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The New Age Store presents a compilation of recommended
products and services to guide you on your spiritual path

The New Age Store features popular metaphysical courses and products to provide you with the latest tools for spiritual development. From law of attraction material to numerology, from removing negative beliefs to finding your soulmate, we cover a wide spectrum of mind-expanding resources to broaden and engage your spiritual path. Shop the New Age Store with confidence.

Psychic Source

Every day, psychics open doors to other worlds and reveal breathtaking insights for their clients.

Psychic readings are deeply empowering experiences, and when you're armed with the knowledge provided by a good psychic, you'll make better decisions in your life and face upcoming challenges with more confidence and determination.

Psychic Source is the premier psychic network and has served the Internet for over 25 years. Every day customers from around the world get help from the most-qualified psychic advisors. The answers you seek are only a click away.

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Still undecided? Read my page on psychic readings

GAIA (Conscious Media and Spiritual Streaming)

Gaia is on the road to becoming the next Netflix, but for spiritual streaming and programing.

Gaia offers an impressive array of programs that empower others on a path of greater spiritual awareness. Gaia offers programming on yoga, spiritual transformation, films and documentaries, and even the paranormal, with popular shows like David Wilcock's Cosmic Disclosure series and George Noory's Beyond Belief.

At Gaia you'll find hours upon hours of great metaphysical content to intrigue you, make you think, and help you along your spiritual path. Read my FULL review to learn more.

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Find Your True Calling (And Get Paid To Do It)

In a startling discovery, an ancient secret reveals what you were "coded" to do at birth. Now you can enjoy a second chance at life. And the secret message that will change your life is only 53 minutes long.

In this system you will learn who your soulmate could be, what career you would shine at, what your spouse's secret code is, whether someone would be a good busiess partner, what's crucial for your kids to know, and much more.

Find your calling today. Click below to learn more.

Find Your True Calling


Total Money Magnetism

The Positive thinking is NOT enough to bring you wealth. No matter what other self-help experts out there tell you, it is NOT enough.

Positive Thinking by itself = Future disappointment

What you need is...Positive Thinking + Skills/Mindset + Action = Great wealth

If you want to become wealthy then you need to learn how to reprogram your mind to THINK like a millionaire.

Here's how to become a complete and total MAGNET for money...

The New Age Store concurs. Click below to learn more.

Total Money Magnetism

Lefkoe Method

The Lefkoe Method has helped over 150,000 people eliminate negative beliefs and change their lives for the better By targeting unwanted behavior and emotions, the method frees those unwanted emotional burdens that keep people stuck in debilitating bouts of inertia.

The Lefkoe Method helps dissolve your fears, nagging doubts and destructive habits that prevent you from reaching your goals in life. With the understanding this system affords, attaining new levels of fullfillment and happiness are now possible.

Change your life today. Click below to learn more.

The Lefkoe Method -- Get Started

Chakra Crystal & Stones (Handmade)

Here are recommended selections of chakra stones and necklaces.

These stones correspond with your seven chakras and usually align with each stone as follows: Root chakra stone: (Red Jasper); Sacral chakra: (Citrite); Solar Plexus chakra: (Tigers eye); Heart chakra: (Green Adventrine); Throat chakra: (Sodalite); Third Eye chakra: (Amethyst); Crown chakra: (Clear Quartz)

Yoga Accessories

Find the yoga accessories you need, from yoga excercise mats to blocks, straps, and the proper clothing.

All of your stretching and other variety of movements will be safer and more productive with these items guaranteed to enhance your experience.


One of the most popular spiritually-based sites online, the Numerologist supports your journey into greater self-knowledge. With the tools provided, you'll enhance your numerological wisdom and deepen your self-understanding.

To get started, tap into the 4000 year old science of numerological analysis with a free numerology video report. These reports are highly recommended if you desire greater self-knowledge.

The New Age Store agrees. Get your free video report today.

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Tibetan Singing Bowls (For Relaxation and Meditation)

This beautifully hand-crafted singing bowl from Nepal is a work of art in the way that it's hand-hammered from pure metals. It comes with a real silk cushion and a wooden leather mallet.

The bowl offers benefits of increased relaxation, relief from stress, and a balanced chakra system. The purity of the harmonic waves are perfect for prayer, yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

Singing bowls make for beautiful gifts.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps (Release Negative Ions into the Air)

Enjoy the health benefits of a Himalayan Salt lamp that releases negative ions into the air, helping to purify the air in your home of smoke, dander, pollen, and other pollutants. With a soothing amber glow, each lamp is hand-crafted and unique in its own way. The salt is mined from the Himalayan mountains and the lamp sits on a base made from highly durable Neem wood

Salt lamps add a beautiful ambience to your home, and they are wonderful as gifts.

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Collectibles (Wolves, Eagles, Dolphins...)

New age collectibles are the perfect gift for spiritual-minded friends or family, and they also add a touch of joy and magic to your own household.

The sculptures and collectibles will be updated as new pieces become available, so check back often to see what's new. The Bradford Exchange has an impressive tradition of creating beautifully depicted sculptured figures and are prized collectibles by many. Click the links below to learn more.

Attracting a Soulmate

Struggling with love and relationships? Learn the four steps that will bring your soulmate into your life. Created by Steven Jones and Joe Vitale, insightful authors of many popular books and services, this course empowers you to find your soulmate, that person you were destined to be with.

If you're frustrated by not finding yout true love and you've read countless numbers of books in your quest, this course may be your holy grail to romance. You will learn the four keys areas of attraction you should be looking for, and much, much more.

Find your soulmate today. Click below to learn more.

Attracting a Soul Mate


The Unstoppable Mindset Program

Have you ever longed to stop settling for the ordinary? Have you ever dreamed of accomplishing something extraordinary?

This exciting program teaches you to never settle for less than you can be.

With the Unstoppable Mindset Program you will develop a mindset that's without limitations and learn how to significantly improve your chances for success at anything you do.

Discover new possibilities for your life. Click below to learn more.

The Unstoppable Mindset Program

Paranormal Gifts

For the ghost hunter or paranormal enthusiast, here's a collection of great gifts that will delight and awe.


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David is the webmaster of and also moderates the Michael teachings discussion list at Yahoogroups. He has been a Michael student since 1996 and began channeling as a tool for spiritual enrichment. He is also a professional musician and plays the saxophone, clarinet, and flute, with a lifetime love for jazz and classical music. He enjoys literature and book collecting, and writes short stories in his spare time.

He occasionally writes reviews and profiles of jazz musicians at his jazz blog, Jazz Reader.



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