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Casting and Soul Connections


According to Michael, souls are fragments of a larger unit called the "Entity". Entire Entities are "cast" (formed) from the infinite eternal absolute, the Creator which Michael calls the "Tao". Each Entity is made up of between one thousand and twelve hundred fragments. Seven Entities are cast at the same time, forming a yet larger unit called the "Cadre". The seven Entities in the Cadre are numbered from one to seven. When Entities fragment into souls for the purpose of incarnation, they do so in groups of seven. These groups are called "Cadences", and they too are numbered from one to seven. The seven souls in each Cadence are also numbered from one to seven, and this is their Position. Here we have the explanation of the three columns under the CASTING heading on the chart. The first row, "ENTITY", is the designated number of the Entity within its Cadre. The second row, "CADENCE", is the designated number of the Cadence within its Entity. The third row, "POSITION", is the designated position of the fragment within its Cadence. Like Role, Casting does not change from lifetime to lifetime. After its learning on the physical plane is complete, the soul continues its evolution on the astral, mental and causal planes. The evolution consists of the reuniting and reintegration of the Cadence, the Entity and the Cadre, in that order. (Michael says that they are a reunited Entity, and that they consist of Warrior and King fragments.)

Michael says that there is a nature or quality to each of the seven numbers of Entity, Cadence, and Position. This is tabulated as follows:



one First Warrior Termination

two Second Server Involution

three Third Artisan Analysis

four Fourth Scholar Assimilation

five Fifth Sage Synthesis

six Sixth Priest Evolution

seven Seventh King Origination


Your location in Casting determines the characteristics of your soul (as does the Role). For instance, Four Entity, Two Cadence, Six Position fragments will have Scholar-like, Server-like and Priest-like qualities in their souls, which will carry over to their incarnate personalities. The soul factors might even be as influential as the Role in the personality of the person. Often the nature of your soul will determine how the Role is expressed. For instance, a Priest in Role with a Scholar casting might chose to be a teacher of religious history at a university, a Priest with Sage casting might become a television evangelist, and so on. The better the occupation matches the Role and soul factors, the greater the personal fulfillment.

According to Michael, about seventy percent of our really significant relationships during incarnation occur with members of our Cadre. We have between seven thousand and eighty four hundred kindred souls in our Cadre. Some of these "spiritual kin" are much closer relatives than others. Cadence members are like siblings, Entity members are like first cousins, and Cadre members are like second cousins. The closer the soul kinship, the easier it is to "recognize" when you meet: the stronger the sense that you already "know" the person.

Besides Cadre mates and Entity mates and Cadence members, there are three other special classes of "soul mates" within the Cadre: the Essence Twin, the Task Companion, and Configuration members. The bond of "Essence Twins" is the strongest possible for souls. They are of the same Role, in the same location in Casting in different Entities. They are true equals, but because of the consuming intensity of their spiritual kinship, Essence Twins rarely meet or have a continuing relationship during incarnation. It would be too much of a distraction from other things that must be experienced. The second strongest soul bond is with the "Task Companion". Task Companions are in the same Entity, usually of opposite Roles, and they do the complement of each other's work while incarnate, whether or not they know each other while incarnate. They make a great team. "Configurations" are groups of between three and nine souls who, in the late Child or early Young Age, agree to work together for the rest of their time on earth on common projects. It does not require the entire Configuration to do the project(s), and they do not work on the project(s) in every lifetime.

Michael says that it is not necessary for you, the personality self, to plan your life except to see that the body's needs are met so the soul can fulfill its purposes. Your soul self has already mapped out your lifetime in detail. The personality can "abdicate" much of what the soul has planned, but this usually is not to any advantage. Michael's intention is to help the personality self become more aware of the soul's plans and the soul's kin. This accelerates the soul's transition through the physical plane, and eases the personality's journey through life.



Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com

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