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Opening Comments

<NancyG> Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG> We are here. We are looking at each of you here, even if you are at the other end of the earth. You are all surrounded by beginnings tonight. Although the calendar is just a tool for counting time, it is important for you as you attend to your lives. Therefore we honor your New Year, just as you do. The more beginnings you can have, the more often you can look ahead to working out the plan for your own evolution. It would be very difficult to manage that if the only beginning you could know would be your birth.

Now, think of this: You have a new beginning for every birthday. One for each school year you have experienced. One for each anniversary of anything that is on-going in your life. And in this past days, the beginning of another year. There are ceremonies attached to many beginnings. These may seem unimportant to many of you, and even infantile to some of you, but the addressing of a beginning needs to be comprehended and ceremony is one way to do that. You may make lists. You may make what you call resolutions. You may only decide that you are going to pay more attention to the passing of time than you have been. Whatever addressing works in your life, let it be a part of these moments that we are sharing tonight. No one bringing to bear is right for everyone. No commands are intended. Only the suggestion that attention to this milestone in life is a reminder that there is purpose to it.

Let the observation of New Year become part of your life and then let it go as you 'get on' with it. Now we will take questions.

<DaveGregg> Spiritdoc, you have the first question tonight...

Q & A

<Spiritdoc> My question has to do with the new energies coming in now to Earth.  I have been aware of the changes we are going through both spiritual, consciousness and physical my thoughts now go to efforts to best receive it. I have wanted to communicate more closely and clearly with my wisdom and guides. How best to do it, is my question.

<NancyG> We are not conscious that there is anything exceptional happening to your planet. There are changes occurring, as there are always on the physical plane. The energies you are concerned with are more a matter of those being generated by your fellow human beings than they are coming from without.

These energies are especially noticed by those who are most open to them, as you are. Observe your closest connections. These and the circle to which you come tonight generate continuous energy which broadcasts the way they are working in their sphere. It is part of the evolution of this planet that you are experiencing. Many of you are moving toward a more open and more tolerant space in which to thrive.

No matter how negative the world's conception that is transferred to your knowing via middle men such as news gatherers, the general tendency for this planet is toward its goal of a Mature soul age. We have said it before: this will take some time, another 150 years or so. But it is happening, and you, Gloria, are feeling the effects of it.

<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> I recently had a dream in which i was dead and waiting for the bright light to come and collect me. In the vast darkness I was aware of a presence and I remarked not tonight, then I awoke. Am I to understand I had the choice to exit this life that night?

<NancyG> We do not believe that this was a prescience of imminent death. When there is a dream of dying, it can be traced to any number of reasons, both conscious and unconscious origins. We do, however, suggest that your response to the situation mirrors your sense that you are not ready to leave this plane just yet. This firm commitment to life and to the work you have planned for it is a reinforcement to your human personality that you are solidly HERE, and not anywhere else. We would say that this is a healthy, even joyful, confirmation of your consent to your original plans for this life.

<Robinette> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Mheinze, you're next...

<m_heinze> Hi Nancy & Michael . . I'm newly situated and more sovereign than I've been in ages, and am asking for the most powerful focus to discipline myself toward the goal of creating art for the purpose of profit (there is concern that I've pissed too much time away (I'm 34) and narrowed my prospects. Ten years ago Michael promoted the idea of extreme success in this field.

<NancyG> We suggest that you yourself, Margaret, have put your finger on the very point you are asking about. Discipline. This is the element that has been missing in respect to the goal that you have set for yourself. Why would you suppose that having lived for 34 years, you cannot achieve it now? Is there a time bomb in your life that has detonated and destroyed your talent?

We cannot promise success, but we can say that there is no barrier to your achieving your goal other than that of your own making. Prospects are constantly forming and reforming on the physical plane. Nothing is static, nothing graven in stone when it comes to life plans. Consider this a new beginning and go from there.

<m_heinze> OK, thanks mg
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks. My name is Jyoti Shah. My question: "Is it possible to successfully find out overleaves, etc., using pendulum dowsing as a method. How does one energetically prepare for this?

<NancyG> The pendulum or dowsing rod is one way that many have used for divining their overleaves. It does not take any special preparation on the part of the do-er, only a predisposition to connect with the energy in this fashion. Remember, crystal balls, tarot cards, tea leaves, pendulum, divining rods are only physical things that focus one's attention. They have no power of their own. Therefore the effort comes from the human being, the fragment attempting this means of knowing.

Some fragments will be attracted to one such means, others to another one. And some will have no attraction to any of them and will prefer to ask one who has the ability to connect with this kind of information to do it for them. It is all a matter of individual ability, much like opera singing. Some fragments can and many cannot. If you feel the attraction, try it out.

<Jyoti_Shah> What can be the pitfalls to watch out for so that accuracy is not compromised while dowsing?

<NancyG> There is always the possibility that the personality of the one attempting to connect with this means will get in the way. That is the major concern. We cannot say that doing such and so will obviate this 'pitfall', but being aware of it is a good start. The same caveat that all channels are, or should be aware of, namely that there is no perfection in the connection that they have with our energy or that of any other entity is perfect. So also doing dowsing or asking the pendulum for direction much be validated by the one receiving the information. That is the best means for avoiding the compromise.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks for the suggestion. Feel attracted to give it a try. Thanks Nancy, Michael and Dave.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> I'd like to know about the most impacting of my past lives that was woven into this life's plan.

<NancyG> Past lives, except for the lessons learned, are usually complete in themselves and do not impinge on future lives. The lessons, however, are another matter. These can have a residue which is felt in one or more future lives.

The lesson of patience has been part of a number of lives lived before this one, and this has become a part of nearly every recent life. You may see it as a work in progress, but we can say that it is more an application of knowing how it works now and how it is applied to your days. This may feel like you are still dealing with the pressure of attaining patience where it is most needed, but again, that is merely the perception of the human personality, not of the Higher Self. Higher Self is quite satisfied with the progress as it stands.

<Geraldine> Thank you, and yes, patience has been a major "goal"
<DaveGregg> Diane Keith, you're next...

<DianeKeith> Hi Nancy and Michael ;-) I recently had a dream where I was driving a car at high speed and struggling to see through the windshield, which was almost completely obscured. I am interested in hearing whatever information Michael would like to offer me this evening.

<NancyG> There has been a number of events in your life recently that have seemed too complicated to deal with effectively. Your ability to untangle them has been limited by a lack of sufficient knowledge and so you have had to struggle with less than a complete picture. This struggle and the irritation that it has caused has invaded your dream life.

<DianeKeith> How could I get a more complete picture?

<NancyG> The best way would be to try to deal with one problem at a time. This may not be as satisfactory as having a master plan for putting all to rest, but it will be the way to open the 'picture' up for more effective resolution. We would say that the most pressing of your obscurities needs the attention of someone other than yourself. Ask for advice.

<DianeKeith> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I am wondering if the suicide bombings and the violence now occurring in the Middle East and Africa by those who consider themselves to be Muslims is something resulting from the Muslim teachings or is it a response to feeling helpless in the face of overwhelming odds...is this type of choice likely to escalate or are their guides working with those souls to find other ways to create changes?

<NancyG> The violence that has been unleashed in the world cannot be laid at the feet of the teacher Muhammad who is revered by these very violent people. As in every teaching, there are those who exaggerate, who distort, who name their model but who are far from exemplifying his or her life. This is a relatively small number of men and some women who have been supported by clerics of the religion of Islam who are no better teachers than the worst of their followers.

The spirit of the man Muhammad is not part of their understanding. And yes, there is great fear among these fragments that compels them to violence to protect what they conceive to be their way of life. Remember that most of these terrified fragments are Baby souls. They have no experience with the elements of the Young world that threatens them. No guides will interfere with the working out of their soul age as they see it. That would be interfering with choice, as you know. We do say that there is always an end to movements of this kind and over the next 20 years, actually now 15 since we last conjectured the timing of this violence, there will be a diminution of terror and so of warfare.

<laughingboi> Thank you for your time and patience in answering this question for me.
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivy> Can I ask about past lives for me in china/japan, if I had any? I feel drawn to that part of the world.

<NancyG> We can say that you have had several Asian lives, three in China, two in Japan, four in the islands south of the continent proper. The resonance you feel toward the culture and life of these places is quite clear and has been something you return to even as you experience lives in other parts of the world. These experiences were not all comfortable, by the way. But enough of your connection with them was so that you often feel the pull of them.

<ivy> Were any of these lives especially notable in any way that is significant to this life?

<NancyG> Not especially. They were for the most part what you would consider ordinary, if any life is really ordinary. You were female for about half of them, and during one life you were the wife and mother of fishermen. Your claim to fame in that life was your pronounced ability to brew hops and the beer that resulted. You were known for many miles for your excellent brews.

<ivy> okay, thank you!
<DaveGregg> Suzie, you're next...

<suzief> Do Support Groups change as various people in the roles move in/out of one's life?

<NancyG> The support circle that each of you depend upon does indeed change as need changes. Sometimes there is even a gap in the circle which is not filled at a given time because there is greater need to focus on another part of the circle. We have also known more than one element of the circle to be filled by the same person, e.g., someone who is in the love position might also be in the mentor position.

<suzief> That is awesome, thanks!
<DaveGregg> Cheri, you're next...

<Cheri> I want to get a better direction of what I need to do to bring more money in. I have had to go back to work as a dog groomer. I have a lot of healing modalities I can do. I was thinking of starting a dog walking service but am not sure.

<NancyG> The healing energy in your hands is indeed great. This is much needed by the world you live in. We do not see any conflict in trying to use both your present choice to work with animals and your ability to work with their masters/mistresses simultaneously. You may need to prepare yourself more expertly to apply your healing ability, however.

We understand that there are such things as licenses, etc., to contend with. If you should choose to do so, the preparation can lead to a more sustainable income than just working with friends. If you are seriously considering this possibility, we can see great promise for income here.

<Cheri> What do I need prepare to apply my ability?

<NancyG> We suggest you investigate the areas that have been named.  Alternative Health Services. Perhaps after identifying those who work in this area, you could ask for advice as to the path you could take. One professional application of the healing modality is massage. This is becoming a great boon to many who need its healing energy.

<DaveGregg> Lou, you're next...
<Cheri> Thank you

<lou> I would like to take fear of any and all forms out of my thinking, and learn my problems in communicating because of my emotions...

<NancyG> There are only two energies in the universe: Love and Fear. Most fragments live in fear for most of their lives. This need not be true of everyone, but our experience is that overcoming fear is a goal that is seldom met in a given lifetime.

As you enter into the teachings that we bring, you will encounter the concept of poles. That is, that all energy has a positive and negative aspect. The trick is to learn to live in the positive poles of your life in order to confound the element of Fear. We suggest further study which may lead to a better understanding of how to apply the teachings we bring. There are many around you who will be more than happy to help you in this pursuit. Ask.

<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> I've been told by 4 different female channels that I have some connection with Orion. I'd like to know more about this such as if I have some incarnations there, at what time on which planet and what kind of connection it is?

<NancyG> We are primarily concerned with this cycle of lives and the work necessary to evolve through it. There is no connection between cycles lived on other star systems, or other or alternate universes. If you consider the ramifications of attempting to cross lives between universes and systems, you would understand that each is a closed system as far as a fragment is concerned. Knowing something of another experience is no more useful than reading an historical novel. It is entertaining but hardly useful.

<akira> Then why do channels keep telling me such things?

<NancyG> We do not know.

<akira> ok, thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> AnnH, you're next...

<annh> I would like to know about the death of the man who was called "Billy the Kid" whose real name was either William H. McCarty or Wm Bonney. Was he actually killed in a shoot out with Pat Garrett , or did he enter the room with a knife asking "Who is it" in Spanish and then shot by Garrett, or was he ambushed by Garrett in Fort Sumner. Texas? 3 scenarios--or was it something else?

<NancyG> The fragment known as Billy the Kid was born William McCarty. William Bonney was also an outlaw who crossed paths with McCarty occasionally. This may be why their names tend to be confused.

<annh> Ah, yes.

<NancyG> The fragment's end came by the man Garrett who considered that he was defending himself from William's knife. It is a moot point who was first offensive. The end was not exactly an ambush in the true sense of the word. Both men saw each other clearly. The death of William came in Texas.

<annh> thank you!
<DaveGregg> KathyDV, you're next...

<KathyDV> For as long as I can remember I have had very vivid dreams of an Armageddon-like scenario...Invasions from hostile forces, often from other dimensions. I always survive and have to lead the others to safety! Usually we are in a mall, of all places. Are these past life bleedthroughs or something else? Thank you!

<NancyG> There is a strong protective element in your current personality which is felt as a need to provide those around you with direction and safety. Your dream as it continues to focus on this aspect is an amalgam of visions and ideas and does not reflect a reality. It is not a breakthrough from the past, nor is it a premonition of a disaster in the future that we know of.

The fact that you are indeed a survivor type of fragment and that you can command the resources, inner resources, to show others the way is what is being made apparent here. The 'otherness' of the situation, we believe, is irrelevant, coming perhaps from ideas and directions from various modes of entertainment. We would not be too concerned about them.

<KathyDV> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> MildlyMystified, you're next...

<MildlyMystified> My question has to do with a period of scarcity that has been plaguing me since the fall of 2005 and was worsened by a relationship with a fragment named M. who betrayed me.  I'm at a career crossroads.  Do the Michaels see the period of scarcity and loss ending?

<NancyG> This time of diminished income and as you put it 'scarcity' is part of an agreement that you have made with the life you currently life. It is, then, not an aberration, but actually has been planned into the fabric of this life. The male was the synergistic element necessary to trigger it, that is all.

You, however, have the ability to bring it to an end at any time. The experience was all that was part of the plan/agreement, and now you may go forward to other experiences if you choose to. In order to do this, you may have to do some very serious thinking about yourself. One question that you may want to ask concerns your tendency to put off the responsibility for what happens to you as belonging to anyone other than yourself.

Each of you is responsible for your own choices. And every choice is valid, whether it is considered 'good' or 'not good'. That judgment cannot be best made by the personality, only by Essence and the Higher Self.

This may be a good time to take stock and take some steps toward a goal, whatever you perceive as a goal at this time. IT does not matter if it is just what you are going to do tomorrow. You may not want to tackle what are you going to do for the rest of this life. Taking things one at a time is always a good choice.

<MildlyMystified> thank you
<DaveGregg> Frederick, you're next...

<Frederick> What are some of the effects you see for this world as Pluto enters Capricorn, and how does this correlate with other historic passages of Pluto through Capricorn?

<NancyG> The workings of astrology are not a very integral part of our teachings. Those of you who are serious students of this form of divination may find that the seriousness and deliberate elements of Capricorn, influenced by the element of endings and so beginnings of Pluto are a propos this beginning and this new century, by your counting.

<Frederick> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Cyndi, you have the final question...

<Cyndi_Reeves> what is my life task? Will I meet a life partner? How, When and Where?

<NancyG> We do not predict, Cyndi, and we do not command. The number of mating agreements that you planned for this lifetime is eleven. That means that there are a number of mates who may be thinking of you. But it also means that they have a number of mating agreements besides you, and so may have taken another female up on one. That is why we do not try to describe how or when a suitable mate will appear. We suggest that you continue your usual life's work and be open to whatever happens. One of those agreements is then more likely to connect.

As to your life task: This has to do with the work of providing direction for the rudderless. This overall t ask has many possibilities. Do not think that it means that you will be addressing whole classes of dropouts, bringing them to a sense of who they are and why they are. (smile) You could, of course, but you could also, by your own sense of groundedness, radiate confidence and purpose that will be identified and copied by those around you when appropriate. In effect, your task may be less of a chore than you may have supposed.

<Cyndi_Reeves> Thank you very much....
<DaveGregg> That was the last question, Nancy.

Closing Comments

<NancyG> We have considered beginnings tonight, which always follow endings. There is a kind of sadness at the end of something, even something pleasurable, but there is often a counter weight in the excitement of a beginning. Tonight is such a moment, if you would like it to be. Only you can determine your own path. You may ask for guidance, you may change your mind along the way, you may wish you had chosen differently now that you find yourself up against obstacles unlooked for. But every step along the road of evolution of your soul is a new beginning. Change what you can, work with what you cannot, and teach  yourself how to tell the difference. One of your poets has said that in my end is my beginning. This was a one who understood life. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy and Michael. :-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<yy2> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<MildlyMystified> thank you Nancy and Michael
<Spiritdoc> Namaste, thank you both.
<Jyoti_Shah> Thank you Nancy, Michael and Dave.
<MildlyMystified> and Dave :)
<ivy> Thank you!
<Cheri> thank you Nancy michael & dave
<akira> Thank you Nancy, Dave and Michael
<NancyG> Always it is our pleasure. Thank you all for coming.
<m_heinze> You're a real peach Nancy G, a real peach :-) .. Bugs n Fishes Dave, gnight! :-) And HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY :-)

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