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The Moving Center


The Positive Action Center is the Moving Center. As an Aspect of the Origination Process, it is easy enough to see that people strong in this Center produce a lot of movement of their bodies. They have the impetus to make things happen all around them. It is as if these people had wellsprings of activity inside them that made them act busy all the time. As children, they are the types that can't sit still in their school chairs they are "wiggle worms"; they have "ants in their pants". When they grow up, they have to be "on the go" all the time. If circumstances force them to remain still, they become "stir-crazy" the energy wants to explode into action. For this reason, people strong in this Center usually enjoy travel, participatory sports, exercise, and action hobbies of whatever sort. Whenever something happens in their vicinity, they respond to it immediately with bodily action. Even if they are in the middle of doing something else, they will drop it and do the other thing. People in this Center are generally "workaholics". They thrive on activity.

On the other hand, at the opposite extreme, people who have a weak Moving Center are usually content to sit still for long periods. If their other Centers are being fulfilled, they are content. Their bodies do not crave activity for its own sake, and they do not have to be busy with physical work. This has the disadvantage that, a situation will have to develop to crisis proportions before they will do something about the situation. They may think about it if they have a strong Intellectual Center, or they may feel about it if they have a strong Emotional Center, but if they have a weak Moving Center, it takes a strong stimulus before they do something about it.

The Realist Attitude is the Counterpart of the Moving Center. Both are Aspects of the Origination Process, so both concern the inception of Action. Realism, being the Negative Aspect of the Pair, approves of activity going on outside the self, and the Moving Center, being the Positive Aspect of the Pair, consists of activity within the self.

The Sexual Center is the Complement of the Moving Center. Both are Traits in the Action Dimension, so both involve action. However, the Sexual Center is an Aspect of the Termination Process it's action leads to a climax, a cessation of energy, a relaxation of activity. On the other hand, the Moving Center is an Aspect of the Origination Process it's action leads to more action.

The Positive Pole of the Moving Center is +Endurance. Here the impetus for movement is regulated to last to the end of the project. Here is stamina staying power. It is bodily motion channeled and focused and well applied. The power is sustained. Only when one project is finished does the person move on to the next one. Like runners in a race, people in this Pole pace themselves to the finish. When they tackle something, they are unrelenting. An analogy for this might be that the throttle is kept at just the right setting so that the vehicle proceeds smoothly to its destination.

On the other hand, in the Negative Pole of -Energy, the throttle is not well-regulated, and a lot of power is wasted in accelerating and decelerating. These are the people who work in fits and spurts. For a while they have a flurry of vigorous activity a whirlwind and a tempest but the endurance is not there. The bodily energy is produced in bursts rather than released in controlled fashion. Activity is not applied with the greatest effectiveness it is erratic or frenetic. Consequently, the work just may not get done. People strong in this Pole are often nervous, restless, or even hyperactive. The result is an inability to concentrate. Furthermore, in a crisis, a person in this Pole will often respond frantically. The most extreme case is hysteria. In any case, people in this Pole seem continually agitated. They are in a state of disquiet and ferment.

The fear that drives -Energy is that such people fear things will pile up and overwhelm them. They have so many apparent demands, they don't know what to do first. This may seem a little strange at first, but, like the other Traits, the way to overcome this is to consider and apply the Positive Pole of the Complementary Trait, which in this case is +Amorousness. Forget the other demands for a while, go get laid, and take your time about it. This will quiet you down, and focus your energy into the Positive Pole of +Endurance. This is a good thought upon which to end this discussion.



Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com


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