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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<Nancy> Michael, are we ready?

We are here, Nancy. We are ready to speak to everyone here tonight.

Beyond the limits of the horizon that you can see there are things many of you will never experience. This is because there are realms that do not touch the physical plane and which do not offer much for your evolution. There is always curiosity about these realms, and occasionally a fragment will pierce the barrier and find itself in this unknown territory. We suggest that the colors and textures of these realms are not within the senses of the human being.

But then why would we describe them to you? Because they can be a part of your understanding, contributing to the energy that each of you radiates.

We describe these possibilities to explain the many dreams that you sometimes can barely remember. The wisps of memory that seems to elude conscious recall. They are forms that enrich you without touching you. When the rather serious barriers are breached, connection is made between realities and energy flows in both directions. That is why some of you occasionally sense this 'otherness', this not-quite-real experience. The work it does for you is to expand your energy toward other unknowns that you may encounter here on the physical plane. This expansion assists in the ultimate goal of agape by increasing acceptance, understanding of things that seem alien, of people who seem foreign, of ideas that are not comfortable.

If your only experience of the physical plane did not have this occasional contact with other physical realities, your horizon would constitute a kind of corral or prison. Other realities also enjoy connecting with you and take to their worlds similar exchanges. In this way the universe enjoys a stirring of the pot, you might say. And breathes in new and interesting experiences.

We bring this information to you to help explain some of your otherwise inexplicable dreams, both night time dreams and daydreams. When you wonder were on earth that could have come from, it didn't. It came from the connections that you are making with energy that has traveled a very long way. Enjoy the trip!

Now we will answer questions.

<DaveGregg> David B, you're first...


Q & A

<David_Bolton> Ok..Hi Nancy. My name is David B., my fiancée is Maki K. I am American, she is Japanese. We live in Granada, Spain, but were considering moving to France. We'd like to know if that would be a good move, in accordance with our life plans, and whether one of the 3 cities we were considering, Toulouse, Montpellier, or Bordeaux, would be good..which one would be best?

<Nancy> The fragment David and the fragment Maki have discovered one of their personal truths: that interacting with another culture brings rewards that cannot be gained any other way.

Since the two of you have already exchanged with each other your own understanding of what a amalgamation of culture can be, we do not see any barrier to adding the fruits of yet another one in the move to France. You are both experimenters, a quality that is shared by all those who voluntarily forsake their homelands for the adventure of foreign parts.

As to the choice of city in the country of France, we suggest that the decision be based on a number of considerations: Do you have any connection with one particular of the three? Do you have any assurance that you can work in any of the choices? Is there a compelling attraction that makes one of them stand out, which seems to call to you?

<David_Bolton> No..

<Nancy> You may find that the city of Montpellier feels rather comfortable. This would call up past life memories when you David were a citizen of that city. Your fiancée, however, does not have a past connection with any of the three, but her openness to investigating whichever choice you decide on promises a cordial awareness of all possibilities. Choose based on your sense of these possibilities. It is our thought that any one of the three would prove successful.

<David_Bolton> Thank you very much, Nancy!
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> Thank you. I am priest-cast scholar, Kathryn Schwenger. I would appreciate any insight Michael can offer about the causes of my current physical/medical condition, and possible suggestions for additional treatments I can employ. Was it actually as sudden a manifestation as it appeared or has it been building up for some time unnoticed?

<Nancy> We are aware of your recent experience with the physical disability which you are asking about. The cause you have already ascertained, that is, the pathways over which electrical impulses must travel became shorted and the resulting lack of feeling was directly related to that. This kind of circuitry requires a continuous, open route to allow the muscles to operate as designed. It may seem to you coincidental that several of these important points controlling one side of your body failed all at the same time. Yet, that is what happened.

Although we would not call in coincidence, the electrical impulses began behind your right ear and attempted to travel down your side and to the various extremities involved. When the first roadblock was encountered, the energy began to splinter and the message received at the next connection was weakened. This went on with the speed of light, you might say, far faster than the telling of it. The forces closing down on the connecting points were a result of the weakened impulses which when fully active keep the pathways open.

You have embarked on the only measure we can see that will eventually open the rails again. That is the force that a trained practitioner can apply through pulling the muscles and joints apart, gently applying leverage to allow the electrical impulses to travel as they must.

You asked about your general health, Kathryn. Other than the debilities that you have learned to live with, we do not see a diminution of your health as a result of this mechanical failure. Over time and with appropriate attention, like the attention you are receiving, things should improve.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael, that is reassuring.
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> I would like to know Michael's perception on where I am in my 4th internal monad. And if you care to, an exercise appropriate to this stage in the monad to help it go smoother.

<Nancy> Matthew, you have barely begun this important milestone in your life. The force of evaluating what you are, what you believe about your world, what you measure for yourself rather than have measured for you -- these all take varying amounts of time depending on the individual fragment. For you we suppose that you may find that you enjoy the exercise of weighing and selecting those elements and qualities that you wish to end up with. Therefore, you may have chosen to coast rather sedately through this period rather than rushing pell mell to the end.

Here we say that not all those who venture into the fourth internal monad find the experience troubling or disastrous. For many of you it is rather enjoyable to have at last full control over what you are and what you want to be. This is especially true of those who have had a pleasant, supportive childhood and who did not find the third monad all that horrendous.

We suggest a regular period of evaluation, perhaps once a month, wherein you take a look at the past month and pinpoint those areas that you identify with as you, and those which you understand are not you. Making this appraisal will help you arrive at the end with your own formation of who you are and where you wish to go.

<CarrotWax> (sheesh, almost a year in, and 'barely begun!')

<Nancy> Matthew, some fragments take as much as ten years to complete the monad. We do not imply that this is your choice, but we see you taking very deliberate steps to organize who and what you are before you move on.

<CarrotWax> ok, thank you :-)
<DaveGregg> Diane, you're next...

<Diane_K> About 10 years ago I was forced off to the edge of the road by a car driving erratically and on the wrong side of the street. The car seemed to be purposely aiming for us. My son was asleep in the car with me. I remember feeling no fear--which surprises me now--just recognition that we might be about to die, and gratitude that Ben was asleep and not afraid. The car barely missed us. What really happened that day? I thought I felt an energetic pull on my left side, as though pulling the car away from us as it passed.

<Nancy> The driver of the car that nearly hit you was dozing at the wheel of his vehicle. He was not aware of your automobile and was not deliberately aiming at you, although he was drawn by the presence of another vehicle. This was totally involuntary, however. You are correct that there was an energy at work to prevent a collision. Both your guides and those of the driver of the other automobile were at work shielding the two vehicles from each other. The energy set up was similar to the repulsion that two magnets exhibit when the same face is presented to the other.

The reason there was so much energy expended to prevent the collision was the fact that neither of you had finished with this life.

<Diane_K> wow, thanks!
<DaveGregg> Renee, you're next...

<Renee> Hi Nancy, My name is Renee Mitchell. I am a Scholar-cast Artisan. Can you tell me why I suffer from the severe psychiatric condition I have and if there is anything I can do about it? Thanks!

<Nancy> The fragment Renee is working against type by allowing negative energy to permeate her consciousness. The artisan energy is eager for adventure, for different experiences, for rearranging and redistributing the elements of life. The scholar casting absorbs with interest any and every new facet of the artisan's devising.

<Renee> Oh sorry, can I interrupt for a minute. My role is scholar and my cast is Artisan. Did I type that wrong?

<Nancy> With you, Renee, there is fear dominating this approach to life. Instead of welcoming the opportunity to experiment that your role generates, you have piled all of the what ifs and buts on top of yourself to the extent that you are no longer in touch with these aspects of your role. The strength of the scholar is in acquiring knowledge, but even here, your fear of knowing something detrimental gets in the way of discovery.

These fears have blown up within you to the point that you are no longer treading in the path you chose for yourself before this life. This condition is not a result of a prearranged agreement. Which is partly why you are so troubled by it. It is, you might say, an ad hoc situation. Therefore, it could be more readily brought to an end than if you had chosen it as a primary learning for this life. We do not mean that there are no lessons to learn from this experience.

All choices are valid and you have chosen, little by little, to be overwhelmed with these fears. Recognizing the hold they have on you may be a step toward loosening them from your spirit altogether. Along with the efforts you are already making, we suggest exploration of the positive poles of your role and casting, as well as of all of your overleaves. You may find to your surprise that your immersion in this psychological morass is less complete than you think it is. Working toward the positive energy of the poles has been known to short circuit the depression that the negative poles generate.

<Renee> A lot to ponder I guess. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> TM, you're next...

<tm> What is going on with my parents right now? I feel something is ending (between me and them). There has been a lot of struggle and discord. Over our lives together...but I feel ready to walk away. What is my best next step regarding them?

<Nancy> Tziporah, how old are you?
<tm> Thank you. I am a scholar-cast priest, about to turn 42.

<Nancy> The discord you have been experiencing between yourself and your parents has its roots in the 4th internal monad that you completed recently. This has realigned your thoughts about yourself and your relation to them. Unbeknownst to you, your parents are having their own difficulties. This coincides with your situation and it would be strange indeed if the two together did not cause conflict.

<tm> (My parents are long-divorced. The struggles are with both, however.)

<Nancy> Walking away can mean many things. It can mean a physical break, or an emotional one. We perceive that for you it is in the realm of detachment, or physically separating. You may do this, of course, but you may not be so able to sever the emotional attachment even with distance between you. You may find yourself able to step back, however, and to observe with less volatility the two people as people and not as parents. Making this adjustment may be all that is necessary for you to be more comfortable with them. Once you have given yourself this space, it may be possible for you to see the clash of wills that is their problem at this time.

We consider most of the difficulties that you have perceived as their lack of understanding directed at you, has in fact been their own lack of compassion for each other. In this case, your assessment of the situation will undoubtedly become less bothersome to you and may possibly be more helpful to your parents. They are unlikely to consider that they need help, but you might tactfully try.

<tm> Just to confirm that you see me as having completed the 4th monad. Earlier it was suggested I had not yet begun the 4th, though I felt I had indeed.

<Nancy> If you are not yet finished with the fourth internal monad, you are very nearly there. Even the asking of this question is a signal that you are assessing yourself separately from your upbringing.

<tm> Many thanks!
<DaveGregg> Kimberly B, you're next...

<Kimberly B.> My question regards the crisis in Israel and Lebanon, what is the possibility of it escalating into WW 3 and how much truth is in the speculation that all this has been prophesized in the bible?

<Nancy> The Jewish and Christian scriptures have been used as prophetic writings since they were first written. They are not, of course. They are the assemblage of priests to attend to various local situations over time. Therefore, nothing that is called history has been predicted or prophesized by the bible. This is a truth and even when some debate loudly that it is not so, it is indeed so. Nothing that is happening in your world today has been foretold in the pages of this piece of literature.

Regarding your question about the fighting between these two countries leading to a world conflagration, we put the likelihood of this at not more than 5 %. Remember, this is a family quarrel. These are peoples with common background and interests and there is nothing like a family quarrel to bring out the worst in people. It is not in the interest of the rest of the world to let this action, destructive as it seems, get out of hand. Therefore we would say that given the circumstances, a World War III is not on the agenda. If circumstances change significantly then there would have to be a reassessment of this outcome.

<Kimberly B.> Thank you Nancy , Thank you Michael!!
<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> I was with a group tonight using a Ouija board and we made two contacts. One said he was a causal entity called U or Yew. The other was a 6-year-old named Mary who said she died of a fever. Are you able to identify them and tell us something more about them?

<Nancy> The energy calling itself Mary is a fragment from the astral plane. This fragment is somewhat mischievous and will respond to anyone who opens to the planes above the physical. We suggest that further use of the Ouija board be more circumspect. In general, stray astral fragments are not going to be very helpful to you.

<LaurelB> She was very sweet- we were just curious as to when and where she might have lived.

<Nancy> The fragment Mary was a child during World War II and died of malnutrition resulting from the exigencies of being a child at that time.

As to the causal entity U or Yew, we have no knowledge of this entity. Although there is no possibility that information will be given to you that is a deliberate lie, entities below the causal plane can focus on it so that you get the impression they want you to have.

<LaurelB> He seemed to be a practical joker.

<Nancy> That could very well explain why you were given the impression that this entity was from the Causal. We enjoy a good joke, but we do not play jokes on you or ourselves.

<LaurelB> We asked, and he replied "I am"

<Nancy> You may not want to waste you time with this energy.

<LaurelB> thank you
<DaveGregg> SamL, you're next...

<SamL> Thank you this is a question from Shannon B. in Milwaukee.
<SamL> In recent months I've been dealing with a strange ailment; chronic hives, also known as urticaria. This is not the first time I have had it in my life. I am better now thanks to a homeopathic remedy but I still want to know what this is about; and how can I prevent a recurrence.

<Nancy> If the homeopathic remedies appear to be successful, then we would say that this condition is the result of a specific lack of essential minerals in your diet. The reason that it comes and goes is related to the levels of these minerals. Sometimes they are sufficient to prevent the appearance of the welts and sometime the levels drop and the hives appear. The eruptions are not the problem. They are only the manifestation of the problem.

<SamL> What can she do to prevent it in the future?

<Nancy> Consider having the metals and minerals levels checked against what is considered the range of normal. If there are several which come at the low end of normal, it is because you require more of these than the usual person does. Since the homeopathic medication seems to be helping, you might consider putting yourself in the hands of a naturopath for a complete evaluation and recommendation for this malady.

<SamL> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Blue, you have the final question...

<bluelady> I wonder what I can do to regain the pleasure I normally received from my interests before?  I seem to simply marking time these days - alone but not really lonely.

<Nancy> How old are you, Frances? And do you have a Michael chart? What is your role/casting?

<bluelady> Oh dear - 70.  I have tried doing my own but it changes with every change in life

<Nancy> We see this Server cast Scholar reacting to the long years behind her rather than to the years ahead. There is always a need for an extra effort when the number of years becomes high enough. Why? Because there is very little that the fragment has not seen, done, or said. And repetition is at the base of boredom.

The cure for 'marking time' is marching on. You do not need us to tell you that there are numerous ways to get into marching rhythm. To be solitary but not lonely is the mark of a Scholar. And usually there is enough in the intellectual world of a scholar to keep him/her from feeling the loss of pleasure in life. When, however, the spark of inquiry refuses to ignite once again, you might choose to take up an activity that makes use of your experiences and your skills. You have much to offer to others, even if it does not seem to you that they want what you have. If you find that those things which delighted you in the past have lost their savor, try something new. Write your memoirs, learn a new skill, make a new friend. All of these are choices, and all of them you already know about.

If you expected us to offer a brilliant new adventure for your choosing, we apologize. (grinning) We sympathize with you, and we wish you well over the next segment of your life.

<bluelady> Thank you very much - I will look for a new skill.
<DaveGregg> That was the last question, Nancy.


Closing Comments

<Nancy> This has been a session of expanding horizons for this group. We spoke in the beginning of what you might say are 'far out' ways of expanding your field of vision. We have spoken to a number of you about the too small, too concentrated vision you have of your world. And now we remind you that there is a great deal more to your experience of the physical plane than the headlines that scream at you day after day. The planet is not ready to implode. The fighting at the end of the Middle Sea is not unforeseen nor is it Armageddon.

There will be changes in climate, changes in government, changes in income, changes in nearly everything that you can imagine. This is after all the physical plane. Change is the name of the game. Learning the lessons of the physical plane is the whole reason for being in a body, whether it functions well or ill, of managing life from day to day in your world. But occasionally, lift up your eyes to the wonder and adventure that lies beyond the daily. Think of the images that occasionally populate your imaginings and let them bring laughter to your lips and joy to your heart. We are finished. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy/Michael!
<CarrotWax> thank you Nancy! (and Michael)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Nancy.
<fireflySuz> Yes, I see that the theme overall seemed to be of 'expanding horizons'. Thank you so much, Nancy & Michael.
<Rhua> Thank you so much, Nancy.
<LaurelB> Thank you Nancy
<Diane_K> Thank you so much Nancy and Michael
<bluelady> Thank you for being so patient Nancy
<GRITSnEGGS> Thank you, we enjoyed it very much.
<SamL> Thanks Nancy
<Elisa17> Thank you Michael and Nancy
<susantheoboist> Thank you so much!

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