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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments


<NancyG> Everyone, please bring yourself into a peaceful frame of mind. have that glass of water handy. Not alcohol because it dehydrates.

Allow yourself to come to a place of togetherness with yourself, then reach out to all of us in this far flung circle.

Finally, connect with every living thing, passing on and receiving the energies that continually enfold us.

Michael, are we ready?

Michael:  We are here. We have an ordinary thought to pass along to all of you at this time. Ordinary in the truest sense of the word. We suggest that you smile. All alone at your keyboard, think of the beginning of the new season, of the color of frost, of the feel of warm wind. Why? Because there is a need to fashion/create some peace among you. We feel this need in you tonight and smiling begets a sense of peace.

The physical plane is a world of learning, a place in which only certain lessons are available. After you have finished your cycle of human lives, you will join your entity and from then on until you have returned to the Tao there are other experiences, other lessons to learn. But none will repeat what you have available here.

Some of the teachers you may have heard of in the past have emphasized the need to strip off the weight of the human body, to nullify, if you will, the physical in favor of the metaphysical. But this will not lead anywhere.

Certainly it will not move fragments on to greater evolution in agape. The physicality of the plane is part of the reason for the lessons. Making choices, learning about how others as well as oneself feel, work, endure, grieve, hurry, wait, laugh, and cry, that is the work of everyone here.

Among those who subscribe to the lighter moments as the only worthwhile objective in life are those who would like to ignore many of the above experiences. But experiences such as these, both the comfortable and the miserable, are part of the game.

We have said that just as much can be learned in bliss as in misery, from love rather than from fear. But we concede that fear-driven misery is a profound teacher and the lessons tend to resonate deeply in the human soul. Why is that? We do not know. But be assured that you are not the only creation that so learns. It is a common condition throughout the universes.

For each of you bearing the weight of worry, sickness, anger, helplessness in the face of events or relationships, we remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is called agape. And it is actually here right now. It may not smell sweet, it may not appear when you need it to remind yourself of your humanity, but it is the driving force of all creation. Fear is a distant second. As you struggle with life as it is, come back occasionally to our opening words. Plan a smiling session for yourself. It will not make the day less long or less dark, if it is both long and dark, but it will bring you and your Higher Self closer together. Bringing the Higher Self back to mind and heart will open pathways that will often assist in the darkest moments.

Now we will answer Questions.

<DaveGregg> Deborah, you have the first question this evening...

Q & A

<Deborah_D> Back in high school and briefly after on more than one occasion, I had experienced physical pain, a few times even minor bleeding, that had no discernible cause only to find out later that something had actually happened to my then best friend that caused identical symptoms. Once she went camping with some friends, and the night she was away I woke up in my bed, kept staring at the four walls around me, and feeling increasing panic. I was terrified. I later found out that a man had been prowling around their tent. I was wondering if we had some connection between us that caused this?

Michael: The energy of adolescence is exceptionally strong during the time that the fragment is sorting out things on many levels. The phenomenon of the poltergeist is one aspect of this. You and your friend at that time were tuned to the same vibration and when this male entered her aura she broadcast her reaction rather sharply. You, being so tuned to her at that moment, received this energy as a wake-up call, literally. We do not see any other repercussions, other than what we have described.

We assure you that there is no more to fear from this experience.

<Deborah_D> Ok, thank you I've been wondering about it for a long time.

<DaveGregg> Kerry P, you're next...

<KerryP> I've been experiencing much hostility at work, all apparently socially-oriented. I'm struggling to understand and navigate it as I have no real issue with any of these people & have no clue what could warrant such negative behavior. Is there any insight you can give me into the reason for this?

<NancyG> How old are most of the people you are working with?

<KerryP> 5 years older or more, but the atmosphere is not unlike high school.

Michael:  We agree that this is a kind of clique-centered group, one that echoes the same elements of the teenage years. There is one person among those who are treating you with hostility who has promoted this atmosphere and who gets a kind of power from watching others take their cue from her. There is also one, a male, who stands to the sidelines and does not participate. The game here is power, the mode of the instigator. It would not matter what kind of person you are or how hard you try to adjust to the group. She would still have engineered the same situation regarding you.

If it makes you feel any better, this is not personal between you and her and this set of beings. But we sympathize and suggest that there may be a better way to earn a living.

<KerryP> Thanks:) It doesn't really feel personal...but I'd rather just be left alone! I tend to agree though. Thanks for your feedback.

 <DaveGregg> YY2, you're next... 

<yy2> Lately my brother Ping has been ill with severe diabetes and chronic depression. Now my mother is sick. What's going on in my family?

Michael:  The diabetes that the fragment Ping is ill with is part of the physical structure of the body that he has occupied. It is a genetic product of the parents and of a bloodline that goes back many generations. The depression is part of the chemical imbalance fostered by this chronic condition. This is, as you describe it, a very serious and debilitating disease of the body. There are various chemical medications that may give some relief, along with sedulous attention to diet and movement.

The illness that currently debilitates your parent is a coincidence at this time. Both experiences are part of the way of the physical plane. The diabetes was accepted along with other reasons for incarnating in this body through these parents. The illness of your mother is part of the body's composition at this time. As for 'what is going on' in your family, only the usual for this time and space.

<yy2> How are their illness relating to me?

Michael:  We do not see a predisposition for the same problem with the manufacture of insulin in your composition. At this time there is no sign that these two illnesses are related to you except for your concern for your close family.

<yy2> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Moonval, you're next...  

<Moonval> My stepfather, 6th level young scholar, has been very ill for the past year or so. He is very unhappy. I have exhausted myself to the point of having a heart attack trying to meet his and my mothers needs/desires. How can I best help us all?

Michael:  First, there is a need for the care giver to care for him-herself before going all out for others. There is an admonition offered by servers on your aircrafts to fasten one's own oxygen mask before assisting others. This is good advice for anyone who is trying to meet the needs of those whose needs are endless.

Second, we appreciate your wish to be as helpful as you know how to be, and we commend your attempts to be all things to these two fragments who are important to you. We remind you, however, that in instances such as these, it is imperative that there be relief and that others assume some responsibility.

In the instance of the fragment Irwin, unhappiness has not shown up just with the advent of the illness of the past year. There has never been a time when he was actually content, illness notwithstanding. Now that his mate has her own debilities, he finds himself without the prop he was used to, and turns to the next best person, you.

Finally, if you can keep this all in perspective and not focus so immediately on the wish of the day or the desire of the moment coming from these two decidedly unhappy souls, you may decide to offer assistance where you can and decline where you cannot. These are choices that you are faced with and your response will be your choice par excellence. Remember, no choice is invalid.

<Moonval> You are right on, Nancy. That helped and I am so grateful!

<DaveGregg> Avatar, you're next...

<avatar415> Ever since I took French in college, I have had a great affinity for French language and culture. Do I have any past lives in the country now known as France? Also, am I a scholar?

Michael:  This fragment has had numerous lifetimes in the country now known as France, the earliest before the label 'France' was thought of. Over the past 1500 years, this fragment has been successively a butcher, a leather worker, a warrior, twice a brewer as a female, the town crier, an abbess, and finally, a dancer among the courtiers of the king known to your history as Louis XV. Oh, yes, she was once a portrait painter, also.

<avatar415> Am I a scholar?

Michael:  We see scholar as the likely role, flavored with Warrior in the casting.

<avatar415> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> V. M (son) and A. (father) are in what is termed as a co-dependent relationship. Vishrut sometimes bends backward in his duties as a son. Is this a pre-incarnational agreement or a past life karmic ribbon being burnt? Does S. (V's wife) picture in this agreement/karmic ribbon?

Michael:  The three fragments are all in agreement to burn a karmic ribbon that was created several lifetimes ago. It has taken until this life for all three to be incarnate at the same time and in the same place to facilitate the agreement to burn the ribbon.

This karma has to do with a relationship between the two males that ended in estrangement for the whole of a lifetime. Repairing this disruption is the goal of the agreement, but it is hard going for the older male since it is he who was responsible for the final break between the two. The female fragment was present during the initial dispute, in truth this would be 'disputes', and sided with the fragment who is now the son. We can see that there may not be a resolution in this lifetime. Repaying karma is a tricky proposition and all parties must be tuned to its resolution or it will not happen.

In the event that it does not get burned this time, there will be another lifetime when the attempt will be made. Before cycling off, all karmic debts WILL be paid, absolutely.

<Jyoti_S> Can Shama and Vishrut do anything that can ease the current situation?

Michael:  When there is a three-legged stool to sit on, one has the tendency to sit very gingerly, lest an uneven distribution of weight cause the seat to overturn. This is the case here. By approaching his father in as understanding and as filial a way as he can, the fragment Vishrut [corrected from Sharma in original] is following his soul's direction, accompanied by his mate's energy and concern. This, however, does not mean that he will be successful. In fact, we do not hold out much hope for such a resolution this time, as we have said.

<Jyoti_S> Is is Shama or Vishrut?  This is a bit unclear. Shama is female.

Michael:  We have reversed the genders. Sharma is a male name, is it not? Shama is female. We hold the channel responsible for this untidiness.

<Jyoti_Shah> You mean Shama has to help ease the situation. Thanks, Nancy, Michael and Dave.

Michael:  Yes, the third leg of the stool is absolutely necessary for the balance.

<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> My father has passed away on March 10th this year, I'd like to know if he has finished his lifetime review and if he has anything to say to my mother and me.

Michael:  The fragment who was your parent has not yet begun his review. He has not yet come to terms with his situation and is being assisted by his guides who appear to him as ancestors or old friends who have preceded him. We will ask your question of him now.

This fragment's response is to ask you a question: Have you yet found the missing book/paper?

<akira> I have no idea about that question.

Michael:  Then it is probable that it will come up sometime soon. Remember that on the astral plane there is no concept of past or future. All is present. Souls often do not distinguish events in their right order.

<akira> Thank you so much.

<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> What can you tell me about any of the past lives my friend Barbarra Jordan and I have shared, especially any that may be particularly relevent to our current friendship? (I sent the link to her photograph to you the other day)

Michael:  We see two fragments connected by a strong sense of attachment and agape. This connection began as comrades in arms, evolved through a mating agreement in which the fragment Kathryn was the male, and went on to two sisters who married brothers. The feeling of close ties is valid.

<Kathryn41> do you have a time frame for any of these?

Michael:  The lifetime as soldiers was in the early 5th C. of the common era, the Roman legion in Syria. The mating agreement was late in the 16th C common era, in northern Scandinavia. The lifetime as sisters was two centuries ago, and ended somewhat early with the death of the fragment Barbara in childbed.

<Kathryn41> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Terri, you're next...

<Terri> Michael, you know there are many aspects to my current situation, and your opening remarks were very welcome and soothing. I believe I see a lesson or two in all of this. Do you see any lessons that I might be missing?

Michael:  The fragment Terri is adept at seeing lessons (small grin) in every situation!   We commend your efforts to keep things in focus and to garner all the meat from situations which lead to evolution of the spirit.

Yes, there are many lessons attached to the recent events in your life, but we do not think you have missed even a one of them.

<Terri> Thank you, with much needed laughter. <grin>

<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> At what point in his lifetime did the Transcendental Soul manifest in Mohammed? When was the TS fully manifest?

Michael:  As with most Transcendental Soul manifestations, the fragment Mohammad was finished with the 4th Internal Monad when he began to manifest. He was in his 5th decade and the first inkling that there was something different about him came with the first exposition of what would later be called the Qu'ran. Legend has it that the Angel Gabriel appeared in the sky during one of his meditations in the mountains and offered the first suras. This is only partly true. It was the way this fragment explained what was in fact an internal conception of the mission he was about to undertake, and his first exposure to the energy of the Transcendental Soul within him.

Further, the Transcendental Soul remained with the fragment Mohammad from that time until his death as he devoted the rest of his life to the altering of the world view of his surroundings.

We will say at this time that the Transcendental Soul can exist in the body of a human being without that personality having to vacate the premises.  Unlike the Infinite Soul, which needs for the original owner of the body to leave, the Transcendental Soul will not harm its host.  When the Infinite Soul manifests in a body its very high plane energy will totally consume it in a short time.  The Transcendental Soul, being a lesser energy, can co-habit with the human owner without causing danger to the host.

<annh> That was very powerful for me. Thanks, Nancy and Michael.

Closing Comments

Michael:   We perceive that there are many concerns tonight involving the health and welfare of the body. Since this is the plane in which the body is the primary vehicle for experiencing creation, we understand your concern when it does not function as you believe it should.

We will say this: Illness, debilitating elements such as accidents, chronic malfunctions, and other afflictions, are a part of human life. There is no one anywhere on this planet, and in fact anywhere in the whole of creation, who is totally free of the exigencies of the body. Some fragments are 'healthier' than others, it is true, but unless cut down in the prime of a very young adult life, there are many things that can and do go 'wrong' with the vehicle. As you are so prone to say: If it isn't one thing, it is another.

Your medical science is obsessed with 'curing' everything from ingrown toenails to the Ebola plague. And rightly so. We do not disparage them for doing what they are trained to do. We do, however, suggest that it is the way of things for the human being to succumb eventually to something that will take him/her out of each lifetime, an event you know as the 6th internal monad.

For the soldier on the receiving end of a bullet or bayonet, that monad might be a second long. For a woman afflicted with cancer, it could be many long agonizing months. Each event is part of the process of preparing for the final monad, the 7th, which is death itself.

The monastic tradition of the Christian religion used these words from its scriptures in its burial service: In the midst of life we are in death. That is not sentiment only. That is the bald truth. For those who must watch and nurse a relative or friend through the 6th Internal Monad, it is not very reassuring to remember these things. They are, nevertheless, truths to live by.

We do not wish to paint an unrelievedly shadowed picture for your contemplation tonight, but we would be remiss if we did not try to put these realities into perspective for you. The Teachings which we offer attempt to do just that.

Life is a journey of experiences of the physical plane, all the experiences that can be crammed into one cycle. Taken together with the lives of all those who have gone before and who will come after you, it is as complete an experience of the physical plane as is possible to imagine. Further, each of these experiences of illness, loss, and grief, as well as the joys, bliss, and contentment of all your lives, go to fulfilling the reason for creation: to be a wholeness, the Being of the Tao. And each of you is a part of the Tao, just as each of us is also. You just have a very difficult time remembering that when brought face to face with the work of dying.

If you choose to, take a step back from the dailyness, especially, of your connection with the frailty of the body and keep the goal of agape somewhere in your consciousness. That is not easy sometimes, we admit, and we grieve with you as you struggle to manage in this creation. We are here to guide and teach. We have been were you are now, so we know how much it takes to be human and we sincerely commiserate with your concerns. Life is a challenge and a joy, a work and a bliss. When things seem darkest, we hope you will remember these words and take some comfort from them. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Lovely evening. Thanks, Nancy and Michael.
<Moonval> Right on Nancy/Michael!!!! (from Valerie with the 8th house Cancer sun)
<yy2> Thank you Nancy and Michael. Also Dave and Kathryn.
<annh> Thank you, Michael and Nancy (and Dave and Kathryn, too!)
<Kathryn41> Thank you, Nancy, from both Barbara and me.
<Jyoti_Shah> Good advice from Michael about smiling. Thanks Nancy, Michael and Dave.
<Terri> Thank you Nancy and Michael. Michael knew that what I needed most was a laugh.
<RL2072> Thanks Nancy, Michael, Dave & Kathryn


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