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Individual Chart Analysis


In the following pages, I present my interpretations of the Michael charts of a number of people whom I know rather well — in most cases a period of many years. This will perhaps be more interesting to many readers than abstract theories and general principles. Besides, a theory is of little value if it cannot be applied in actual situations with living human beings. I personally feel that the insights that I have gained about the nature of these people who are close to me has been valuable in knowing how to relate to them. And, in those cases where I have explained this System to them, it has been beneficial to them also.

On the Charts on the following pages, the shaded squares and circles are the Characteristics in the Arrays of the people. (The squares are males and the circles are females.) The half-shaded squares and circles are their secondary Features and Centers. The numbers in the squares and circles represent the ranking of their centers, from third strongest to seven for the weakest.


This is someone that I know well because I worked near him daily for several years. He is an engineering draftsman in his early forties at the time of this writing. 

As a third Level Young soul, he is almost exactly half way through the cycles of Maturation. He is at the height of involvement in his physical life, so to speak. Consequently, he is very much concerned about worldly pursuits. The fact that he is a Warrior also emphasizes the worldly-exploit nature of this life. He prides himself (notice the Arrogance Feature) on how well informed he is about the news — what is happening in the world. He also takes pride in all his many accomplishments, for he is constantly getting things done around the house and with his automobiles. As is also characteristic of Warriors, he is "tough as nails" — he can endure hardships well. As with many Warriors, he likes motorcycles and hot cars — the modern-day chariots.

His Goal of Acceptance means he is a nice person — he can be quite charming. On the other hand, this Young Warrior can be harsh at times. His Passion Mode makes him very intent on being his own person and exhibiting his actions freely — he tells all there is to tell about himself, especially since his primary Feature is Greed. He wants what he wants very strongly, he goes after it, and he keeps at it till he gets it. The Passion Mode also leads him to exaggerate everything — everything is a big deal to him. He is usually unwilling to compromise or give in to others because his Arrogance leads him to believe he is superior, if not nearly perfect, and practically always right.

The Skeptic Attitude contributes to his engineering aptitude, because it prompts him to investigate whatever situation is before him. He asks a lot of questions about the world. And, like most Skeptics, he is very doubtful about life after death. His Intellectual Center is very weak, but he does have a high IQ In his false humility, he keeps the exact figure to himself, but lets it be known that he is smart and that others are stupid (Arrogance again). He doesn't enjoy thinking out the details, which a person who is strong in the Intellectual Center normally would.

His strongest Center is the Sexual Center. This shows up in the fact that he wants sex about twice a day if he can get it (he has been extremely promiscuous in the past). His second strongest Center is the Instinctive Center. This is exhibited in his idiosyncratic behavior. He perhaps has more idiosyncrasies than anyone I know. Also he claims to have super senses and extreme sensitivity to the environment — a remark which combines Instinctive Center, Passion Mode, and Arrogance Feature. Overall, this is a very interesting personality. Life is not boring with him around, but most people find him a bit irritating.


This is a girl I have known for over ten years, and worked with her for five of those. She is in her early thirties at the time of this writing, has been married and divorced, and has no children. 

This first Level Mature soul is at the beginning of a new cycle. At this Level, a person does not usually pursue answers to the big questions, but is content to just experience life as it comes, and this is the case with her. This is a generally undistinguished lifetime.

This Slave soul with a Goal of Reduction would rather pass her time in seclusion as a housewife, but at present she is employed as a secretary, in a job she feels is meaningless drudgery — notice she is in the Negative Pole of the Slave Role: Bondage. The Caution Mode means that she has a slow and careful manner that makes her thoughtful and accurate in her work, a trait that her employer values. It also makes her very security-conscious. She does not take chances or risks.

The Reduction Goal means that she is rather hard to get to know, that she tends to keep to herself, that she wants to avoid the complex hassles of life, and that she would like to stay at home. She tends to build a shell around herself when she feels she cannot cope with the world (which is quite often) because she is Polarized in the Negative Pole of Withdrawal.

The Skeptic Attitude also means she tends not to be friendly to just anyone, and she is inclined to question your motives because she is often in the Negative Pole of Suspicion, but if you are very patient, and carefully take the time to cultivate her acquaintance, she will show herself to be a warm and sensitive person, as evidenced by her strong Emotional and Impressional Centers.

Her weak Moving Center means she prefers to sit and do passive tasks like reading and watching TV than to do active tasks like working around the house. Her weak Sexual Center as compared to her strong Emotional Center means that her interest in male companionship is motivated more by a desire for physical closeness and affection than by lust. She has a significant interest in psychology, which is a product of her strong Impressional Center, since this Center allows her to tune into the "spirit" (psychological climate) of whatever situation she finds herself in.

Her Features of Impatience and Stubbornness have been known to get her into some difficulty. Her abundance of Traits in the Analysis and Involution Processes tends to make her a materialistic person, so she finds comfort in physical possessions. Her Impatience for ownership has caused her to make purchases which have kept her in constant financial straits, and her Stubbornness has prevented her from taking the advice of others in these matters at times. She is not irresponsible in this however, because she is a Mature soul, and psychologically mature enough to realize that you must pay for what you want.


This is a man who worked at the same place I did for a number of years. He is an engineer nearing retirement age at the time of this writing. 

He is one of the most primitive individuals I have ever charted, being an Infant soul at the third Level. He is regarded by all who know him as an immature person, lacking in grace and common social sensibility. You can tell just by looking in his eyes that there is not much "in there" — that there is an obvious lack of depth to the personality. Yet in spite of the newness of his psyche, he has done remarkably well for himself, since he is a professional engineer and a partner in an engineering firm, with employees working under his supervision. His engineering aptitude is an expression of his strongest Center, the Intellectual, and his Pragmatist Attitude. This is an excellent combination for an engineer. The Artisan Role is more suited to engineering than the Warrior Role, which this person is, but many other Warriors are to be found in engineering also. His approach is simply to get the work done, rather than to do it artfully or skillfully, as an Artisan would.

Probably the reason this person has gotten as far as he has in life is because of his Dominance Goal and Power Mode. This gives him a drive and confidence which might otherwise be lacking in such an immature personality. It also makes him rather difficult to work with, since he lacks the social finesse that come with maturity in Age. He is overbearing and pushy at times. His primary Feature of Impatience only makes this worse, since he often acts rashly and impetuously in his efforts to keep his employees busy. He has difficulty keeping employees from quitting. (I would also recommend that you not ride in an automobile that he was driving, since this Impatience and his lack of general savvy make him nervous, jumpy and incompetent behind the wheel. It would be amusing if you could just watch from a safe place. His overall incompetence is a source of amusement, frustration and disgust to those around him, although he is oblivious to this.) Even though he can be obnoxiously domineering, he almost always backs down if another person challenges his authority. Because he is such a primitive person, he does not know how to deal with differentness in others. Present him with a new situation and he tends to run away until he can figure out how to handle it.

This man is not unintelligent, uneducated, or culturally deprived. Nevertheless, his primitivity is obvious to all. Most people, although they do not understand the reason (psychological immaturity) for his overwhelming lack of appropriate behavior, nevertheless make allowances for it, and he himself manages to muddle through life without doing any great damage. In fact, he seems to be doing remarkably well considering the handicap he has to work against.


This is a former employer of mine that I worked with for several years. He is nearing retirement age at the time of this writing. 

This Young Artisan is an engineer by education and profession. His Artisan Role and strong Intellectual Center are ideal for this occupation, so he is well suited to what he does for a living, and he is fairly successful at it. Since his Intellectual Center is his strongest Center, he tends to analyze all the alternatives and consider all the ramifications of every possibility. However, in combination with his weak Imagination Center, it means he does not know how to see the big picture and take shortcuts to get a job done quickly or efficiently — he gets bogged down in the details.

It is not surprising that he would be a boss in his own engineering firm, considering his Dominance Goal and Power Mode. I have seen this combination quite often with employers. He is not the type to work for someone else, especially with a Feature of Arrogance. No one else is going to tell him what to do, and he is too good to let any one else be over him. He worked for a couple of other firms for a while after college, then started his own business. He maintains tight control over his employees — everything has to be done just his way — and there is no toleration of individual initiative. This approach is only made worse by the fact that he is a Young soul ("do it my way") and at the first Level — he not very aware of self and other and questioning the meaning of it all: he simply acts.

And speaking of "simply acts", his strong Instinctive Center means that he is rather impulsive, arbitrary, and whimsical about what he wants and doesn't want — there is no consistency. His mood swings are impossible to figure out, and, until I saw his Chart, I never knew if it was something I did to get him upset, or just his state of mind. Now I realize it was just his unpredictable Instinctive Center.

One very likable Trait about him is the Idealist Attitude. This Characteristic helps to soften the overbearing nature inherent in him with these Delineation Aspects. He is basically friendly, and likes to talk philosophy (the Intellectual Center is generally very communicative). He likes to tell you about the wisdom he has learned in his life, and share his idealistic view of the world, but because of his relatively primitive Age, it usually comes out rather platitudinous and sophomoric.

Now in his declining years, he seems to be going through his "second childhood" — he acts rather childish and juvenile at times. (He also wants to buy and restore antique automobiles — an Artisan thing to do). My guess is that this is a characteristic most prevalent among Young souls in old age. Since this Age is attached to youthfulness, Young souls may be the least likely to be able to cope gracefully with aging.


This is a middle-aged woman that I met at a metaphysics meeting, and have dealt with socially on numerous occasions. She is divorced and remarried and has three children. 

This fifth Level Mature soul has been looking for answers to the big questions in life for as long as she can remember. Mature souls typically are constantly searching for answers, and in the later Levels this search is intensified and very often expands to include metaphysics. The Impressional Center, her strongest, often expresses as a very spiritual or religious nature. This is definitely one reason why she has an interest in metaphysics. She also manifests this Center in her desire to heal other people of their psychological ailments — she has worked as a volunteer counselor on the crisis hot-line. A strong Impressional Center, in conjunction with the Instinctive Center (her next strongest) often confers "psychic" ability on the person, since the person often receives impressions and convictions seemingly out of the clear blue sky. It was in fact at a meeting of psychics that I met her. The inherent sensitivity of these two Centers and her Idealism have their negative side also. She is rather touchy about a lot of things. Probably her Impatience Feature, when in the Negative Pole of Intolerance, had something to do with that also. You have to be careful to be reverent around her. Because of her Growth Goal, she could handle a lot of work piled on her at her job.

Her Idealist Attitude is expressed in her love of and study of philosophy for many years, formally and informally. She also shows her Idealism in that she generally notices how things "ought to be" in order to be ideal. Idealists have a tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses. There is a naοvetι and an innocence to this Attitude. It is difficult for her to accept it when things are not as they should be. It amazes her when she does notice that evil really exists in the world.

She expresses her Caution Mode in the usual way, with a slow, careful, methodical manner. This also shows up in the way she drives an automobile — hesitant and lacking in grace. Typical of this Mode also is a strong concern for security, and the need to assure this sense of safety in the environment. Her secondary Feature of Lowliness reinforces this lack of boldness toward the world. She carries her body with a slump in her shoulders, as is typical of this Feature. Thus, she is generally unassuming and unpretentious.

As a Scholar with a Goal of Growth, she is always reading and studying various things which interest her. She dabbles in many things, as is typical of this Goal, but seems to master none of them because there is always something else to divert her attention. This could be the Negative Pole of Confusion at work. In combination with her Idealist Attitude, this Goal of Growth and her strong Emotional Centers makes her a very warm and personable human being. She loves to socialize and have parties. There is always a gang of people at her house, mixing and mingling, and taking advantage of her friendliness. She is liked by all.


Once again this is a person that I worked with for a while, and had the opportunity to observe daily. He is a bachelor in his late twenties at the time of this writing. 

Like many older souls, he finds the immature antics of younger souls to be amusing and silly, and would occasionally make comments about this to me at work. Even though he has no background in metaphysics, he of his own accord came to believe in reincarnation. It often happens with Old souls this way.

This Slave works as a draftsman for an engineering firm. He is a good draftsman, as he himself will tell you (notice the Arrogance Feature), but it is unlikely he will ever become an engineering designer. This is not for lack of intelligence or adequate strength in his Intellectual Centers, but because of his Reduction Goal — he lacks the drive and ambition to confront the challenge of being a design draftsman. Like several others I know who have this Goal, he cannot tolerate any confusion in his work. He does not like it when the boss piles more than one thing at a time on his desk. This Trait is not always appreciated by employers, who are usually eager to get ahead in life and do a lot of things at once, and I suspect it is the reason he has lost a couple of jobs.

This Idealist in the Reservation Mode was very friendly and gentle — everybody liked him. He was so easygoing and mild-mannered that he could not offend anyone. I could tell when his Idealist Attitude slipped into the Negative Pole of Abstraction, because he would get spacey and scatterbrained. His mind would drift off of his work and onto socializing with his coworkers. Another factor here is that Old souls typically lack career ambitions. In other words, in combination with his Reduction Goal, it seemed that he had a knack for avoiding work by mixing with his friends — and to an Idealist, everybody is his friend. He finds it difficult to understand why the bosses are so hard nosed and hard-driving about something as unimportant as making a buck when the real enjoyment of life is casual conversation with anyone who will listen.

Probably one of the reasons he is a bachelor at this late date is because of his weak Sexual Center — he does not need female companionship. More of his energy is consumed in doing (strong Moving Center) whatever pops into his consciousness (strong Instinctive Center).

His Arrogance Feature is not particularly noticeable because he has so many Involution Process Traits: Slave Role, Reduction Goal, and Reservation Mode. They tend to neutralize the Arrogance and make a more balanced personality.

Overall, this soul is experiencing a lifetime with a personality that is not particularly exciting, and not unusually challenging either. Old Slaves may prefer this arrangement.


This is a fellow now in his early thirties. I have worked with him and I was also a personal friend for several years. We have now gone our separate ways. 

As an Infant soul at the fifth Level, he is very immature psychologically compared to most of his fellows in this culture. Since practically everyone around him is an older soul than he, it is obvious to most everyone that he is psychologically immature: he acts like a kid — he even looks like a kid. He will look and act like a kid all his life, even when he is old. I am not saying this to put him down, because I really liked the guy and enjoyed his company. It is just that his perceptions are primitive. For instance, he thought it was the neatest thing in the world to twist somebody's name in some strange way. He called me "Philbatros".

He has a body that reminds me of many other Warriors I have seen: it is lean and sinewy. A couple of the Warrior-like things he enjoyed were riding his bicycle and martial arts. He was a Bruce Lee fan. (Most other Warriors I have seen prefer motorcycles, competitive sports, and guns.)

An Infant soul can aspire to great things, however, despite the inherent incompetence of this soul Age, if he has the right Overleaves. Notice the Idealist Attitude, the Power Mode, and the Arrogance Feature. We have here a high-minded person with a lot of self-confidence and a high opinion of himself. The Power Mode often causes the person to overreach his abilities. The Idealist Attitude often causes the person to get involved in utopian causes. Arrogance often causes a person to think he is too big for his britches. He is presently involved in a religious cult that wants to help usher in the Kingdom of God, and he has every intention of becoming an ordained minister therein, with his own congregation. Even though he did not graduate from High School, he is training in that Church's college for the ministry. He might just pull it off, but how well??? He will make many mistakes, but he will learn a lot, in this life.

It is a good thing that this person who has the Goal of Rejection also has the Idealist Attitude. This Goal can be quite obnoxious — you can never please such a person: they can be bitchy and grouchy as hell, always offering some criticism. But the Idealist Attitude tempers this in a way that makes it easy to live with. I really enjoyed arguing with him about the meaning of life.

As you might expect from a Warrior with a strong Sexual Center, he gave up his virginity at about the age of 15. He was rather promiscuous up until the time he got religious — and such activity is condemned by the church. He has been married twice. His first marriage to an Infant Sage did not work well.

Overall, we have here a person who has a reasonably pleasant array of Traits, and he will go rather far for one so immature.


This is another person that I worked with on the job for several months. He is in his late twenties, married, and has one child. 

This Sage went to college to become an Architect. When that did not work out quite right, he changed his major and ended up getting his degree in Interior Design. Now, due to circumstances, he works as an engineering designer. Because of his Goal of Quiescence, he simply rolls with the punches and goes with the flow. In regard to his Sage Role, he must be in the Negative Pole of Oration because he sure likes to talk. Sages love to tell stories (they tend to view life as if it were a soap opera), and because of his strong Impressional Center, he loves to tell you "a funny thing happened on the way to the office" .By his own admission, he should be in some sort of sales job, or other public-relations occupation. This also is a suitable career for a Sage. However, with his Goal of Quiescence, it is unlikely he will exert the initiative or ambition to try to make this happen. If it does, it will probably be through happenstance.

Sages are often rather "dingey", because they are attuned to the dramatic and theatrical aspects of life, but this Sage is as down-to-earth as any I have ever met. I suppose this is because he is a Pragmatist with a Goal of Quiescence and has a strong Intellectual Center. A Pragmatist typically is very matter-of-fact, and the Goal of Quiescence has no particular axe to grind beyond keeping things on an even keel, so he is quite easy to work with. Sometimes the Power Mode can cause a person to come on too strongly, but in his case, this is not so. He is confident and decisive — the Positive Pole of Authority — without being overbearing. When talking to clients on the phone, he has no difficulty making up his mind about what to do to solve the problems that arise, in spite of the fact that he does not have very many years of experience. This is both the advantage and the disadvantage of the Power Mode. Sometimes he does not know what he is talking about. The Sage Role in combination with the Power Mode has a tendency to be glib — he tries to talk his way out of something, without the true substance to back it up.

His Feature of Greed is noticeable in that he is rather self-centered — he likes to talk about what is going on in his own life and in his own head more than anything else. This particular Feature is the most common among the people I have done Charts on.

As a Young soul at the seventh Level, he is probably right about at the peak of the soul Age distribution curve in America. He feels right at home in this culture. Were he closer to either extreme he would not be so comfortable in our society. Because he is at the seventh Level, I suspect that when he is older he will begin to ask the big questions about the meaning of life. I have already seen some evidence of this potential, but for now, as a Young soul in his twenties, he is mostly concerned with mundane affairs.


This is a friend that I have known for several years. He is in his late thirties at the time of this writing, and is a professional astrologer. 

This Idealist Sage has been involved in metaphysics since he was a teenager. As you would expect from an Idealist with a strong Imagination Center, his approach to astrology is very philosophical. That is, he sees in this study a source of wisdom and understanding of all of the cosmos. Like most Sages, he is very well-read, and also, as you might expect from a Sage, he has written books (on astrology).

As he himself once told me, his Goal of Growth causes him to think of the world as a cafeteria — and he has to sample a little bit of everything. This means his interests are diversified, but it also means he is easily distracted — the Negative Pole of Confusion. His Feature of Greed in combination with the Growth Goal means that he tends to be self-indulgent. He feels that he can never get enough of a wide variety of things. He has difficulty saying no to himself.

Notice that his three strongest Centers are the Impressional, the Imagination, and the Instinctive. In my opinion, these are the psychic Centers. Among those people that I have Charted who claim to be psychic, invariably there is emphasis in these areas. This person does psychic readings as well as astrological analysis. The Impressional Center in particular is so strong in him that he literally feels what other people are feeling emotionally. This is so intense at times that he sometimes removes himself from others if the "vibrations" are bad. However, this Center in combination with his Sage Role also make him a very entertaining and comedic person. He tells funny stories very well.

Michael has said that Mature souls tend to be neurotic, and this has been a problem with him, by his own admission. This sort of thing is only intensified by the fact that he is a Sage — they tend to be very dramatic about their lives anyway. On top of that add the factor of Greed — which makes him especially attuned to his own internal mental workings — plus the sensitivity of his Impressional Center, and you have a person who has had difficulty maintaining his psychological stability. He is not crazy by any means, just a little neurotic at times.

The disadvantage of the Observation Mode in combination with the Feature of Greed is that it causes the person to be aloof from you, and too wrapped up in his own world to pay much attention to you. The advantage of the Observation Mode is that it causes the person to approach life rather objectively. Such a person will have the same detached regard for himself. This person, with his Feature of Greed, has himself as a favorite object of study. Therefore he is a very self-aware person. He knows what he is, and fulfills his identity rather well.


This is the author's Chart. He thought you might be interested in what sort of person would write a book like this. There is a reason why he is writing this book: his personality is well suited for precisely the subject that this book covers. This book is him, in print. He will point this out as we go. 

This Artisan majored in art in college, but has ended up as an engineering draftsman and designer. Both of these activities are well suited to this Role. Because he has a far stronger Conceptual Center than Intellectual Center, he would make a better artist than an engineer, but nevertheless, this career provides him with a decent living without interfering with his main interest in life: understanding the universe and how it works.

Many Artisans are writers also, especially writers on technical themes. This is one way they generate a work of art. This book is the author's third attempt — the other two were not completed. (Old souls lack drive.) You may have noticed this book is written like a technical manual. He apologizes. It's just the way he is.

With his Goal of Acceptance, he is very concerned about relationships and getting along well with other people. Because he is in the Observation Mode, he watches people a lot, and has done a lot of reading about them also. The Spiritualist Attitude typically causes a person to be interested in the psychology of whatever situation he finds himself in. Hence, behold: a book on the psychology of personality and relationships.

The Spiritualist Attitude has manifested in him in several other ways. As a child he was interested in astronomy. He liked to look (Observation Mode) up at the heavens. "Heavens" turned into "heaven" at an early age also, when he became involved in a fundamentalist Christian sect. This association lasted for twenty years, during which he searched for answers to all the big cosmic questions (a late Level phenomenon). He became dissatisfied with this religion, however, and then found metaphysical philosophy just a few years ago. Among metaphysical books, he prefers those which are revelations by spirit entities to humans. Again, this is a result of his Spiritualist Attitude.

As a late Level Old soul, he is nearing the end of his entanglement with the physical plane. At the culmination of thousands of years of engineering experience, he likes to think that he is finally arriving at an understanding of this world. The Process Aspect System is the product. In this regard, notice particularly that the Conceptual Center is his strongest. This Center involves archetypes — the most fundamental ingredients or broad categories of things. Ever since he was a kid, he has been interested in physics and cosmology, the extremes of small and large in space and time, because it is here that the archetypes are found.


Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com


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