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Entity Definitions

1st Entity: Primarily Warriors/Kings.  

Ambitious, motivated, and born leaders.  They like to be initiators and first out of the gate with something new. Heavy male or "focused" energy that interestingly is channeled through feminine or creative outlets. There's a strong leaning toward doing breakthrough work in the fine arts. 

Sometimes called the Bulldozer or the She-Hulks entity due to the many warrior women.  1st entity people are pioneers and builders who are very sure of themselves. "Don't mess with me" is a common theme.
Famous People: Winston Churchill, Gertrude Stein, Harrison Ford, Tina Turner, Patty LaBelle, Mary Lou Rettin, Shirley Temple Black, Sean Connery, Oliver Stone, Virginia Woolf.

Statistics:  Predominantly Artisans and Warriors, with smaller numbers of the other roles. (no wild cards)

2nd Entity:  Primarily Artisans/Sages.  

Expressive and entertaining, this is the most visible and "wild" of all the Entities in Cadre One.  They deal with knowledge and the complexities of reality, and maintain a sense of humor throughout. They are active in teaching and entertainment, and are especially adept at improving and redesigning things
to make them work better.  

Sometimes called The Madonna entity or the Loud-Mouth entity due to a resemblance to stereotypical Italian families. 

With a Libra-like Artisan and Sage quality, they like to fill up the gossip magazines, possess good social skills, and are great party goers.
Famous People: Randall Baer, Dave Barry, Candice Bergen, Betty Comden, Billy Crystal, Thomas Dolby, Duke Ellington, Werner Erhard, Paul Gauguin, Boy George, George Gershwin, Johann Goethe, Bob Goldthwait, Keith Jarrett, Jessica Lange, Madonna, Bob Marley, Bette Midler, Marilyn Monroe, David Niven, Conan O'Brien, Dolly Parton, Luciano Pavarotti, Rajneesh, Raphael, Dan Rather, Robert Redford, Dennis Rodman, Henri Rousseau, Haile Sellasie, William Shakespeare, William Shatner, Sting, Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Taylor, Roger Woolger, Christopher Wren, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Not-So Famous People:  Shepherd Hoodwin (Michael Channel)

Statistics: Predominantly Sages and Artisans, with smaller numbers of the other roles. (6 Wild Card Priests).

3rd Entity: Primarily Scholars/Artisans.  

A lively and daring entity that loves to "twist" or "distort" reality in ways that allow fresh perceptions.  They deal with all the creative, new, unknown energies coming to the planet, and decide how they should be best interpreted and properly presented. Sometimes called The Pee Wee Herman Entity

There are many eccentric and nerdy Scholars and Artisans here. They like to have fun by pushing the envelope of normalcy and reality. Sometimes bizarre and daring, 3rd entity people are like adult comic book characters -- they'll try anything. They are also specialists in “seeing” the world through innocent eyes, or at the very least, quirky enough to be considered independent from the impositions of environment.  

They love birds and fish.  
Famous People: Bella Abzug, Johann Sebastian Bach, David Bowie, Barbara Brennan, David Byrne, Rodney Collin-Smith, Alan Cumming, Gina Davis, Roger Ebert, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, Pee Wee Herman, Gregory Hines, Diane Keaton, John Lennon, David Lynch, Muktananda, Maxfield Parrish, Kenny Rogers, Vincent Van Gogh, Mario Van Peebles, Debra Winger, Stevie Wonder, William Wordsworth.

Statistics: Predominantly Artisans and Scholars, with smaller numbers of the other roles. (5 Wild Card Scholars, 3 Wild Card Priests, 1 Wild Card Artisan)

4th Entity: Fairly diverse in structure, with only 150 fragments still incarnating.  While the rest of Cadre One is still physical, this entity plans on acting as a Transcendental Soul in later incarnations.  Overall this is a compassionate and harmonious group of souls.  

4th entity people deal with stability, order, and maintaining civilization. They have strong inclinations to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, infusing them with "life", as in having
crystals as "children", or an armchair with "feelings". They've been nicknamed the "Extra-terrestrial" Entity since those incarnating carry a vacuous look and seem otherworldly.  They are also called The Bridge Entity, and more recently, the Bjork Entity, due to the popularity of the eclectic 4th entity pop vocalist, Bjork. 

Bringing a balancing quality to everything they do, the 4th entity bridges the gap between 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, and 7. They do the same that the 7th does between Cadres. 

Famous People: Bjork, John Bradshaw, Michael Feinstein, Martin Luther King, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Anais Nin, Christopher Reeve, Wilhelm Reich, Diana Ross, Andreas Vollenweider, Patricia Zipprodt.  

Statistics: High percentage of Artisans and Priests, followed by Servers, Scholars, Kings, and Sages. Apparently no Warriors. 
(no wild cards)

5th Entity: Primarily Scholars/Artisans/Priests.  

Remarkably inventive, and somewhat eccentric, this entity loves adventure and has scattered itself throughout the Physical Plane.  There's almost an instinctive need to experience new things, and explore strange, new worlds.  The metaphysical is a continual source of fascination for them.  

5th entity people deal with what is outside the norm. They are specialists in the societal interpretation and acceptance of anything considered 'fringe'.  They are sometimes called The Walt Disney Entity.

 "Let's have a party" is a frequent theme since this entity likes to have fun.  5th entity people are imaginative, artistic, and philosophical.  They have a playful sense of humor, especially about themselves, but they also feel somewhat disenfranchised, as though they don't have any clout.
With a heightened awareness of a need for connection, they like to be with other entity mates, but since the psychic barrier is thinner in this entity, they can be alone and still share thoughts and dreams among each other. For this reason, 5th entity people are often unexcited by affiliations, and may seem aloof to those who don't understand them.  

Physically, they often look cuddly and cute, which is why they are sometimes called the Teddy Bear entity. For those that are lucky enough to know them, they can extend comforting feelings of warmth, security, and a sense of "home."

Famous People: Julie Andrews, Ken Carey, John Cryer, Charles Dickens, Walt Disney, Tipper Gore, Jason Graae, Stanislov Grof, William Hurt, Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Rick Nelson, Peter O'Toole, River Phoenix, Peace Pilgrim, Chita Rivera, Anwar Sadat, Oskar Schindler, David Shire, Stephen Sondheim,
Steven Spielberg, Roger Waters, Robin Williams.

Not-So Famous People:  Dave Gregg
(webmaster of MichaelTeachings.com), Ted Fontaine (Michael channel).

Statistics: High percentage of Scholars, Artisans & Priests, along with some Warriors, Kings, Servers, and Sages.
(no wild cards)   

6th Entity: Primarily Kings/Scholars.  

Highly stable and almost regal in mannerism, 6th entity people are natural integrators who tend to handle the most political karmas for their cadres. They are quite adept at bringing together large groups of people, and often act as the facilitators to those with agreements or karma.  They are sometimes called The Integrators or the Empress Entity

Politicians, spies, and dealers of political intrigues, they like to do things that will have repercussions over the next three centuries. These are secretive people.  Some are arrogant and spoiled, much like Emperors and Empresses. There's a distinct Priestly quality here, with an unusual sensitivity to ethics, and  justice. Not a particularly compact entity, they like to spread themselves around the globe. 

Famous People: Desi Arnaz, Jr., Matthew Fox, John Friedlander, Henry Kissinger, Krishna, Richard Maltby, Jr., Leonard Nimoy, Ralph Nader, Yoko Ono, Sean Penn, Gene Siskell, Lily Tomlin. 

Statistics:  1074 Fragments/372 Cycled off (at present date, 433 incarnated) 343 Kings/21 Priests/369 Scholars/196 Artisans/70 Sages/49 Servers/28 Warriors (no wild cards)

7th Entity: Primarily Priests/Servers.  

Natural healers and nurturers, they love to represent beauty in all its many forms.  Sometimes called The Sweetheart Entity since these people gravitate toward healing and harmony. You will often find them in professions that involve health or psychiatric care.  

Psychic and spiritual, 7th entity people often elicit feelings of surrender and compassion from those around them.  This is an entity of mostly Servers, and service to others is very important to these people.  Though, don't expect to find them on a peace march, or saving the whales. The 7th entity would rather serve others in a more intimate way

This is the bridge entity between Cadres. "Let's see if we can be nice to each other" is a common theme. 

Famous People: Rosanna Arquette, Howard Ashman, Christopher Atkins, Ram Dass, Ellen Degeneres, John Denver, Johnny Depp, Laura Dern, Melissa Etheridge, Al Gore, Jr., Daryl Hannah, R.P. Kaushik, kd lang, Julia Roberts, Stephen Schwartz, Martin Sheen, Brooke Shields, Gary Sinese, Oscar Wilde.

Statistics: Predominantly Priests and Servers, with a smaller number of Sages, Scholars, Kings, Artisans, and Warriors. 
(2 Wild Card Artisans, 4 Wild Card Priests)



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