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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> Everyone, please take a moment to look around you. What do you see? It would appear that you have a choice. Do you see THINGS, in other words, the objects and belongings with which you share your space? Or do you see the SPACE in between the things?

<magikllyn> I see the space.
<freyaisis> I can see both.
<suzief> both.
<SandyW> I see the things and feel the space.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> They are both there, though they both may not necessarily be within the scope of your normal perception. So for this night, then, we wish you to look at ALL that is there around you: the thing, the space, and the myriad possibilities that exist with all of them. We are ready for your questions.

Q & A

<umihiko> Can you give me a detailed description of my life task?

<KarenMurphy> Has this been channeled for you before? A phrase?

<umihiko> Yeah, one was waiting until everything is perfectly in order. The other was finding a sense of self that brings peace or bliss to others.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There are several different ways of looking at one's life task. Many would prefer it to be a map, with the destination clearly laid out and well marked. We can that this is not the case, however. What the life task is generally a direction to head, a project to work on. This can even be spread out over several lives, or a course of lives, if one wishes. There are few rules regarding life task other than that it serve as a beacon through which a fragment can see through the illusion of the physical plane and work toward being truly in essence. That is all. For you specifically, we see that the general direction of assisting others with their own path is indicated. However, this beacon will likely not begin to shine clearly for you until later in this lifetime. Until then, essence wishes to experience what life has to offer.

There is no judgment attached to the choice of working on or not working on one's life task; however in general there is a draw, an impetus, to use that project as a stepping stone, if you will, to experiencing what being in the flow of one's life feels like.

For you, then, the impetus is still too far off to have a great impact on the choices you make, but be it known that it will of course always be a distant presence within the scope of your reality.

<umihiko> Thanks a lot, that was helpful.
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorieandherpiggies> My close friend, T., is fighting for her life because of her alcoholism. She has come close to death many times in the past few weeks. What is the agreement/connection between us in this life and what is the major lesson here for me to learn? I love her and am struggling with this situation greatly.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There is a sister-effect occurring here. Though you have not been sisters in a previous lifetime, the agreement here is to have some moments of connections and resonance as if you were and as if that lifetime was similarly painful. You each are drawing upon previous lifetimes with others that share this energy. However, separating reality from those past-life resonances has become difficult for you. The pseudo-reality has usurped the actual one, and the lessons brought to bear from those past lifetimes of pain and loss have become overpowering for you now. In other words, you are rewriting the past-life history you share with Tammy into one that did not exist but for now feels more real. This is actually a more common choice than one might think, "plugging in" details/feelings/resonances from a lifetime not actually shared in order to explore something similar with a fragment today.

It is the lessons of loss and powerlessness that must be explored at this time, and turning from them is not assisting you with this. It is natural to turn from what pains us but at the same time if you can simply turn toward the pain and allow its presence without judgment you will likely begin to see some transformation in your acceptance of this difficult situation.

<marjorieandherpiggies> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> I'm asking a question on behalf of both myself and my daughter, also present. Troy has previously channeled that we're Traveling Companions with many previous lives together. And, although this one got off to a rocky  start for us, we're back in close caring connection and feel that we are supposed to do something together this set of incarnations.

My Question is: What is the pre-life agreement we made? Does it include teaching in some form for us either together or separately?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There are multiple agreements made between you in this lifetime. The most prominent is an agreement regarding acceptance and mutual reassurance. In addition there are several smaller agreements that have to do with a project that likely involves quite a bit of writing and distance contact, with learning taking place during this process for each of you.

<GeraldineB> Distance contact? Could you elaborate what that means? (we live within 10 minutes of each other).

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There has been, over the years, quite a bit of contact astrally and in general through space rather than in close physical proximity. We expect this type of contact to continue.

<GeraldineB> Thank you -- something to chew on for awhile :)
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I have learned that my essence is a Warrior essence. I am not entirely comfortable learning this as I have been trying to learn how to be peaceful. Could I have a few past life examples of how I have been able to maintain the positive polarity and a reminder as to how I have learned or what I have yet to learn to avoid acting out the negative polarity?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There are many ways, of course, to manifest any role. In this lifetime we would say that you are going out of your way to move through some previously uncomfortable lifetimes in which you chose overleaves of aggression and dominance and explored life through those aspects.

In this lifetime, then, gentleness is paramount however there exists within you an internal struggle of self-acceptance. This is beginning to manifest in physical ways and can continue on that path if you so choose. By embracing the beauty of the Warrior role, however, you embrace yourself. And there is of course much beauty to find in this role, just as there is in all the seven major roles in essence. Finding that beauty, then, and finding along with it the ability to truly embrace it, is a major choice for you in this lifetime. We would suggest beginning with caricatures and exploring aspects of the warrior through this venue, and then possibly moving on to other aspects of the media.
These are relatively removed from "real life" and therefore can help serve as a template and emotionally-removed method of seeing all the myriad possibilities that exist within the Warrior framework.

<KarenMurphy> This was a WONDERFUL question, by the way

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Gavriel, you're next...

<gavriel> I have occasionally had lucid dreams in which there is always a 'dream character' who has the same eyes - and whoever the character is being played, in whichever of these dreams, I always know as soon as I look into the eyes that it's the same 'actor' behind the eyes - I would suspect another fragment with a close relationship to me, since there's her/his/its eyes are very piercing and very familiar, and there is always a bright green associated with whatever character is being 'played' in my dream by this being, such as a green item of clothing, etc. I feel that I'm supposed to be reminded of something by the green color. I awaken from these dreams with an intense feeling of returning to my source and being recharged with love. I awaken from these dreams with an intense feeling of returning to my source and being recharged with love, and the energetic afterglow lasts for days. Who is this being and what might my relationship to it be, and does it have a name? And what might the meaning of the green color be?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> This is a being with which you are connected on an inter-galactic level, a traveling companion, and it is your choice this life to maintain such contact for one another. The color is one method by which you chose to be reminded of your connection and to remember to draw upon its energy. You of course perform a similar function for this traveling companion, though to that fragment you appear as a radiant globe of light.

<gavriel> Thank you Michael and Karen! Heh. (chuckling picturing myself as a radiant globe!)
<DaveGregg> Suzie, you're next...

<suzief> I am working with a woman, very intense. What is our agreement/connection for this life?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There is some karma here, waiting to be paid. In your last significant lifetime, this woman was a butcher who was very proud of his wares. You were a fellow merchant who was unhappy with the butcher's business practices (18thcentury Germany) and you threatened to have the butcher exposed and removed from the village. Though this did not come to pass, his business was placed under enough suspicion that he lost a great deal of income and was eventually forced to leave with his family anyway, and never regained his stature. There is, therefore an impetus to place your work under scrutiny, which is uncomfortable for both of you, since there is no other reason to do so.

<suzief> Working together is agreement?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> Coming together to allow karma to be paid is by agreement, yes.

<suzief> Oh. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Freyaisis, you're next...

<freyaisis> My question is about 'mirroring' which I see as something that kinda happens, and 'photograghing' that is something agreed upon with at least a fragment or two by choice. Please expound on 'mirroring' and 'photographing' for all of us as a general question and how best to do that personally & positively, thanks.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> The way we would explain the difference between mirroring and photographing is this: mirroring is an action engaged upon by a fragment who wishes to explore a mode of interaction not necessarily available through use of the overleaves. Therefore another fragment is selected who possesses the mode of interaction desired and an energetic mirror image is made that can be played with. Photographing, on the other hand, is more about remembering than it is about exploration and play. Through this process a fragment will create an image of a set of experiences that then can later be used in various situations. Either, of course, can be utilized in a positive manner. They are simply additional tools available for further exploration of the human experience.
<freyaisis> like one can gently remind another that there's some impatience or stubbornness to the equation in photographing while one ccan just mirror and be happy or sad about it, depending on one's present reality?

<KarenMurphy> Suz, they are two different processes. There's nothing really to "do" in either; they're more an internal method of exploring interaction by having it present to study.

<freyaisis> internally grateful for the added processes and playful exploration, thanks. ;-)
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivy> In the last month or so, my migraines have worsened and my physical energy has been very low. why is this, are these related and how do I mitigate or reverse this trend?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> Ivy, You are responding in part to a global shift in energy that has been taking place around you. This has affected you on many levels. In addition you feel a desire to take on energy of some other people around you as well in a sincere effort to help them through various crises. While in general this method has been working for you in the past, there are some additional changes taking place within you energetically that now create a different response. You may wish to examine your methods of interaction and sift through them to determine which ones are no longer serving you well.

In addition, there has developed within you an internal abrasion of a sort as well, as there are some conflicting desires that are, again, manifesting as physical symptoms.

<ivy> Can you elaborate on the internal energetic changes?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> These are from choices that have been made over the past 2 years or so regarding your inner world vs. your external world. There is a conflict there that because of the energetic changes from more fully manifesting your essence are no longer as suitable as they once were in terms of creating continual excitement.

<ivy> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> yy2, you're next...

<yy2> I know that I have accomplished some of my life tasks in this life time. Can you help me to see what's the remaining tasks that lie ahead of me?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> At this time there is a renewed focus on not only internal work and the culling of still more tiny demons within you, but also a move to grandly go to the external and begin in earnest a path of showing others what you have gained from this lifetime. There is much there to disseminate, and we suggest that within the next three years you will likely see a strong move in this direction.

<yy2> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Ron, you're next...

<RonV.> My son has had a relationship for several years with a young woman. Very recently they have decided to go in different directions though it seems like there may be some reluctance there. Can Michael tell me if they had any prior agreements for this lifetime and if they had prior life associations, what was the most recent or notable?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> This has been a relationship mainly built on mutual trust issues. It appears that these issues have largely been worked on and worked out, though not necessarily together, and therefore the impetus to remain in conjunction is less strong than it once was. We see that agreements between these fragments have largely been completed.

<RonV> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you're next...

<SandyW> I have been channeled as being in cadre 3 entity 4. I would like to know more about my entity, how many are incarnated now, and where for the most part, and if I am in touch or have agreements to meet any of the others. Also the watchword of the entity.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There are approximately 2/3 of the entity extant at this time. There is a large contingent in Israel, and another fairly large number is across western Europe, with a third group in south Africa. There are presently no major plans to meet, yet many of you get together routinely on the astral and play jokes on others, mostly for your own amusement but in some case for mutual energetic relief.

<SandyW> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Magik, you're next...

<magikllyn> I have always felt and continue to feel "out of sorts" most of the time. Am I blocking myself from any metaphysical, para or spiritual work that I am slated to be involved with that will help me feel more natural and will help others? If so, what is the work and have my husband Liam and I made a prior agreement to do this "work" together now?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> This feeling of being "out of the flow of life" has been in some ways a theme for you, one that was chosen in order to foster a sense of isolation. There is much to be learned from this experience, and you may wish to begin attempting to embrace it rather than erase it. By truly acknowledging the completeness and wholeness of yourself AT THIS MOMENT and WHO YOU ARE NOW, you invite the feeling of being in step with the flow of you. This will in turn create a larger sense of connectedness than anything else you can do.

Again, by acknowledging the power and beauty of who you are, you give yourself permission to truly BE that person inside you. This, then, is your life's work, and is the life work of each of you here tonight. Of course you and Liam have agreements to work on this, as you are mutually and in a parallel manner working through these issues together. There is support there fir each of you simply by acknowledging the power of what you each are doing and also by acknowledging the fact that neither of you are truly alone.

<magikllyn> Thank you so very much.
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> There is a female named H. in my current life and I'd like to know the major relationships we have together experienced during our incarnations on planet Maldek especially the incarnations when Maldek exploded.

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> There are some warrior-influences here. In general these were warlike and aggressive incarnations, and therefore the resonance from those lifetimes is on the more intense side compared to other relationships you have had. There is no "good" or "bad" to this, simply a statement that there is a difference.

There also was some fear attached to these lifetimes of resonance which has followed you to this lifetime. Since fear typically makes you attempt to turn away, attaching that fear to a relationship can make it feel tenuous and unstable, however the connection here does run quite deep, as issues of mutual survival were explored in the past.

<akira> She said she remembered that I died in her arms before the explosion, is that true?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> We would suggest that there is a memory which is being applied here that resonates energetically but does not necessarily bear resemblance to actual occurrence. Either is valid, however.

<netdragon> I feel like I came here to help humanity unlock its potential prepare humanity to become part of the galactic family -- which has always been nagging at me because I feel other parts of what I am. In past (up to about four years ago) I had been more focused on enhancing my psychic abilities and scientific understanding but began to feel diminishing return from that so I felt I had to understand the human condition better. In the last four years, my focus has been more on experiencing life and the human condition of this day and age.
In some ways, I feel the more mundane existence right now can provide me valuable tools and I have felt driven to achieve in some areas of life. Are there ways I can accelerate the process towards my future task and is there anything specific I'm supposed to take out of my experience (especially work and home life) in the meantime? Or is it just a "filler" until the need for me to help arises?

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> We would say that the best use of any lifetime is simply to live it. There is no need to attach meaning to *anything* that is experienced. In other words, by attending to one's life in full and being as present in that experience as possible, you fulfill your highest capabilities at any given moment, which typically leads to a high degree of satisfaction. By holding out and waiting until the time is right [to get that job] or [to create that masterpiece] or [to be called upon to do what I came here for], you bypass entirely the amazing amount of beauty that surrounds you in every moment. If each of you were able to *really* be in the moment just one moment a day, without pressures from work/family/home/school surrounding you and distracting you, you would likely begin to find a large amount of pleasure in each task that you hadn't known existed.

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy/MICHAEL> You have seen this evening what draws you toward that which is lived within your lifetime. Each of you is drawn by varying experiences, yet each of you holds the same gift right within you right now. If you gave yourself the same amount of attention that you do to those things in life that draw you, that compel you, that provide impetus to action, then you would find the enormity of who you are and all that you are is right within your grasp.

This night we drew your attention to the spaces between the objects that surround you. Be aware, then, that YOU create those spaces in your life's pattern, that YOU create your perception of where you are headed and where you have been. The universe is your playground; give yourself permission to create all the possibilities that you can imagine!

<netdragon> Thank you :-)
<TeslaTeachings> merci :)
<gavriel> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen & Michael.
<SandyW> Thanks Karen and Michael.
<laughingboi> Thank you.
<ivy> Thank you, Karen and Michael!
<yy2> Thank you, Michael, Karen and Dave.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Karen and Michael
<GeraldineB> Thank you, Karen and Michael from both Suzief and myself :)


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