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Comparison Chart

It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between Mature and Old soul perspectives, since many of them often overlap.  Most won't argue that Old souls have more emotional detachment than Mature souls and this is often a defining feature. On the other hand, individual role, overleaves, cultural imprinting, internal monads, and the current soul age manifestation can make some old souls seem more mature-like, and vice versa. Apparently nothing is cut and dried.

Below is a comparison chart that outlines the identifying traits between the mature soul and the old soul.  It's not intended to be definitive and was compiled using resources from various Michael books.

  Mature Souls Old Souls
Motto I know how you feel. Live and let live.
Skills Highly capable; can make major contributions to the human race; very principled; progressive and natural reformers; money is not a high priority Quick learners; adaptable; natural problem solvers that rely on their own inner resources to find solutions; ability to be their own authority and look within for the answers.
Framework Emotionally intense and dramatic; idealistic and committed to eradicating injustice; confused and irrational at times; compassionate and empathetic; prone to addictive behaviors. More emotionally detached but not unemotional; intellectually focused; not overly identified with the problems in the world; willingness to cooperate with others; love of exchange and philosophy but preferring their own slant; big picture oriented; sometimes prone to self-deprecation.
Aim Trying to understand themselves and others; focused on relationships and emotional expression; need to make contribution to world; wants to belong to something; sometimes desires to be "like" others in terms of beliefs, behavior, fashion, etc.. Spiritual expansion and understanding; seek personal evolution; modeling old soul behavior to others; teaching by example and a need to teach and assist others in general; accept responsibility with grace; a simple desire to enjoy life, friends, family, and work.
Relationships Intense and enduring; soap opera-like; prone to over identification; seek community; want to find others or a community that understands them; Feel connected to everything, (e.g., relations to people, animals, the environment;intimate and caring; not soap opera-like; long lasting; sensual and favoring sex with intimacy and good communication; enjoy differences in others.
Interests Supporting the arts and advancing human service; making a contribution to society; exploring new things; joining emotional causes and being a champion of them. Having fun, enjoying good humor, and learning to relax more; seeking work that enriches and satisfies rather than rewards with abundant wealth or prestige; communing with nature; expressing natural talents in many areas.
Values Love of art and creativity in all forms; philosophy; expression and exchange; abhor censorship; seek social reform and personal growth;  environmentalism & animal rights Substance over appearance; bending the rules; enjoying life and all that it brings, including sex, good food, good communication, good music, philosophical discourse,  and anything else sensual or intellectually stimulating.
Countries Italy, Canada, Russia, Poland, England, Scandinavia, parts of the United States (Northwest & Southwest). 1/3 of population. Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, pockets in Russia and the United States. 1/10 of population.

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