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To heal fully, there must be a full acknowledgment of what is not whole. If you are apparently healthy physically, but ignorant of the empty places in you beneath the surface, you probably will not remain physically healthy.

Like a building on a foundation full of gaps that in time collapses, your body is susceptible to the forces of destruction to a much greater extent than if you have been lovingly allowing the empty places beneath the surface to fill in. Although health of the physical body is a blessing and is very important, the physical body itself is only a small part of the picture. Even mental and emotional health are not central to health. There is no real health without spiritual, or energetic, health. That is why this collection of discussions on Healing Energy has been assembled.

It is difficult to attain the body’s true potential for physical health, or even what passes for health today, in the world the way it is. Pollution of all kinds conspires to weaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms. But the challenges of living in the world as it is can cause you to heal in more profound ways and free your spirit. A working knowledge of energy is a valuable tool for transforming first yourself, and then the world around you.

- Michael (Shepherd Hoodwin)
Excerpt from Opening To Healing Energy

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