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Below you will find some great ways to interact with the Michael teachings community.  If you know your overleaves, please feel free to add them to our student social network. In addition, it's highly recommended that you join our email discussion group so you can meet and connect with other Michael students. 


Michael Teachings Forum

Join us for lively discussion and study at the Michael teachings forum. All Michael students are welcome, both new and old.

Michael Teachings Forum


Michael Teachings Social Network

Share your overleaves, add photos, and even create your own blog. Now you can find other Michael students online and read their profiles. This is a new and exciting way to connect with students all over the world, and it's as easy as filling out a simple registration form.

Don't know your overleaves yet? You can still create your customized personal profile and add more information as you learn it.



Other Community Outposts:

(Old) Michael Students Directory
This is the old online directory for students in the Michael community. Here you can read the profiles and overleaves of other Michael students, or see if they live in your area.  This is an invaluable way to learn about other people in the Michael community, and to also find those you share energetic connections with, such as cadre and entity mates.

View the Database

Michael Teachings Humor 

Laugh at an outrageous parody of the Michael Teachings  


Michael Teachings Lists

Join these discussion lists and newsletters to help you connect online with Michael students and channels.  

1) Join the Michael teachings discussion list and share your enthusiasm for the teachings with others.  What a great way to meet people who share your interests.  This is the "original" Michael teachings list that was formerly run at Spiritweb.  It is still considered "home" by many students.  

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2) Receive free updates about this Michael Teachings site, as well as the latest news happening in the Michael community.  Join our FREE Newsletter - Michael-News!

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3) Learn about or coordinate local Michael gatherings with other students.  

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