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Parallel Universes


This universe is only one of many universes. Surrounding you, penetrating you, are other universes and worlds with separate and familiar realities all their own. And you are living lifetimes right now in each one.

Have you thought about the life you might have lived had you followed another path? What about the unmade choice, the road not taken?

What are parallel universes?

Parallel universes are universes which are similar to, and nearly duplicates of, this universe. Parallel universes fit together in one space, like an infinite number of Chinese boxes fitting into each other, yet the boxes are all the same size.

Every time you make a momentous decision that changes your future from that point on, you create a new parallel universe. Your life is a series of major “intersect points” where parallel universes are created.

What is the purpose of parallel universes?

They give your Essence, your higher Self, a chance to have a variety of experience to keep itself busy, and add to your life.

Don’t I have enough to do in this parallel to keep me busy?

In your normal waking state, you’re only using about 1% of the potential of your essence. The other 99% of your essence is hanging out, drumming its fingers, waiting for something interesting to happen. So, your essence will spin off parallels just to keep itself occupied and happy.

Do I have the same personality traits or overleaves in all of my parallels? Do I have the same parents, genetic
characteristics and family lineage? Am I the same sex in all of my parallels?

Yes to all the above. The things that will change are the people you know, places where you live, your career, clothing styles, eating habits, and so forth. Your body height will stay the same (with allowances for normal growth and aging), but you may change your body type otherwise by gaining or losing weight.

Can I visit myself in those other parallels? Yes, through visualization and meditation. Here’ s one to try:

  • Go back through time [to ] an intersect point, a “fork in the road” in your life where you had to make a major decision about something (getting married or divorced, moving, choosing a school, picking a career, having or not having surgery, etc.).
  • Then imagine what would have happened if you had made the other choice. Project yourself forward from that point, into that other parallel, and see what you’re currently doing.
  • Where are you now, in that parallel? Are you happy? Stagnating? Is life flowing well for you?
  • Talk to yourself in that other parallel, as if you’re visiting an old friend. You’re visiting another You in a simultaneous reality.

What is a parallel universe shift?

It’s a restructuring of the universe that occurs from time to time, that lasts for a period of days or months. When you’re going through a parallel shift, you’re changing from one branch [of your life] to another branch; everything gets reorganized. You might feel ungrounded during the shift, without a clear direction to go in.

Once you’ve made the shift, everything in the new parallel universe is totally consistent with itself. No one else in that universe has any memory of any other universe. But you will remember the other universe you inhabited before you made the shift.

I can’t seem to make my life fit together anymore. Goals I used to have, have suddenly dropped away, and I’m doing things I thought I was done with. Yet there’s no clarity for me, and I feel like I’m slogging around in mud, without direction or clear purpose to my life.

You’re describing a personal parallel shift very well. Things will begin to settle down and become more clear as you enter the new parallel life you’ve just spun off for yourself.

Do events that happen in other parallels affect this parallel?

Yes, they can; and vice versa. If you have kids in another parallel, you’ll sense that the parenting part of yourself is being played out somewhere else, and you might choose not to have kids in this parallel.

What are concurrent lifetimes? Are they different from parallel lifetimes?

Yes. Concurrent lifetimes are all of your past lifetimes, your present lifetime, your future [probable] lifetimes, and the millions of parallels from each of those lifetimes, all existing at once.

All time exists now. You have concurrent lifetimes in other periods of history which are happening at this moment. You can also have a concurrent lifetime existing today, in this modern era, which can be a parallel from your last lifetime. Essence orchestrates the whole thing. [Note: In your concurrent lifetimes, you can be a different gender, with different parents, from a different country, and so forth. This is different from your parallels, where you’re the same gender, with the same parents, from the same country.]

Can I heal myself in this parallel from my other parallels?

Yes. Energy and messages can be sent back and forth among all your parallel selves. You can pivot yourself into a whole new direction, and get yourself out of stagnation.

Think of another parallel where you’re doing really well financially. Imagine a cord coming from your first chakra at the base of your spine in that other parallel into your first chakra in this parallel, and draw energy in. Feel the fullness of your success from that other parallel self, and blend it with your life here in this one.

You can do this same process, drawing on your more abundant parallels, for other areas of your life: sexuality, creativity, power, loving affection, communication talent, psychic ability, and spiritual awareness.

Why do psychics and futurists make so many predictions that don’t come true?

Actually they do come true, but in other parallels.

Can I communicate with myself in the future?

Yes. You can ask your future possible selves to help you decide something in the present. They will show you what you will become should you take each possible path. Anticipations in the present are messages sent to you from your future possible selves.

I’m always scared of making a wrong decision.

You can’t make a wrong decision. If you pick Door #1, then in another parallel you’ve picked Door #2. You get to do both. No matter what path you take, you will end up doing all of the possible paths in your parallels that you spin off.

Know that your parallels exist wherever you think they are. Everything is connected. All experience and events are connected, in all times and places. You are connected to your thousands of parallels, and they are connected to you here.




 Emily Baumbach is an astrologer and author of the Michael books, Celebrities and Parallel Universes. Her organization Causalworks has a newsletter, tapes, and channeling services. She can be reached at: emilyb@causalworks.com


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