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The Perseverance Mode

+ Persistence
– Immutability
Action Ordinal
  • Positive Traits: Disciplined, Enduring, Goal-Oriented, Good With Long-Term Projects, Persistence, Sees Things Through, Staying Power
  • Negative Traits: Dogged, Fixed, Immutability, Inflexible, Repetitive, Set In Stone, Stuck, Unchanging


Perseverance describes a person whose manner of conduct is to continue at whatever he is doing indefinitely. He will keep at it to the very end — sometimes to the bitter end since he often "does not know when to quit". His behavior is consistent, steadfast, stalwart, and regular. He can be counted on to act the same way almost every time. This makes him dependable, if not monotonous. Others know what to expect of him, because he doesn't change. Often the voice quality itself reflects a lack of modulation in behavior — it drones. He establishes routines, and then is unwavering in his application of them.

The person in Perseverance is on a particular path to reach his Goal, and he stays on that one path, not deviating to right or left, and not varying his speed. He just keeps on going, relentlessly, with his energy directed unremittingly toward arriving at the end of the path.

Positive Pole (Persistence)

In the Positive Pole of +Persistence, the person, once he has started a project, has the capacity to endure to the end in spite of contrary circumstances. He is very self-disciplined about his activities, and can withstand much hardship in them. If life be compared to a race, he is not a short-distance sprinter, but he is a long-winded, long-distance runner. He paces himself for the long haul, rather than trying to go through life with a series of jack rabbit bursts of speed — he is a tortoise, not a hare. He toils long and patiently in doing his work. He does not glide over events quickly or superficially, but tends to linger in action and savor his experiences.

Negative Pole (Immutability)

In the Negative Pole of -Immutability, the person is often found to be in a rut that he cannot seem to extricate himself from. He cannot find it within himself to alter his conduct. Once a pattern of behavior is assumed, there is no getting out of it. He prefers to stay with "the tried and true", rather than seeking any novel way of doing things. He plods inexorably onward, "on the beaten path". Any innovations seem odious to the person. He maintains a monotonous regularity in his habits and mannerisms. Other people usually find this boring. Even the voice will put one to sleep, with its lack of color and variability. If he is otherwise energetic and active, the -Immutability will be expressed as incessant or interminable behavior on his projects. If he tends not to be active, then the -Immutability will appear as inertia and sloth. Either way, the behavior is likely permanent.

The fear that drives -Immutability is, obviously, the fear of change. The way to overcome this is to contemplate and apply the Positive Pole of the Aggression Mode, which is +Dynamism — exhibit some vitality and impetuosity. Make something new happen, and then be +Persistent with that.

Perseverance is the Counterpart of the Submission Goal. Perseverance has what Submission seeks — consistency of behavior in accordance with the rules, and dedication to getting the job done. Both Traits like regulations, and can be depended on to finish what is started. 

Perseverance is the complementary opposite of the Aggression Mode. Persevering people lack a dynamic approach to life. Rather than being straightforward and direct, people in Perseverance tend to "beat around the bush", and have trouble being assertive. Aggressive people like change for its own sake, but Persevering people hate it. Persevering people are not forceful, vigorous or pushy in anything they do. The combativeness and contentiousness of -Belligerence is particularly alien to them.

-- Phillip Wittmeyer

Channeling About Perseverance

Aggression and perseverance are on the action axis, so rather than assimilating, they are about doing things. Anyone in aggression or perseverance mode is built, on a personality level, to handle his life by taking action.

Perseverance mode, the opposite of aggression, is about doing, but it tends to hone in on doing one thing, as opposed to many things. It is a good choice for a soul who generally has trouble finishing things. The positive pole is "persistence"; the negative pole is "immutability," meaning that a person insists on finishing something that needs to be let go of, that does not need to be finished or that has already been finished--it is an inability to move on. It is like a cartoon bulldog not letting go of a mailman's leg. (Warriors share the same side of the same axis as perseverance, and a bulldog is not a bad analogy for a stereotypical warrior, either, although, with all things, there are many exceptions to stereotypes.)

If you are in immutability, slide to aggression and be dynamic; think of all the things you want to accomplish, and that will get you moving again. By the same token, if you are in the negative pole of aggression and you are having a meltdown, slide to perseverance: pick one thing to persist in, to complete all the way through; don't try to do so many things. That will help to get you back into the positive pole of being dynamic. We call this the "hands across" technique. In observation, you can slide to the positive pole of any of the other modes to get out of surveillance. This is called the "hands through" technique, since it can involve more than one place to which to slide.

-- Shepherd Hoodwin
From Michael On Modes


Perseverators are unable to give up old, worn out habits, even though they recognize their futility. They say, “but i can’t do it because i never did it before, and i’m too old to change”. They are too old to change the day they are born.

-- Michael Teachings Transcripts


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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com


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