We are batteries for the Michael energy and batteries need water.  Michael, are we ready?

Opening Comments

<NancyG>MICHAEL: WE are here, Nancy. We have come tonight to work with this group of students. In this group at this time there is an energy of eagerness and we commend you for it. There is always an easier time of it when the energy is warm and accepting. Before we begin the questions we will make a few suggestions. Within your lives there are knotty places, unevennesses, rough patches on your spirits. This is part of the scathing of the physical plane, but it is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. There is only one solution for this and that is to open to the situation and to learn from it. Learning does not have to be difficult, nor does it have to be painful, but too often it is both.

<NancyG> How then can a student work with such situations? By relying on the powerful energy of the fragment's connection with Essence and especially with connecting to your positive poles. We suggest making a chart that shows your positive and negative poles for each of the role/overleaves and keeping it handy. This reminder of the positive energy that you are each striving for may offer the best remedy against becoming saddened by the negative areas of your life. We are not promoting a Polly anna, everything is rosey attitude. No, we know that is part of false personality.  Instead, we simply say: Connect with the true that is in you each time you think that things have gotten to the discouraging point. Even we remember those dark days and we offer to you our remedy: striving to maintain a positive place on the path, using your overleaves as they are meant to be used, as strong support for the work you have taken on, that of being human.

<NancyG> Now, we will take questions.


Q & A

<jennifer> I have had a previous reading stating that in and around the 1850"s my ex-husband and my self had shared a previous life, in that life the roles were reversed and I was male and he-female, there were children involved and in that life I owe him a karmic debt, which in this life I am trying to repay, I would so greatly appreciate any and all information you can give me on this subject, our names would be a great start, how many children we had, etc...no detail is to small for me.

<NancyG> Jennifer, there were four children from this mating, three girls and one boy. The relationship with your husband was one of intense body attraction, with some abrasiveness in personality. This abrasiveness lead to the Karma that you are now trying to repay. In the see-saw of great physical attraction versus irritation with daily living from the abrading overleaves, there came a strong antipathy eventually that lead to abuse. This is the karma you are now experiencing as a debt.

<NancyG> There can be no question that repayment is uppermost in your mind. Since you are in reversed genders this time, the debt is one that may find you 'out of synch' you might say. We are not saying that physical abuse is going to balance the books in this situation, because that is not the case. We see that you are concerned with the details of this former life, and knowing the children is part of your question.

<jennifer> Yes.

<NancyG> It is, however, somewhat irrelevant to the karma payback. However, these are some of the items that may interest you. The older girl was your closest among the children. You lavished affection on this child/woman to the detriment of the other three. The second girl was studious and somewhat distant both to you and to your wife. The boy came next. He was companionable enough for you, eager to spend time with Father, anxious always to please. The baby girl did not live to adulthood, dying at the age of 11 of  fever. Those of your children who reached adulthood married, offered you the chance to be a grandfather nine times over. You turned your affections away from your wife toward one or two of these grandchildren, those of your oldest daughter. These family details have nothing, however to do with the karma. They are simply part of this lifetime.

<jennifer> Karma cannot be forced can it? I feel if I can better understand the debt I can then repay it, I would feel not so angry at what he has done to me and our children in this lifetime.

<NancyG> This balance is being achieved in this lifetime as a result of the imbalance created in the former life.

<jennifer> I see, thank you, it makes a difference to me.

<NancyG> It is a question of coldness, is it not? And a withdrawal of affection? This is how you were perceived in the former relationship.

<jennifer> Yes, it does seem to me that way. Which is what I have received in this lifetime.

<NancyG> There is a chance that you can offset the situation by renewed efforts to breach the chasm that has opened between you. We do not, however, hold out much hope that it will change much.

<jennifer> I would have to agree with my whole heart on that. Though I have tried.

<NancyG> The repayment of karma is always difficult, both for the debtor and the debtee.

<jennifer> I wish I could see it that way, I really do.

<NancyG> We do not see that your current husband will understand the scope or intent of the karma debtor.

<jennifer> No, he does not.

<NancyG> Therefore, we suggest that you use the services of the astral to reach him on Essence level, to explain what you are doing, that is receiving the debt you owe and acknowledging it. This is probably the only recourse you have.

<jennifer> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> The next question is from KerryP.

<kerryp> My daughter Emery does not seem to get enough restful sleep, constantly tossing and turning and waking up after short periods. What is interfering here, and how can I help her?

<NancyG> Kerry, how old is your daughter?

<kerryp> 9 months.

<NancyG> We are aware of a difficulty in breathing for this infant. It is not life threatening, and it does not appear to be something that will endanger her. It is annoying more to you than to her. It seems to us that time itself will cause the best cure. Her air passages are smaller than they usually are at this ages and in sleep they tend to close with mucus and also by folding a bit on themselves at times.

<NancyG> As the body grows, these passages will also grow, offering more space for air and less tendency to partially close. Unless there is bacteria present that irritates the membranes further, we do not see this as something that you will need to attend to in any deliberate way. If you can be sure that the air in the room is not extraordinarily dry, that is the most that you might consider at this time. If the infant develops respiratory distress, as in the common cold, or other clogging kinds of interference, then it will be necessary to seek professional intervention.

<kerryp> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Note: Kerry, since I suffer from sleep apnea myself, let me just add that you might consider having the child undergo a sleep study.

<kerryp> Yes, I had thought of that. We've been trying to figure this out for awhile now. Apnea is very common on both sides of our family

<kerryp> Thanks, Dave.

<NancyG> Maria's question?

<Elo-Maria> I have thought a lot about learning through joy or through suffering, and joy has been important theme for me all my life. Yet I have find it difficult to reach that. I know about love and fear and one always should choose love, but its not so easy in practice. What would be the best way for me to achieve peace of mind, happiness, and learning through joy in this lifetime?

<NancyG> The goal of living in love is one for the whole cycle of the physical plane experience. It is not just for this lifetime. One way that one can experience 'living through joy' is to cherish each small element of each day. Now, that sounds very easy. But we suggest that you try it for one day. The problem is that human beings tend to suppose that everything that happens to them is in fact a deliberate act, aimed at them. Take for instance the nuisance of finding yourself in a slow moving stream of motor traffic and you are already late for an appointment. It is easy to say Stay calm, you won't be able to change anything anyway, so don't let your anger or resentment bubble up. This, however, is never easy. The stresses of the various elements in this little scene come together to loosen the negative aspects to the point that it is very hard to find any joy in it. We understand this and we sympathize. Do not suppose that we did not have similar experiences any number of lives any number of times. This is a very small example of what may prevent the joy of life from being apparent.

<NancyG> But consider, if you can see through the Maya of the moment and remind yourself of the positive aspects, joy will not be far behind. But, you say, this is not what I had in mind. We know that. But we are using this as a stepping stone toward the larger elements of living in joy. Practice at the lowest levels of life will take you through the harder parts where joy is even less apparent. Just as letting a child choose between a green shirt and a blue one sets him up for making much more demanding choices in later life, so dealing with the small irritations of daily life exercises your ability to maintain your equilibrium and to find yourself balanced. That is the major prerequisite for living in joy: balance. Without it joy cannot be experienced.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Susan, you are next...

<aeoneSusan> Over and over again, my essence chooses to align itself with The Order of the White Rose. Who was i in my most significant past life within this order, and, how does this relate to this current 13th grand cycle?

<NancyG> Susan, this is Nancy speaking. Can you describe The Order of the White Rose for me?

<aeoneSUSAN> it is an old mystical order; a group of fragments high priest / high priestess healers & magic workers.

<NancyG> Thank you.

<NancyG> The memory that the woman Susan has of her association with this mystical order is of being in the circle of governance. She was the third most important member and attained this position through serious study and devotion to the ideals of this group. She remained in this position until her death at the age of 47. The ideals of healing and study have carried over into many of your lifetimes, Susan. Sometimes the healing has been prominent, sometimes study has been more to the fore.

<NancyG> The connection in this lifetime is somewhat less solid, making it a kind of background music for this time. You connect with some of your fellows during dream states and you enjoy their camaraderie once more when you do this. During this current grand cycle you have joined with the members of this ancient order a total of 67 times.

<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<Carrot_Wax> Earlier, I had asked about the causes of my sleep problems, and I received the following as contributing: repressed memories, resolving karma in my sleep, and habits internal to my body. Past life regression, accupuncture and changing my diet were suggested. I've worked through some past life regression tapes, started accupuncture, but I was wondering if I could get information on what diet might be more appropriate for me - as well as anything Michael wants to add to the issue.

<NancyG> Matthew, these actions you have undertaken are commendable. AS for diet, we suggest that lightening up on the amount of pastries and other sugar laden foods would be a useful start. The range of foods beyond that is not so important as adhering to a basic selection of fruits and vegetables. Leave the heavier starches for small portions, and select an array of fishes, and light meats such as pork and chicken for your main protein intake. Beef need not be totally absent from your choices, although making it a now and then choice would be beneficial to you.

<Carrot_Wax> hmm, that's been my basic diet recently. though I did binge a bit on free pastries today.

<NancyG> Your body will tell you what foods do not contribute to your wellbeing. Listen to it and you will find that letting go of sugary foods will make the most difference.

<Carrot_Wax> ok.
<DaveGregg> Kara, you're next...

<Kara> Last time I was read, it was said to me that I was "too open" and needed to shut down my crown chakra at night and cleanse my aura. I hope that I have improved in that area, but now I feel too closed off, and not sure how to proceed. Also I had a vision of numbers, 33 33 33, in that order and spacing, golden in color, and wonder what that message means for me. Thank you.

<NancyG> Kara, you have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another when you undertake a correction...

<Kara> That is accurate.

<NancyG> ...in your life. We appreciate what you are trying to do in following the suggestion to be less open. As you see, however, this needs to be softened because you do not want to close the crown chakra completely. When you close down for the night, let that the only time that you do so. Then make an intention to open that chakra during the day to about half. This will ameliorate the feeling you are getting that you are too closed. Adjusting the chakras is a skill that can be learned and comes with the deliberate attention to them. Standing in a warm to hot shower and rubbing the physical place of the chakras with the heel of your hand while you remove the debris that accumulates in the chakra will cleanse and strengthen your connection to each one.

<NancyG> Regarding the numbers 33 in series: This is a number of the esoteric life. Seeing them in the color gold is a reinforcement of your interest and energy being directed toward the goal of learning as much as you can about your path and your progress on it. Knowing where one stands is always useful. This is found by going into the inner most spaces of your being and being aware of what you are and what you are doing.

<Kara> That makes sense, thank you.

<NancyG> It is not a feeling. It is an awareness. Try using this string of 33 in your meditation, letting it enter your consciousness for an extended period of time, something on the order of a half hour, and see what it brings up in you.

<Kara> Ok wow, great idea! Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Dawn, you're next...

<celestiandawn> What are the major lessons I've come to learn during this lifetime, and does this relate to this restlessness or wanderlust I have? I can't seem to find a place to call home

<NancyG> Dawn, what is your overleaf goal?

<celestiandawn> I don't know.

<NancyG> We see the woman Dawn as having the goal Discrimination. This is a difficult goal and not often chosen. There is a tendency for the fragment to reject more often than accept, leading to this sense of restlessness. Look at the word, Dawn. Rest less, not as much rest as you may want, being without enough rest.

<NancyG> Wanderlust is an attempt to find a rest that is eluding you. Do you truly think that by moving about so much that you will find this place? We doubt it. Go back to a former question about joy. Rest, like joy, is not 'found', it is created.

<celestiandawn> No, I don't. But it's hard

<NancyG> Indeed, it is hard. We agree with you. Perhaps making the deliberate decision to stay in one place and to create your rest there will in fact allow you to 'find' that which you desire. Remember, Dawn, you carry your rest within you. IT is not an exterior condition that you must find.

<celestiandawn> That's true. Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Andie? You are next...

<andieangel1> I was wondering what the deal is with my bad food allergies, how do I remove them and why am I retaining so much water (like 20+lbs).

<NancyG> Most food allergies are leftover elements from past life experiences. Not all, but most. In this lifetime you have accumulated a number of past life experiences that involve various food and they have 'ganged up on you', so to speak so that you are now very restricted in your choices. The fact that they are residual does not in any way mean they are 'all in your head'. They are very seriously physical and can be life threatening. There are a number of things that you can do to mitigate the seriousness of this problem. Having identified them, you know which to avoid for their effects on your system. Consulting an alternative healer, one who is versed in nutrition and herbal remedies may be a very useful decision.

<NancyG> If you should choose to do this, find someone who has a metaphysical aspect to his or her practice. In this respect META physical has even greater meaning than usual. Your condition is ABOVE the physical and will respond to treatment that includes an ABOVE the physical approach. The retention of water, or edema, is a result of the malfunctioning of your adrenal glands which in tern is a function of the toxins that your allergies manufacture in your body.

<andieangel1> What would be the best way to correct that.

<NancyG> We suggest that alleviation of the stress caused by the disconnect between your digestive system and your nutrition will allow your body to release fluids as it is supposed to.

<andieangel1> I'm sorry, I am not tracking you.

<NancyG> This will mean getting someone who understands your condition and who understands nutrition to work with you.

<andieangel1> Oh. o.k. bummer for me, no such creature in this plane.

<NancyG> Perhaps it would be possible for you to work with someone at a distance. There are centers around your country which specialize in the kind of aid that you need. This might be one of the uses for your electronic connections, the web/net.

<andieangel1> Well, thank you, I shall look.
<DaveGregg> Heidi, you're next...

<Heidi> I would like if Michael could describe some of the people in my life with whom I have spiritual connections/agreements with and what they are. A few people in question are my cousin Kristen who I believe may be a T.C., my friend Adam P., and my friend Nickole. Any others of interest would be appreciated.

<NancyG> Heidi, your cousin Kristen is part of your support circle, not your Task Companion. Your task companion was incarnate until about 4 years ago but you two did not meet in this life.

<NancyG> The woman Kristen is in the place of confidant to you, one to whom you can turn to receive comfort and good advice. The man Adam has an agreement with you to work with the task of making sure that life has its humorous moments. Otherwise, you would be very serious indeed.

<Heidi> Are you talking about a mate agreement?

<NancyG> And your friend Nicole has no particular agreement with you. She has come into your life because you find yourselves compatible and enjoy each other's company. Not all close relationships are by agreement, as we have said before.

<Heidi> What spiritual connections do I have with them, if any?

<NancyG> As for others, you may, if you so choose, assess a possible connection with a female with whom you work. This is a mild agreement, not one of great moment, but you may find it rewarding, even so.

<Heidi> Thank you!

<NancyG> Heidi, you have not yet met anyone with whom you have a mating agreement. [The connections you make with any of these fragments are always part of your spiritual life.] All connections have their spiritual aspect, all contribute to your evolution, one way or another.

<Heidi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Trans, you are next...

<Transducer> Is anyone available and willing to write a book detailing the higher planes and clarifying related teachings of other channeled sources?

<NancyG> Your name, please?

<Transducer> Mike.

<NancyG> Michael, the probability that such a book will be written is better than 50/50. We do not at this time, however, know of such an endeavor.

<Transducer> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Karen, you are next...

<Lightspring> Please comment on the recent illnesses within my family: causes of, messages from, and courses of action to resolve.

<NancyG> Karen, I do not get any words from the Michaels on this question. I'm sorry.

<Lightspring> Really? Hmm.

<Lightspring> Can I ask a different question then?

<NancyG> Yes, please do.

<Lightspring> Please comment on my legal situation and how it will be resolved, what issues are there for me, etc.

<NancyG> This is a tangled situation involving more than just yourself, as you well know. The probability that it will be resolved in a manner favorable to you is less than even.

<Lightspring> How can this be changed?

<NancyG> It will require negotiation, as you well know, and this will quite likely not be to your advantage. There is a question of financial agreement, of agreements involving responsibility for children, and agreements having to do with life patterns. These issues require give and take, as do all legal machinations. They will not always tend to be acceptable on the face of them, but over time the basic elements will become clear and you will make decisions that will be in the best interest of everyone involved. Will this please you? Perhaps not. Most legal arrangements end up pleasing no one.

<Lightspring> Interesting, because this is not how things are going now...what will cause this shift you speak of?

<NancyG> That is part of the scathing that comes from the physical plane. They will, however, work. That is also part of the physical plane which is bent on action. The shift is likely to come from a small area of disagreement. IT will look like it has been decided by all parties and then it will turn out not to be decided at all. And then it will be back to the table, very likely.

<Lightspring> Hmm. OK, thanks.
<DaveGregg> Diane, you are next...

<dianekeith> I have previously asked about my teenage son and his depressive episodes. Recently they seem to be fewer and less severe. Still, he is being referred by his counselor for an evaluation to determine if there is a chemical imbalance present. Do the Michaels see a chemical imbalance, and if so, how would it best be treated? He is adamant about not taking drugs, if side effects are possible.

<NancyG> What is your son's name?

<dianekeith> Ben.

<NancyG> The depression that the fragment Ben is experiencing is unlikely to be chemically based. The tests that will be done to determine this will in all likelihood confirm this. That does not prevent your medical people from trying to put such conditions in a jacket of chemicals for treatment. This depression is part of a sense of failure to mesh with life as it presents itself. The effort to reach out is impeded by the feeling that there is no one there who can be reached. This is not a matter of adolescent angst. It is a sense of being isolated from fellows. We suggest that the selection of a sound therapist with a bias toward treatment sans medication may be more successful than anything else.

<dianekeith> by "fellows" do you mean his friends? or his family?

<NancyG> We mean his friends more particularly. We do not see him estranged from his family.

<dianekeith> He seems to have a lot of friends...lives for his friends.

<NancyG> There are many fragments in this young man's life, but few who are close. The friends he lives for are not touching him in the ways he needs. They are friends to hang around with, not to enter into deep discussions with. When this changes, when he can connect with a few friends who will meet him in his center, he will feel less disconnected.

<dianekeith> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Chknltl, you are next...and then just one more after that.

<chknltl> I have a reoccurring dream about "crystals" in a cave or pocket generally in the side of a cliff. Sometimes this cavelet is alongside a stream othertimes along a road. They are always quite beautiful and I have a strong desire to possess them. Is there a meaning here?

<NancyG> This is a symbolic dream, Chris, always pointing toward the light of positive energy. Crystals are holders of such energy and they attract the student of the spirit. Crystals and caves represent going within to find what you are seeking. The road is your path, something you already know. When it is by a stream, it represents a cleansing as well as a path. You will walk the road/path and reach for the light of the crystal as you learn the lessons of this life. This is a very positive dream, reassuring you that you are doing what you came to do.

<chknltl> Can you tell me what it is I seek then?

<NancyG> You seek enlightenment, of course.

<chknltl> Ah...Thank you.

<NancyG> That is the core of the crystal, the light of knowledge, of spiritual knowledge.

<chknltl> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Barbara, you are the last question for the night. :-)

<barbara> Have I met my task companion and/or essence twin in this lifetime? If so, who are they?

<NancyG> Barbara, you have met your Task companion but not your Essence Twin. Your essence twin is discarnate. You may meet up with your essence twin on the astral, if you so choose. Being discarnate will allow the Essence twin to concentrate on you in a way that would be impossible if you were both living at the same time. Your task companion is a man you know from your recent experience of moving about. He is someone with whom you had an instant rapport and with whom you felt comfortable.

<barbara> Shepherd said tc discarnate et incarnate.

<NancyG> Perhaps I got them backwards. If this question has already been answered, perhaps you could give this information and we can try this again. Once a question has been asked, the chances of a valid answer are diminished.

<barbara> tc male artisan discarnate et sage male incarnate.

<NancyG> The sage male is the fragment who has recently connected with you, the Essence Twin, then. The Task Companion, the male artisan who is discarnate is not someone you ever met.

<barbara> Thank you.

<NancyG> If this is the end of the questions, the Michaels will close.


<NancyG> We have been able to offer our energy and understanding tonight to this group. This is the whole reason for our taking on this task of teaching, to come to you and to assist where we can in the work of your lives. WE do this because we know how difficult it is to be human, to be concerned with everyday life, to worry about children, and friends, and to want to know who and why of the path. As you go about your days, look into the methods you use to resolve your problems. Do they represent positive energy? Do they tend toward the joy that you wish? And if they do, you will be a light unto your own feet, as one of your prophets has said, and a light for those around you. When things do not seem to hold any joy whatsoever, do not despair. No one expects you to see good when all you see is darkness. But we counsel this: that at these times of least joy, be patient and know that the lessons are being learned. They cannot help but be. In the end there is a place of balance and of peace. Which is what we wish for you now. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you Nancy/Michael. You are to be commended for going so late into the evening. :-)

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Nancy.

<DaveGregg> The room is now open for discussion. :-)

<Kathryn41> Excellent work and much useful information for us all, thank you
<NancyG> It has been long, but I am happy we had such a good group.
<Carrot_Wax> thank you Nancy!
<aeoneSUSAN> thank you Michael & Nancy; along with Dave & Kathryn
<DaveGregg> It was a great turnout for a Wednesday evening!
<LindaW> thanks so much Nancy. It was really great..
<fireflySuz> most excellent, Nancy and Michael
<Marie> Thank you :)
<LindaW> Lots to ponder.
<chknltl> Thank you Nancy, tonight I was given a crystal by Michael.
<Ralf> Joy and rest are created not found. I like that
<NancyG> Everyone, it has been my pleasure. I think it probably was a pleasure for the Michaels also. :-)
<Elo-Maria> Thanks, everyone!
<NancyG> I would suspect that the mix-up with the TC and the ET was a result of being tired. I am truly sorry.
<Marie> wow......this is the first "live channel chat" I've been to .....are they always so intense?
<Ann> thanks Nancy, it was great.
<NancyG> Yes, I think they are always intense.
<Kathryn41> it sounds like you felt the energy and that is a good thing :-)
<celestiandawn> Good Night All, great session!
<Elo-Maria> Yes, it was great. Joy for you all :-)
<NancyG> Good night.



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