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A cadre is a group of about seven thousand souls. It is divided into seven entities of about a thousand souls each. Each person is a member of an entity and its cadre. A cadre contains essences of all seven roles, but within an individual entity, two to four roles are usually represented. Other members of our entity could be likened to our brothers and sisters, while members of other entities of our cadre could be compared to our first cousins, or our peers in the local community.

Here are some quick definitions:

Fragment: Individual essence, or soul. The term conveys that each of us is a fragment of the whole, and particularly, a fragment of our entity, with which we will recombine when we have completed all our lifetimes on the physical plane.

Soul, or "higher" self, in distinction to the outer personality, or "lower" self. It generally refers to all nonphysical levels of self, including the astral and causal selves, as well as those that resonate with the three highest planes, although it can be used to refer only to the latter. Read more about essence

One of the seven types of essences: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, and scholar. Everyone has a particular role. It defines the individual's way of being or fundamental style, not his worldly position.

Entity: U
sually refers to a "spiritual family" of about one thousand souls. Michael is the name of one entity.

A permanent grouping of seven essences. A primary cadence consists of seven essences of the same role; it is the smallest "building block" of the entity. An essence's numerical position within his cadence, and his cadence's position within his greater cadence, significantly influence how he directs his energies.

Greater Cadence:
A unit of seven primary cadences.

The Tao's expression into the dimensional universe, as in "fragments cast from the Tao," and the order of it, as in "first-cast warrior in the entity." A person's casting is his position within his entity (see "Entity"), or commonly, just his primary cadence position (see "Cadence").

A unit consisting of seven entities (roughly 7000 souls each). (See also "Entity.")

Cadre Group: (sometimes called Energy Ring) Twelve cadres make up what Michael calls a cadre group.

Greater Cadre Group: Seven cadre groups make up a greater cadre group.

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