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Opening Comments


<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here. We welcome those of you who are new to our group. We bring our message to everyone and it is to you who seek that we are especially welcoming tonight. Those who have sought and found, you know how we treasure you. We do not keep a running tab on our students. Some come for a while and then go. Some come and gather enough to nourish their need and leave, only to return when the 'spirit' moves them to do so. We have no investment in our work other than to do it as well as possible. Even if no one takes our message into his/her life, we would still teach it. Nevertheless, it is in its own way 'satisfying' to know that there are those who are helped in the work of living on the physical plane by our words.

Remember, we do not teach new truths. We rather remind you of what you already know: that you are spiritual beings on a physical path. Our intention, our mission, is to provide a blueprint for getting along the oft times rugged terrain of the physical life as well as can be done. That does not always mean comfortable, either. You may have chosen a very uncomfortable set of elements, beginning with difficult overleaves, parents, environmental illusions, and feel anything but comfortable. Our reminder of the truths we teach will not alter that

What we do hope, and observe that we do not 'expect', but hope, is that what we have to teach by way of explanations and descriptions will make the journey have meaning that might otherwise elude you. Not every life is difficult, not every life is a bed of roses. Most are a blend, most are just getting along, from an observers point of view. But when you apply what you know of the teachings we offer, you will have an insider's view, one that weighs on a different scale, one that sees soul growth toward agape where those of the waking sleep see only obstacles and misery.

Be guided by your inner light. Your guardians, guides, angels. Angels' are part of your support through the physical plane. As are the teachings we bring. With all seriousness, we say: Let it be. Let life run its course, but know that it has purpose and goal.

We will take questions now.

Q & A


<Francois_P> Would Michael tell me if I ever had a past life or lives as an artist? If so what did I make, when and where? In this life I have no ability nor any interest to create anything of an artistic nature".

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We know that you have had many lives as a creative fragment, so many that you have said this time: Enough! I want to do other things.

In one lifetime you worked in glass fragments to make 'singing walls'. These were mottled in gold to provide the glitter that caused those who saw them to say they sang. In another lifetime you were creative in a very practical way, as a worker on building bridges. You offered useful insights as to weight distribution and span that were adopted and made the edifice safer. Another lifetime, actually repeated several times, you worked in paints and textiles. Therefore, you have had your fill of art, as you see it.

<Francois_P> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Renee, you're next...

<Renee> Good Evening. I would just like some confirmation on my professional move. Can you comment on the decision I have made and how it will (or will not) help me to achieve my purpose and professional endeavors?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Professional objectives can change from time to time, depending on many elements: the work itself, the environment in which it is done, those involved in getting the work done, and on and on. This move was made with the intention of upgrading your skills, taking what you know and also being able to expand on that knowledge. There are several paths here. The cooperation of others is necessary for the success of the second aim: to add to your current knowledge and skill. This may become somewhat of a problem. We do not predict and we do not command. However, the probability that your plan will run into snags of various dimensions is in the area of 70 percent.

In this kind of atmosphere, it might be wise to lower your energy a bit for now, absorbing rather than disseminating, until such time as you have made a place that others feel is safe for them.

<Renee> Thanks very much. I think.
<DaveGregg> Deborah, you're next...

<Deborah_D> At an earlier chat you told me that my late mother, Helen and I had a monadal agreement, helper and being helped, that is to span 4 lifetimes, with her death marking the end of the third. Could you please tell me what eras they were in, what our relationships were to each other, and something of what the help consisted of in lives 1 and 2? The one just past was one hell of a ride, further complicated by my own health problems. I’m hoping I can talk her into a mutual “learn through joy” experience for the next one. Thank you.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The two previous lives you have shared with the fragment who was Helen this time were lived in very different times. In the first you were friends, two males, with training in working with leather. This was a partnership arrangement and there was little tension in the arrangement. This life was lived in the area known now as Scandinavia in the 8th C. of the common era.

The second shared lifetime you and the fragment Helen were mated, you being the male. The tension built during that life due to mismanagement of your mutual assets, which were never large. You were often imposed upon to assist those who you considered in need, forgetting your own obligations, obligations which your mate continuously lamented. In that lifetime, one during the 11 C. of the common era in the river valley you call the Amazon, you created a climate of worry and fear for your mate who never knew if there was going to be enough for a meal. This established the beginning of a tension of concern that then built into the uphill battle that the third lifetime just passed consisted in.

<Deborah_D> I hope I made it up to her this time.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> (Deborah, you will note that it took a millennium to get around to this lifetime!)

<DaveGregg> Ekaterina, you're next...

<Ekaterina_> I have always felt that I have a significant role to fulfill. The question that has embedded my mind for as long as I can remember is; What is my purpose in this life and will it impact humanity in any way?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There is a tendency for those who have not yet entered the 4th internal monad to see themselves as movers and shakers on the physical plane. We do not denigrate this tendency, merely describe it. We also remind all of you that one's life task is almost never obvious until the beginning of the 4th internal monad, except in very unusual fragments in unusual circumstances.

The woman Ekaterina may want to consider that preparing for the future in whatever way seems acceptable and attractive is very likely exactly what she has planned for herself for this life. Whether that is going to be a significant contribution to the world at large is still in the area of conjecture. We do not have access to that information, primarily because there is no guarantee that any...

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<Kathryn> A net split.

[At this point the connection to the chat server was lost for several hours and the chat was cancelled.]

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