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Use this page to compare photos of the different overleaves (or personality traits) in the Michael teachings. The seven goals, modes, and attitudes are explored in this study, with additonal comparisons to be added at a later date.

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The Seven Goals

The goals represent the life theme of an incarnation. Many personal experiences are drawn into a life by the choice of the goal. Thus, the goal could be said to sculpt the lifetime, shaping it in ways unique to each person. The seven goals are reevaluation, growth, discrimination, acceptance, submission, dominance, and flow.

Photo Comparisons of the Seven Goals


The Seven Modes

The modes govern how we approach life and how we accomplish our Goal. If we're in dominance, for instance, are we passionately dominant or cautiously dominant? The modes also express how we live our life, with either perseverance, aggression, reserve and so on. Essentially, our modes add the necessary spice to life that flavors our experiences and prevents unnecessary blandness.

Photo Comparisons of the Seven Modes


The Seven Attitudes

The attitudes represent the overall outlook, frame of reference, or the lens through which we view life: Are we skeptical or idealistic? Cynical or realistic? The attitudes are the most malleable overleaf, meaning our outlook can easily change if we so desire, but this also means our attitude is often the first to go when things become negative, potentially starting a negative chain reaction that derails the goal and the mode, as well.

Photo Comparisons of the Seven Attitudes



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The Seven Goals: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, Flow

The Seven Modes: Reserve, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression, Observation

The Seven Attitudes: Stoic, Spiritualist, Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist, Pragmatist

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The Seven Goals

Our goal sets the theme for a lifetime, acting as a primary motivator that guides our course of direction in life.


The Overleaves

Learn about the Overleaves, personality traits that shape our individual experence during each lifetime.