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It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between Mature and Old soul perspectives, since many of them often overlap.  Most won't argue, however, that Old souls have more emotional detachment than Mature souls and this is often a defining feature. On the other hand, individual rolesoverleaves, cultural imprinting, internal monads, and the current soul age manifestation can make some old souls seem more mature-like, and vice versa. Apparently nothing is cut and dried.

Below is a comparison chart that outlines the identifying traits between the mature soul and the old soul. It's not intended to be definitive, as no human soul can be definitive. Variations in personality and perspectives are what makes us human.


Mature Soul vs Old Soul: A Comparison Chart

Mature Soul/Old Soul Comparison

In the fascinating realm of the Michael teachings, two significant soul age groups stand out: the mature soul and the old soul. Each soul age represents a distinct stage of spiritual evolution, influencing a person's outlook, behavior, and experiences. In this informative piece, we delve into the contrasting traits and characteristics of mature souls and old souls, shedding light on their unique perspectives and approaches to life.

I. The Motto:

MATURE SOULS: "I know how you feel."

Mature souls possess a deep understanding of human emotions and can empathize with others on a profound level. They are highly principled, progressive, and natural reformers, always striving to make significant contributions to the human race. Money is not a high priority for them; instead, they focus on nurturing relationships and emotional expression.

OLD SOULS: "Live and let live."

Old souls have a more detached approach to emotions, not being overly identified with the world's problems. They are intellectually focused and often seek their own philosophical slant on life. Big picture-oriented, old souls exhibit a sense of wisdom and acceptance, allowing them to live life with a "live and let live" philosophy.

II. Skills and Framework:


Mature souls are highly capable individuals, capable of making significant contributions to society. They are driven by their principles and values, making them natural reformers who strive to eradicate injustice. However, their emotional intensity can sometimes lead to confusion and irrationality. They may also be prone to addictive behaviors, seeking refuge from the intensity of their emotions.


Old souls possess a unique set of skills that include adaptability and quick learning. They are natural problem solvers, relying on their inner resources to find solutions to life's challenges. Intellectual focus is a hallmark of the old soul, enabling them to detach from emotional turbulence and approach situations with clarity and objectivity.

III. Aim and Relationships:


Mature souls aim to understand themselves and others better. They are deeply focused on relationships and emotional expression, seeking a sense of belonging and connection with others. Often, they desire to be accepted and understood by like-minded individuals or communities that resonate with their values.


Old souls' primary aim is spiritual expansion and personal evolution. They are driven to model old soul behavior, teaching by example and assisting others in their own journeys. Old souls tend to accept responsibility with grace and find joy in the simple pleasures of life, valuing their relationships and connections with others.

IV. Interests and Values:


Mature souls are enthusiastic supporters of the arts and human services, contributing to society in meaningful ways. They are attracted to emotional causes and championing social reform and personal growth. Mature souls value expression, exchange, and creativity in all forms, abhorring censorship and favoring environmental and animal rights.


Old souls prioritize substance over appearance and are known for bending the rules to align with their values and beliefs. They take pleasure in enjoying life's many facets, including sensual experiences like sex, good food, and good communication. Philosophy and intellectual discourse are also sources of inspiration for old souls.

V. Countries of Prevalence:


Countries with a relatively higher prevalence of mature souls include Italy, Canada, Russia, Poland, England, and certain regions in the United States, such as the Northwest and Southwest.


Old souls are found in fewer numbers compared to mature souls, with pockets of prevalence in countries like Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Russia, and the United States.


The distinction between mature souls and old souls in the Michael teachings provides invaluable insights into the complexity of human spiritual evolution. While mature souls are passionate and emotionally intense, old souls display a sense of wisdom, detachment, and acceptance. Understanding the traits and characteristics of these soul age groups enriches our perception of human diversity and lends a deeper appreciation for the profound influence of soul age on shaping individual journeys.


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