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In 1973, a group of spiritual seekers in San Francisco made contact through the Ouija board with a source of information that came to be known as “Michael”. The messages, amounting to hundreds of pages, were handwritten or tape recorded at the time of reception. They were then typewritten, and photocopies were distributed to the members of the group.The names of members and other personal information has been deleted because they still wish to remain anonymous.

Comments (in parentheses) were made in the original transcriptions by the original typists. Other helpful and informative comments [in brackets] were made by later editors.

It is not known how complete this collection of transcriptions is. It is obvious that the first dated session in this collection, 19 June 1973, is not the first. Contact with Michael was first made on 12 August 1973. There are undoubtedly some sessions missing through February of 1975, and I only have a few sessions after February 1975 through 1978. The original channel did little channeling after 1978.

A newer version of the original transcripts, in an expanded and annotated edition, was recently published and can be purchased for $32 at Lulu.com.


Note: To find more recent transcripts by non-Yarbro channels (such as Shepherd Hoodwin and others), go to our Channeling page.


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