Michael Chat

This chat room is dedicated to Michael Students everywhere, no matter what soul-age, role, or species you are! Affectionately known as the Old Soul Asylum, the chat room is open 24 hours a day, and no shoes or shirt are required. Come on in and share your wit and wisdom.

The chat rooms are available for use 24/7, but here's a schedule of prearranged meetings:

Student Chats

Drop by around these times and see if any students are chatting.  

Channeled Chats

Join us for live chats with Michael. Our channeled chats usually occur on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month.


Java Chat Room

Note: There are two ways of using this chat room.  You can either enter it from this site, or you can use IRC or Trillian.  Here are the IRC details:  

server:  irc.ircstorm.net: port 6667
channel:  #michael_teachings

If you don't have IRC, just follow the link above. 

 Alternative Chat (Mibbit)
Try this room if you are unable to access the java chat.

Michael Session Guidelines

  • At the beginning of the session the chat moderator will ask if anyone has a question for Michael. The names of those who have questions will be taken, and you will be asked to post your question in the order decided upon. Please don't post your question before that.
  • Please don't interrupt Michael when he's working with another person. It tends to break the concentration of the channel and takes away from the time they are trying to give to that person.
  • You are welcome to freely chat before and after the session, but please avoid unnecessary chatter during the session.
  • Always wait until the channel has finished what they have to say to you (or another person) before jumping in with a response. The channel will indicate they are finished with a person's initial question by typing "END." But this does not mean they are finished with that person. The individual in question may require a follow-up response. Please be patient with the process until your name is called.
  • Enjoy the chat with Michael and thank you for participating!


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