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<Nancy> We are ready, then. Will everyone please take a deep breath. Center on the group. Join with each of us, and with the Michael energy. Still your thoughts, focus on what we are doing. We are gathered here to ask Michael for direction and teaching.

<Nancy> Michael is here. Michael, please begin.

Opening Comments

<Nancy>MICHAEL: This is the time for putting yourself in the light of your energy. Each energy ring has a diffusion of light and the brightest part of it is in the middle. In this place you are yourself. We are the rest of the outer circle around each of you tonight. In every one of your lives there is some area of yourself that is true light. When there is danger of forgetting yourself, go into this place and rejoin yourself. We do not intend that this sound like a kind of mystical deployment. Not at all. There is nothing mystical or magical about this suggestion. IT is as real as the hands that extend from your arm. Often there is a sense, however, of forgetting that within yourself you are always yourself. This is the closest you are to your essence. It becomes difficult, however, in the midst of life's business to find that place. There is no secret to the doorway. IT is always open and always there. When you seek it, draw in on yourself, even for less than a minute, and you will find the center of yourself waiting. This is a small direction/suggestion for you to explore before any of your questions tonight. Now we are ready to answer them.

<Nancy> Who is first?
<DaveGregg> Barb, you are may go ahead...

Q & A

<Barb_Lundeen> Shepherd channeled me as having 14 cycles but no mention of how many past lives - I would be interested in knowing that and a bit about my most interesting one - perhaps Beethoven?? Thanks

<Nancy> Within this current cycle you have lived 310 past lives. The most useful to you was one of the lives in the 11th cycle, vibrations of which can still be felt. Ordinarily there is little carry over from one cycle to another, and this is most unusual. Within this life there were lessons of waiting and watching. This may not sound very interesting, but many fragments find waiting increasingly difficult as the cycles go on. You might think the opposite, but this is the case. Waiting was done with several mates, with a series of employments, and with self-karma. Even now you have profited from the lessons you experienced in the work of waiting, holding on, saving the word of anger, minding your time until the right moment.

<Barb_Lundeen> thank you - it echoes strongly with me
<DaveGregg> Lindis, you are next...

<Lindisfarne> What is the true birthplace of the man known to us as Jesus, and how far off is history in terms of accuracy as to his year of birth?

<Nancy> The birthplace of the man Jesus was in a village that no longer exists. In order to maintain the fiction of the prophecies, Bethlehem was promoted, with its tale of inns and shepherds. The man Jesus was born in the reign of Augustus in what is now known as the year 4 BC. It has been said that the year 6 BC is the date, but this is off by two years. We also say that there is no truth to the story of a midwinter birth. It was an ordinary spring night. No angels, no kings, no danger.

<Lindisfarne> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Leslie, you are next...

<Leslie> I'd like to know the role and soul age of a man named Burr Tillstrom who was a puppeteer in the 20th century, and whatever else you may want to tell me

<Nancy> This fragment was a Mature Artisan. His talent for providing a symbol of life through the wooden dolls was immense. In his work with the miniature theater of puppets, he expressed life and love for all those who attended his productions. He was, however, somewhat melancholy in his own mind and heart. It was as if he found through his dolls the cheerfulness he himself was yearning for. He offered his gift freely and in every way it contributed to his life's work: Promoting joy.

<Leslie> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Maria, you are next...

<maria> Why is the situation with my current employers so intense? Is there some agreements, karma or past life experiences involved with either one of them, or something else I would need to know about our relationship?

<Nancy> The woman Maria has an agreement with the current employment situation. There is a matter of working within this agreement. When the agreement was made it was supposed that it would work to the advantage of everyone to have a group dynamic. This is proving less than ideal, is it not? The intensity of which you speak is a result of this hurdle that none of you anticipated. This can happen when agreements such as this are made before the actual fact of the physical plane becomes the reality. There are numerous solutions, of course. No agreement is binding. However, we suggest always that a fragment stand back and assess the circumstances as dispassionately as possible before making any irrevocable decisions regarding it.

<Nancy> Are you thinking of aborting this agreement, quitting this job? That is certainly your choice.

<maria> At the moment O am. Would it be wise to wait, then?

<Nancy> If, however, you choose to continue with it, ask yourself wherein does the tension lie? Perhaps in this query there will come a better understanding of the tension and always understanding can lead to a greater ability to deal with it.

<maria> Is the agreement between all three of us?

<Nancy> Yes, all three of you made this agreement, although one of the others has less interest in making it work than you and the other have.

<maria> Thank you very, very much!
<DaveGregg> Mer, you are next...

<mer> I have been disabled for 3 years, not able to work, homeless for 2 years after leaving an abusive relationship. I have been keeping a positive attitude for the most part and I am grateful to the people who have helped menot to be in the street during this time. Is there some input you can give me to help me understand the why of this turn of events from this life and past lives, what I'm trying to learn and can I heal my feet and be independent and useful again, perhaps thru my art?

<Nancy> To you, Meredith, we say that this disabling of your physical life is part of the self-karma that you have chosen to learn about dependence and receiving. It is in this inability to fend for yourself that you are faced with the center of your being, the need for learning how to accept from others, and how to accept yourself for what you are, not what you were or want to think of yourself as. This is the why. The further concern about whether your feet will be healed . . . there is only about a 50/50 chance that this will occur in a complete recovery.

When you consider that your work as an artist can be accomplished whether you have the full use of your two feet or do not, you may begin to see why you have chosen to exhibit this ability in this lifetime. With physical disability, it would be quite a different story if your choice had required greater mobility. Your work as an artist, however, can be done even sitting down. In this we see a kind of independence.

<mer> The first part of my life, I am 60, was as a dancer. I discovered the painting when I could not walk. It is a gift, to be sure, but the physical limitations have put a damper on having a home, one place to land...

<Nancy> Is there a question?

<mer> Yes. How can I maneuver myself to a point where that can happen?

<Nancy> We repeat, the choices you are making have to do with the lessons of dependence. Over the next period of time you may find that you do not have the same opportunity for a settled 'home' as you once had or now want. Maneuvering yourself, as you say, can only be done to the extent that you accept the choice and accept the manner in which this choice is playing itself out in your life.

<mer> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Suz, you are next...

<Suz> There is a gathering of sorts coming up in GA with some special people.
<Suz> I would like to hear from Michael about this most positive event, the extra's of it....

<Nancy> Are you finished, Suzanne?

<Suz> that's not really a question as it is a asking for comments...

<Nancy> Whenever there are students together there is an energy that lifts the event out of the mundane and puts it into the realm of good work. There will always be the truth that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This applies to all such events. We see the probability that there will be a sharing of agape here, and also the very real chance that those of you who attend will find more serious work afoot than you now suspect. We do not predict, we only offer the odds.
<Nancy> (Michael is smiling)

<Suz> I like the odds of this one, a very good feeling one

<Nancy> This feeling is worth a lot, Suzanne.
<Nancy> Let it accompany you to the gathering.

<Suz> I will
<DaveGregg> Orca, you are next...

<orca> I would appreciate your comments on my interest in becoming an energy med practitioner. I don't understand why I am pulled in such a direction or where it is taking me. I worry that it is more desire than enough ability to be successful at this.

<Nancy> May we please have a name?
<orca> eleda

<Nancy> For the woman Eleda, we see a yearning to 'do good'. The expression of this appears to be applied to the medical profession as an energy worker. If you have doubts about this way of fulfilling your desire, we suggest that you take some time to assess your other opportunities. If the desire, however, is truly toward the medical aspect, then ask yourself if you are hesitant because it is a new thought, or if it is because you have in truth little preparation for it. Preparation is learned. The pull or tendency is inherent. When you can answer this question, you will have more confidence in your choice.

<orca> thank you
<DaveGregg> Cheryl?

<cheryl> A general question: When and on what basis does the fragment choose potential exit points for the current life?

<Nancy> The length of life is chosen before the fragment incarnates each time. There is a general rule that applies to most of the roles. The exit for fragments is usually decided within one or two years on either side of a chosen length of years. For instance, if a fragment plans a life of 74 years, then exit will usually happen within a year on either side of this figure. There is therefore a window of approximately three years, barring an accident or other unexpected situation. For instances, if a fragment is seriously injured to the extent that life becomes a problem and has reached the age of 69, even if the window is 73 to 75 the fragment may decide to cut short the life by those few years. The one exception is the role of Artisan. Artisans have a wider window in the planning for the life exit. Instead of a three year span, the Artisan often thinks of a five year span. It is part of the creativity of the role to resist being held to a minimum.

<cheryl> thank you...no follow up
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you are next...

<vanessa> What is my purpose in this life, and what talents or special abilities do I have that can help me to realize this purpose?

<Nancy> We repeat what we always say when asked for one's life purpose: Every fragment is alive on the physical plane for the purpose of learning the lessons of the plane. The only purpose to life is the living of it. Now, are there agreements, karmas, intentions that make one form of employment, mating, usefulness more attractive than another? Yes, of course. In this instance we suggest that your interest in the environment is a strong one in you and your ability to organize and persuade may prove to be most useful.

<Nancy> Be wary, however, of assuming that this is the only 'purpose' for your life. The talents and abilities that each of you have can be turned to many different purposes. There is no box with a label that says 'Vanessa' on it and if you do not take it up you have somehow failed in your purpose. Indeed, NO. NO. NO. Too often there is the understanding that there is a magic word that describes one's reason for existence. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Try the thing that lies nearest you. If that does not work, try something else. The only thing that you are here for is to learn how to deal with the physical plane. That can be done in millions of ways.

<vanessa> What does my concern about the environment have to do with Reiki and Yoga and animals? How do these fit together

<Nancy> It may not have anything directly to do with these subjects. For many fragments these are side issues, not main concerns. If you prefer to make one or all of these endeavors your raison d'etre, then you have found your purpose, have you not? Instead of trying to fit them together, perhaps you may choose to enjoy your interest in each separately.

<vanessa> But doesn't one's success lie on the path closest to that chosen by essence?

<Nancy> Essence is seldom concerned with what parts of human life you wish to explore. Essence is concerned with the evolution of your path toward agape. In this there can be no 'right' or 'wrong' choice.

<vanessa> A general theme? Like teaching, or healing, etc

<Nancy> When you choose, Vanessa, you have taken the path that you see as part of your evolution. It is no more complicated than that. All choices are valid. All choices are the responsibility of the chooser. If you are uncertain about which of the many life paths you might like, you might decide to explore a few to develop a better understanding of what is required in the work of each.

<DaveGregg> Susan, you are next...

<aeoneSusanSc> My heart seems to be closed, my essence seems bored, I've worked hard to be able to soon be free enough to enter a stage of expression, so, my essence must have some idea of how to pull it's favorite past time from a past life into this life. What was so great about these past lives that it doesn't seem particular fond of this one, or, is it that my "life task" hasn't yet begun, and I'm in a phase of preparation ? What is the real task at hand ? I don't feel like the closed heart, is a fear of failing, maybe with the wrong person, and maybe not? Why so many maybes? Is this the old soul storm before the calm <lol>

<Nancy> The fragment Susan would like to stand aside and forever contemplate the possibilities, Yes? This is always safer than deciding and then finding that there is more to the decision than at first appeared. Living life in this moment is of more value than all the past lives that you have experienced. The lessons learned from past lives is the only part of them that comes forward in a useful way for fragments. Turning to the past to provide interest for the present is futile.

One of your poets said: Let the dead past bury its dead.

When you put your mind and heart on the work of the present, those lessons that are a part of this life have a chance of being learned. When you yearn after the glories and tragedies of the past, you forget the boredom and the questioning and the failures that these lives experienced also. The task of every fragment is to use the time of each life in each lifetime. In no other way will the evolution of the soul be accomplished.

<aeoneSusanSc> So, the trick is to explore the now ... in as many ways as possible.

<Nancy> That is the trick, Susan. You have now the handle you requested.

<aeoneSusanSc> That allow the heart to open and connect to all that is.
<aeoneSusanSc> Thank you...that is a good message for me; and for all...many thanks

<Nancy> The heart, as you say, is the Self that knows Essence.

<DaveGregg> Diane, you are next...

<diane> Could Michael describe previous past lives we've spent together that are significant to this one?

<Nancy> We see these two fragments as two brothers, working side by side in a glass blowing factory during the late 18th C. The reason this lifetime was significant to both is the closeness that was enjoyed by the two brothers. Although there was nearly six years difference in their ages, they developed an almost twin-like understanding between them. Their devotion to each other was noticed by all who knew them. When one was fatally injured in an explosion of the furnace, the other follow him in death by only a few months, so connected were they.

<DaveGregg> Kerry P, you're next...

<kerryp> In a prior session my life task was described as "instilling confidence in children." Can you elaborate on this further?

<Nancy> Instilling confidence in children can be done with one's own, with the children of one's family, with acquaintances, with children met in the park, or on a bus. Instilling confidence means bolstering the talents, efforts, intentions of these children. A word, a gesture, a smile may be all that is needed.

<Nancy> As a life task you may not even work with children in order to fulfill this undertaking. In fact, it might be difficult if your other interests do not include working directly with them. But that is not necessary in the success of this work. An ongoing acceptances of your task will only mean that when the opportunity presents itself you recognize it for what it is and act accordingly. Not for you the discipline that must be exercised. Nor the instruction that needs doing. You may be occupied in both of these activities, but they are not your task, as such. Instilling confidence may be a result of coaching, of tutoring, of holding after falling from the porch, of pointing out strengths in the face of apparent failure. These are ways of fulfilling this task.

<DaveGregg> Sam, you are next...

<sam_nemo> Among other things you said tonight that life is about choosing and the responsibility of the chooser.  several times I was told I did not have agreements to obtain what I would have consciously chosen and it seems I do not have agreements that I would have chosen or I do not agree with what my essence has chosen so how can I make new agreements or become more aligned with my essence.

<Nancy> The choices of a fragment in this life are only somewhat different from those made before incarnating. They are just as valid and carry the process of life's lessons forward just as effectively or just as ineffectively. Not all agreements, remember, are acknowledged in the fury of the physical plane. So the fact that you do not have an agreement to do what you think you would have chosen to do is neither here not there.

<Nancy> What consciousness are we talking about? The consciousness of the discarnate fragment on the astral? The consciousness of the incarnate fragment whose grasp of the possibilities is less than perfect? And how do you know that your choices are not in alignment with Essence? Have you asked?

<sam_nemo> I think I have asked on specific occasions.

<Nancy> And what answers have you gotten?

<sam_nemo> I did not have agreements to obtain certain jobs specifically that was the answer given by guides.

<Nancy> Then possibly those jobs were not part of your lessons for this plane. Agreements do not cover every aspect of a life. You may wish to consult a career counselor for some extremely earth bound guidance toward the kinds of jobs that you may be more fitted for than the ones you have been unable to get. Remember also, that there are agreements that can be made in life as you go along. Not all agreements have to be made before incarnating.

<Nancy> You may meet someone who is going to be a completely new addition to your circle of comfortable fragments with whom you like to partner with over lifetimes. You may make an agreement on the spot, so to speak, and it is just as valid and as helpful as those that are made prior to the life. Therefore, just because you did not come into this life with a raft of agreements does not mean that you are left high and dry for the duration of the life. Look about you, if you choose to, and see where there is an opportunity to consolidate a new agreement in the here and now.

<sam_nemo> Thank you for your advice
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you are next and last.

<Kathryn41> My artisan ET was recently - last 4 or 5 years - reborn as a male. I am interested in information where is now lives, and if I am aware of his new family. I feel we have plans to meet later in his life and possibly connecting through my granddaughter, Caitlyn. I would appreciate Michael's comments.

<Nancy> Kathryn, was there any more of this information offered when you first were made aware of your ET's birth?

<Kathryn41> Just at the time that there was some sort of 'blockage' because I was going through an uploading to essence and the channel couldn't access that information at that time. I never did get more than that. I had felt that he had already incarnated or was about to at the time and asked about that.

<Nancy> Thank you.

<Nancy> The boy is the second son of a family now living in New York state. There is a plan to meet when the boy is about 20 years old. At the present time the agreement between him and your granddaughter is to meet during their later schooling years. It will probably be then that you will be united with him yourself. We do not see any agreement to meet in the meantime.

<Kathryn41> thank you:-)
<DaveGregg> That's the last of the questions, Nancy.

Closing Comments

<Nancy> Then let us listen to the Michaels words now.

<Nancy> The theme of tonight has been choice. This is nothing new with us, and we stress it over and over in our mission to you. Choice is freedom to control your life in every way that you can. Along with this freedom is responsibility for the choices you make. You cannot make a 'bad' choice. You may make a choice that makes your life somewhat less comfortable, yes, even VERY UN comfortable. But that is how lessons are learned.

You say to your children that they will learn best by making mistakes. Perhaps you wish to label the choices you make that seem to you to be less than desirable as 'mistakes'. That is your choice. (Smile) But remember this, every choice you make has the mark of you on it. It is yours, no one else's. Only when you are coerced into choosing against your desire, is there an element of shared responsibility between you and the one forcing you. This is called karma. But otherwise, those decisions you make that seem good to you are no better than the ones that seem less 'good'. Whether you learn from them is up to you. We suggest that having this understanding may ameliorate the repercussions of what you perceive to be miserable choices. They are only miserable in the light of the physical plane. In the light of the grander scheme of the universe and from the perspective of Essence you would be surprised often how much different they look.

We are not suggesting that you adopt a Pollyanna/silver lining stance over losing a limb or a spouse. That would be foolish and unjustified lack of discernment. We do suggest that putting some distance between yourselves and the problems that have seemingly followed on various choices will allow a better grasp of what the lessons are that these choices have brought about. The physical plane is not all hardship, not at all. But it is daily, is it not. Keep the three elements of agape with you when you feel betrayed by your choices: compassion, hope, and generosity of spirit and apply them to yourself.

Then you will know that all choices are valid and enlivening. Go in peace.

<Kathryn41> thank you Michael, Thank you Nancy
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy and Michael. The room is now open. :-)

<cheryl> that was very beautiful and moving....thanks Nancy/Michael
<DaveGregg> Very nice closing comments. :-)
<Kathryn41> The whole evening felt very focused and 'clean' energy wise.
<Nancy> I could feel a very upbeat tone all during the closing.
<Barb_Lundeen> Thank you Nancy for letting us hear the words of the Michaels - VERY interesting.
<LindaW> A lot to mull over. thanks Nancy and Michael.
<diane> Thanks Nancy, Michael, Dave and Kathryn...;-)
<Kathryn41> :-)
<Suz> mucho appreciation, dear ones
<DaveGregg> Our pleasure. :-)
<DaveGregg> These are always fun evenings.
<Ralf> Thank you it was great
<diane> Glad you made it Meredith!
<Nancy> The Michaels are gathered around me here and are with you simultaneously! They are bowing every time someone says Thank you, Michael.
<Kathryn41> hehehehehehehehe
<Nancy> Who says there is no humor on the causal!


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