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In 2000, I asked several questions of Michael through Shepherd about his cadre numbering system, and I'm reprinting it below.

It's worth pointing out that there really isn't one "classic" system for numbering cadres other than for what are commonly called Cadres One and Two (Three and Four through Shepherd and a few others). The Yarbro people number cadres based on a group of seven (greater cadres), whereas JP Van Hulle and others who trained with her speak of "energy rings" of twelve cadres.

It should be noted that the first public mention of groups of twelve cadres was in Shepherd's book, "The Journey of Your Soul," in 1994 (first channeled around 1990); through him, they are called "Cadre Groups." However, Michael through him doesn't use these larger groups to assign numbers, because that would make it impossible to assign a unique number to each cadre. For example, several cadres could be fifth in their larger group of either twelve or seven, so "Cadre Five" would not mean just one particular cadre.

For higher-numbered cadres, there's no sure way to translate among the numbers used through Yarbro, the Orinda-based channels, Shepherd, and the later work by Sarah Chambers. Your best bet might be to ask Michael for the names of some entity mates and then find out what that entity is numbered through another channel.

It seems to me that this is a minor issue that doesn't merit a lot of fuss. It simply is not true that the system used through Shepherd will lead to numbers that will change in any of our lives. Most people who have received their Michael charts with cadre information are clear as to which one they're in, and that's the point, right?
Here's the channeling.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin

Q. Your system of cadre numbering through the channel Shepherd Hoodwin doesn't appear to match the work of other Michael channels. Does this mean that your cadences are different, too?

A. They are the same.

Q. Did you create your cadre numbering system through him without him cross referencing? In other words, did the channel discover that his findings clashed with those of other channels, but instead of adjusting his system, did he merely seek his own explanations?

A. When this channel began to channel charts, he asked for a universal system of numbering cadres that could accommodate anyone who might come. At that time, other channels were not using cadre numbers much. When they did, the numbering didn't generally extend beyond four. The concept of cadre groups had not yet been brought through.

What was called Cadre One by other channels we called Cadre Three in order to be able to use a single number to account for the two remaining cadres of Cadre Group One.

When the channel learned that other channels called his Cadre Three, Cadre One, we advised him to continue with the system we had already implemented with him. The system is convenient and internally consistent, and it is not at all difficult to translate.

You will note that the channel Sarah Chambers brought forth still another system, which is not contradictory but relates to a different aspect of what is really "three-dimensional." All the systems are "two-dimensional models," and describe different "sides" of "three-dimensional" structure.

Q. It has been said that your system counts Cadres One and Two not because of their cadre group numbering, but because they have higher soul ages.

A. The mean age of a cadre, as we compute it for this purpose, is a combination of both soul age and the number of previous cycles, which mostly follows the order of casting from the Tao. It is measurable, and that is what we use through this channel for numbering. It is not surprising that the last remaining cadres of Cadre Group One would be slightly older than the first cadre of Cadre Group Two, although this would not have to be the case.

Q. Is it true that you place cadres in sequence without a break, and that when one cadre cycles off (say in 200 years), Cadre Three could, for example, become Cadre Two?

A. None of these systems are likely to be in use by the time a relevant cadre cycles off. By then, your understanding of universal formations will have grown a great deal, and you will use different descriptors.

The reality of how cadres are cast from the Tao is far more complex than we are capable of transmitting at this time. The numbering systems currently in place now, however, are adequate for the time being.

If we were to use a numbering system based directly on cadre groups, it would still not provide a unique number for each cadre. There are cadres that began on the physical plane earlier than what we are calling Cadre One; we are not using that factor to assign numbers, although we could. The system we chose here is arbitrary, but, again, consistent with itself, and therefore, usable.

Q. The same could be said about entities. If there are seven entities in a cadre, and one of them cycles off, isn't it true that according to your system the space left open by the departing entity would now be filled by the adjacent entity, meaning that Entity Five would become Entity Four, Entity Six would become Entity Five, and so on?

A. Because entity numbers relate to casting order, if one entity cycles off, the numbers would be maintained. The cadre numbers in this system, however, are not related to casting order--they are simply conveniences. Cadre Three is not, say, third out of 7 or 12; it is third out of an open-ended progression.

We think that too much could be made of all this. The purpose of the cadre numbers is to be able to refer to a particular cadre and know which one it is. It should not be assumed that all the Michael fragments who are channeled confer on every piece of channeling to ensure that all terms in a particular human language are consistent among channels. That would be exhausting and a waste of time; what is important is the meaning. The translation through individual channels necessarily has some leeway. It is up to students to ascertain meanings, and doing so is good work.


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Shepherd has been channeling since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching, where he teaches others to channel. He has conducted workshops on the Michael teachings throughout the United States. His other books include Enlightenment for Nitwits, Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships, Meditations for Self-Discovery, Opening to Healing, Growing Through Joy, Being in the World, and more to come.

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