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cadres and entities


We don't always like our cadre or entity mates on a personality level, but there is connection.

Entity mates can be, and often are, among our spirit guides, just as we can be guides to our entity mates when we're between lives.

There's no standardized vocabulary for these concepts. I like to think of guides as astral plane friends who are between lifetimes and who are like athletic coaches, "yelling" at us from the sidelines to help keep us on course. I think of teachers as being from the causal plane or above, like Michael. I think of angels as beings who are sentient, like us, but who are playing a different game and who generally don't incarnate physically. However, many people use the term "guardian angel" to refer to spirit guides, so an entity mate could take the role of a guardian angel. Those in spirit appear to us in forms with which we're comfortable.

People are forever asking for the names of their spirit guides, and Michael usually explains that you don't really have names when you're not physical, although one may be given to people for their convenience. To one client, Michael told him that his guides said that he could call them "Bob" and "Sue." So Biblical!

Every other cadre and entity seem to have special connections and similarities; for example, a second entity might have a special resonance with the fourth entity of the same cadre. The ones next door seem more contrasting and complementary.

There are any number of reasons that entity mates might choose to incarnate in the same family, including repaying karma or completing monads. It's fairly common, and having entity mates around can be a great comfort. On the other hand, a benefit in having family members outside the entity is that it expands one's experience.


The highest cadre number I've gotten is 24. Michael said that those for whom I do charts do not come to me at all randomly, even if it's a friend of a friend of a friend of a client's--we're still all connected. But going to a 3rd world country with which I have no connection or attraction, and randomly picking someone would probably result in a high cadre number.

When I began channeling in 1986, the concept of groupings larger than the cadre had not yet been channeled, and I asked the Michael fragments I work with to give me unique cadre numbers that could account for anyone whose chart I might channel. There are, for example, many cadres that are first in their cadre group, but only one cadre 3 in the system Michael uses through me. In my book, The Journey of Your Soul, there is a chart that gives the position of cadres, as they are numbered through me, within cadre groups.

This system allows one to know for sure that two people are in the same cadre without having to know which cadre group, greater cadre group, etc. the cadre is in. The system is meant only as a convenience. Of necessity, such as system could not be based solely on casting order, which involves smaller groups within larger ones, "wheels within wheels." However, it has no effect on the ordering of the seven entities within each cadre or the ordering of fragments within a cadence.  

Michael chose to order the cadres based on some combination of the cadre's mean soul age (which roughly, but not exactly, follows casting order) and mean number of previous cycles. They never precisely explained to me their way of doing this, but assured me that it was something that could be assessed. Again, Michael only looks at the mean for the cadre as a whole; under no circumstances does it affect the individuals within it.

The system leaves out cycled-off cadres.

Other than in my book, The Journey of Your Soul, I know of no published material about cadre numbering, so I've never been clear on how Michael assigns numbers in the other systems. Spurred by this discussion, I asked someone close to the Yarbro group how Yarbro does it, and learned that it is based on the cadre's order in a group of seven, called greater cadres. From my understanding, the Orinda channels use either a group of twelve, which they call energy rings (and which Michael through me calls cadre groups), or the order of first incarnation (which would not necessarily be based on casting, I assume).

Sarah Chambers once wrote to me about material she'd gotten about groups of twelve, corroborating material I'd gotten earlier, but in later channeling, she used the greater cadre system and added terms for very large groupings, pods and nodes.

So it seems to me that there is no "classic system," other than that the first cadre of our cadre group, which most of the channels are in, is commonly called cadre one (through me, it is called cadre three), and the next few numbers seem to be consistent between Yarbro and Orinda as well. After that, who knows? What happens in the Yarbro seven-system to a cadre that is eighth in a system based on 12? These are valuable questions, but since the Yarbro channels aren't participating in this discussion, answers might be hard to come by.

I suspect that this is one of those instances in which we need to learn more before it all makes sense--I call it bridge information. I understand that JP has gotten some new material explicating entity and cadre material in three-dimensional terms. I heard a while back that something was going to be published about it, but haven't heard anything about it since. If soul formations are in a cube rather than on a plane, it will take a lot of new information to explicate it, but it could reveal that there are both groupings of seven and twelve cadres, perhaps seven in one direction and twelve in another. We also don't know if every entity, cadre, and so forth follows the same patterns. Since we live in a universe of choice, I suspect that there's some variation.

So there is much to learn here. Getting the material depends, as always, on asking for it. I am interested in anything Michael wishes to teach us, but I also think, as several people have pointed out, that this is a relatively esoteric area, and there are other areas that might be more relevant to us right now in learning agape here on the physical plane.

As a student I would like to see a system which the channels can agree on which represents the truth in the clearest way.

Maybe eventually we'll have that. At this point, I think it's very unlikely that one could get all the channels to agree on anything, even if the Yarbro channels were willing to be part of the discussion.


According to the "Michael Math" chapter in More Messages from Michael, the entity is first divided by role. There can be any number of greater cadences of, say, scholars; then the sages are cast. Etc.

Therefore, if you are in the second greater cadence of scholars in your entity, and someone else is in the same entity, and is in the second greater cadence of sages in the same entity, you have a resonance between you, but you are not in the same greater cadence, because the roles are separated into different greater cadences.

I suspect that what initially came through Yarbro was, necessarily, a simplified version of how it really is. JP Van Hulle has channeled material illustrating the entity structure in a 3-dimensional way. Also, according to her channeling, the roles can be highly interspersed within the entity.

My own channeling is that in more experienced entities (with high numbers of previous grand cycles), the structure is more complex. They can have all seven roles, and there can be more than one "pocket" of a role interspersed within the entity, so that, say, three scholars in an entity could be described as having the same casting numbers; you'd have to have a precise picture of the entity's structure to know exactly where each fragment "lives" within the entity.

If souls are grouped together in a three-dimensional way, then imagine you are looking at a transparent rectangular box containing cadres (roughly 7000 souls each). Viewing it from one side, the cadres are in groups of twelve (what Michael through me calls cadre groups, and through JP, energy rings). Viewing it from another side, they are in groups of 7 (through Sarah Chambers and Yarbro called greater cadres). I suspect that something like this might account for the different systems, and that we don't yet have enough knowledge to reconcile them. However, it is likely that most of us having this discussion are in the same group of cadres, however they are organized.

People seem to either find such material very useful, or not useful at all, perhaps depending on whether they're more left- or right-brained. More than one Michael channel has said, "I don't do numbers." I personally like to understand the nuts and bolts behind things, and find that the numbers shed light for me on how we're equipped (and I'm good at math), but I can appreciate how many people might not relate to them.


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