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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> You have gathered here tonight, each of you with a slightly different focus. But together you provide strength and a combined focus of purpose. Be aware of the power you create when you come together like this. It has been said in many ways that together you are stronger than when you are alone, and each of you can see the truth in this. There is a need, then, to unite this night in the combined focus of bringing energy to each of you and to the group as a whole. Do not be afraid that you will get lost in this, because you know that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.

<KarenMurphy> Be, then, the whole.
<KarenMurphy> Remember from whence you came,
<KarenMurphy> what you are a part of still.
<KarenMurphy> be the spark that creates new life within you.
<KarenMurphy> Be what generates more from without you.
<KarenMurphy> Be.
<KarenMurphy> Breathe now, and become what you are.
<KarenMurphy> Each of you is perfect and beautiful.
<KarenMurphy> Breathe again, and remember that you are not alone.
<KarenMurphy> We are ready for the first question.

<Kathryn41> Kathyef please go ahead

Q & A

<kathyef> I have a back injury from when I was 16 that I know is karmic.  I have current pain and challenges around that healthwise.  My question is can you give me some information about the past life that this is stemming from and what my focus needs to be to heal as fully as I can

<KarenMurphy> This pain is not karmic, but there is a strong residue indeed from a previous lifetime. In that life, you were a wool merchant in on the coast of Spain, in the 12th century. You were often dishonest and strove to make a profit even at the expense of the peasants you dealt with. You made a good living for yourself and for your family but you felt there was something you lacked. You decided that your wife was not of the caliber you needed to make the sort of impression you wished to the wealthy wool buyers that you sold to. You had risen from the ranks, so to speak, and both of you were of peasant stock to begin with. Your wife served you well and raised two children to adulthood, but you became impatient and uneasy. You did not know how to rid yourself of her, even though you wished to. You cast your eye instead on the young daughter of a nearby nobleman. You took a rival merchant into your confidence one night when you were in your cups. His suggestion was to have your wife poisoned so that you could be free to marry the young girl and hope to rise further as a result. You were so overcome with lust that you arranged to do so, not knowing at the time that this rival had his own eye on that same young girl. You engaged the services of a thug from a nearby town to poison your wife while you were away on a buying trip. Unfortunately for you, the thug was also in the employ of your rival. He went to the authorities and you were arrested when you returned to town. In prison you fought with another prisoner while you awaited sentencing and he knifed you in the back, lower back, just to the right of your spine. It did not kill you but you were in severe pain the rest of your life, which was not long because you were executed not long afterward.

The rival has been repaid already karmically, but this is a coworker in your present lifetime, a man. There is some amount of discomfort when with this person. The pain is a result of your guilt over having believed someone you thought was a friend. In this life this is a recurring theme for you, one of feeling betrayed. Although this may be difficult for you, you may feel relief from attempting forgiveness of those you feel have wronged you. We would say, though, that the damage to your back is of a very real and physical nature. You may find additional relief from acupuncture, but do not discount traditional western medicine.

<Kathryn41> any follow up to that, Kathyef?
<kathyef> Is this male coworker a current coworker?

<KarenMurphy> I got the sense that yes, it is, but I also got a sense that you are not presently working. Are you?

<kathyef> Yes, I teach. Can't think of who this male might be
<KarenMurphy> Let me ask again......

<KarenMurphy> Male, in his 50's, very short hair, small man. Present coworker, no, but you will remember this person by the comments he made that would infuriate you. There was no reason for him to dislike you yet you always felt he did. You did not wish to be alone with him.

<kathyef> Great, thanks Karen!
<Kathryn41> alright, Elo-Maria, you are next

<Elo-Maria> I'd like to understand better my choices and relations with creative writing. I write a lot since I was child, I work very much with my novels and plan to publish them in the future, this is very important to me and almost only thing I can do constantly. What I want to know is, that how important goal being a writer is to my essence?  What plans I had with it before incarnating and what my essence thinks about it?

<KarenMurphy> Your life task can be accomplished in many ways. We are speaking specifically of your life task, Elo-Maria, but this holds true for many others of you as well. Often it is the thing that "grabs" you, that you feel passionate, that is the best vehicle for completion of your life task. If it were drudgery, who would wish to do it? Therefore, we say to you that written communication can indeed be a useful tool for you to work on and complete your life task. Essence will be "happy" because you are doing something of personal fulfillment. Love often flows more strongly that way, and it is of course the goal of all of you to be in that state of love as often as possible. By "love", of course, we do not necessarily mean romantic or physical love, but what we do mean is that which is not fear, that which is the truth, the lifeblood if you will, of the universe. You, Elo_Maria, have written in previous lives and this form of communication and expression is indeed one that is comfortable and familiar to you. We would say that, yes, to some degree, this form of expression then is one that your essence hoped to include in this lifetime.'

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<Kathryn41> Innrafeith, please go ahead with your question

<Innrafeith> My name is John. This may seem like many questions but is geared towards one point or theme.  Polarity states that on one side you have light, on the other dark. Both of which are aspects of ourselves. Are we as spiritual beings, BEFORE coming here from the source, devoid of light and dark? And if so, once we get here, do we merge the light and dark together to grow and learn and become one? But that begs the question, are we truly LIGHT beings? And if not then, what are we?

<KarenMurphy> Each fragment, each of you, is a spark cast from the Tao. The Tao contains everything there is, including the duality of light and dark. Your awareness of self, of separateness, is part of the Maya of the physical plane. When not on the physical plane, you hold the awareness much more deeply of your oneness with the Tao. But the Maya on the physical plane creates the illusion that you are separate, and this in turn creates fear. Fear as we have said before is the absence of love, and love as we have said is the lifeblood of the universe. Fear and love, then, are the true polarities that exist. But really, they, too, are one, are they not? For fear and love, like everything else, are part of the Tao, are one with the Tao, and the Tao is one with them. There is no separation. You have difficulty seeing this as humans because of the limitations of the physical plane. But the more you immerse yourself in the aspect of you that is Love, the more you shed the illusion that blinds you.

<Innrafeith> So if you say you are both light and dark you are not separating yourself into the two?

<KarenMurphy> That is correct. There is no separation. Separation is merely an illusion, a function of being extant on the physical plane. But you are more than simply light and dark. You are ALL.

<Kathryn41> Susan, you are next.

<aeone> Susan c1e7 king cast sage 343 & Randy.
<aeone> These two fragments have shared some very significant past lives, what & where were  the most important past lives, on, how do they relate directly to the current lives, what is it that we are specifically meant to do together ?  is there a name for this type of prenatal agreement? I get a sense he is cadre 1 entity 7 mate ...perhaps old mag. king

<KarenMurphy> There are three lives of significance that we see for these two fragments. The fragment known to you now as Randy has been your brother, wife, and comrade-at-arms. The theme common to these three lives was that of loss. In each lifetime there was significant loss that in turn created great hardship for both of you. You were able to persevere however and to create something new from that loss. We should say that is significant to the two of you at this time. Creation is of course another common theme to you in this lifetime, Susan, and we would say that it is a focus for you now. There is a good chance that the two of you will find some satisfying way to work together and to create in this lifetime as well. The agreement in this lifetime was to meet and to share information. You each have a unique perspective not shared by many and you each can benefit from really absorbing what the other sees. This in turn can spur your creative flow. The man known to you in this lifetime as Randy is a Warrior-cast Sage, King ET. There is magnetism in him, and he draws those to him that he can best work with. Entity 7, cadre 1, as you stated. A good man in a clinch, in many ways. There are many ties here, and as we have stated a sense of comfort and familiarity.

<Kathryn41> Diane, you are next.

<dianekeith> I would like more information about the Teacher/Student agreement between my partner Helen and myself. Who is in which role, and what is the subject or topic of the teaching/learning?

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known in this life as Helen presently occupies the teacher position. This monad is a common one, and it is not unusual for the fragments to switch at some point during the lifetime to reverse roles and gain a different perspective on the monad. We would say that this may well be the case for you within the relatively near future, within 5-10 years or so. The subject presently being "studied" has to do with Helen's perspective on growing up and how that has shaped her in this lifetime. You have taken her experience to heart quite strongly and have learned to view your own somewhat differently as a result. You in turn have much to share with Helen. The teacher-student monad is often quite casual, as is evidenced by your own experiences in this lifetime, but always just as valid.

<Kathryn41> Sophie, you may ask your question now

<Kathryn41> Matthew, is Sophie ready with her question?
<CarrotWax> I would like some information on my love relationship. Where could I take it for our greatest good?  This is with a man named Jean-Francois Binette.
<KarenMurphy> Sophie, it is difficult to predict the outcome of a relationship, any relationship between two fragments, because the choices of not one but two fragments are involved. The man known to you as Jean-Francois is having some intimacy issues. This causes him to pull away at times. You in turn find that frightening and react as well.

<CarrotWax> What can you tell me to help me clarify my position in relation to him, and what I want?

<KarenMurphy> In the best of cases this is a difficult cycle to break free from.

<CarrotWax> What cycle are you referring to?

<KarenMurphy> All you can really do is to change your own perspective about the relationship. You cannot change his.

<CarrotWax> In what way can my perspective change?

<KarenMurphy> The cycle is that of fear of intimacy, pulling back when things get too close, having trouble defining even what the relationship is about, for fear of being vulnerable.

<CarrotWax> Is it fair to go full on if we want different things, though?

<KarenMurphy> For instance, you can think of yourself as a person in love with this man, hoping to find out truly how he feels about you and what his plans are for your future, if any. Or.... you can be someone who loves this man and sees what frightens him. Although you cannot yourself allay his fears, you can inwardly present yourself as one who understands who he is. In other words, you are letting go of any particular outcome while not letting go of your own hopes in the matter.

<CarrotWax> That's what he wishes for. I keep thinking that he is not the best match for a life partner.

<KarenMurphy> This is a lesson that is presented over and over to many on this plane. Intimacy is the most difficult thing to achieve on the physical plane yet it is what each of you desires most. A terrible paradox. But extremely satisfying when achieved. You can choose to remain and to work out intimacy from your end, while releasing him of any expectations, or you can decide that it is too difficult, maybe another time then. Both are valid choices. What you cannot do really is to influence Jean-Francois. he must make his own choices.

<CarrotWax> The type of intimacy I want with him is hard to achieve. I would like more sensual and sexual complicity.

<KarenMurphy> This is why relationships can be so difficult, because you cannot affect much what the other person does.

<Kathryn41> that is the end of the questions so far, Karen. Do you wish to continue with more questions?

<KarenMurphy> Yes, let's take a few more.

<ShannonB> I have tried my hand at any number of channeling challenges, but what would be a good, sure way of accessing the Akashic Records, and how will I know when I have done so (as contrasted with when I have contacted an Entity)?

<KarenMurphy> Shannon, for you we see that the visual is your most sure way of accessing the Akashic records. You may try, then, to view them as perhaps a library, or some sort of computer database. Some form of record-keeping that is comfortable for you. Go into a meditative state then and begin searching through your virtual "files" to find that you want. You can ask that correct information be marked somehow for you when it appears, as perhaps with a star. Of course, you are asking how to validate the information that you later retrieve. We will say that there is no "sure" way of doing this except by a method that works for you personally. For many this is really an exercise in faith.

<ShannonB> I don't really worry about validation.

<KarenMurphy> You may try asking for a physical manifestation of your having reached the information you seek accurately. You will more than likely know it when it happens, and of course you have already done this successfully.

<Kathryn41> Roseh, you are next

<roseh> Rosemarie - a relationship question with a fragment I know by the name of Andy - past lives, prelife agreements where the relationship is headed in this lifetime for the greater good.

<KarenMurphy> Your sense of knowingness of the man known to you in this life as Andy comes from the brotherly energy he retains from a life wherein you were indeed brothers. This occurred in 6th century Scotland. You were sheep farmers. A hard life in a hard country, but you stuck together and made a go of it. Never much with the ladies, you remained together your entire lives, and did not marry. There was an intimacy there not generally shared in a lifetime. This is incredibly comfortable for you. Also this fragment has been in the position of spiritual guide for you on more than one occasion. Mostly, in fact, you have not been extant together but instead work together between lives on the astral. You each find the other comforting. In this lifetime you chose to meet and see what it is like being both extant in bodies with a mutual body-type attraction. There are some issues you may choose to work on provided circumstance arise that make it likely to be successful. You have not yet chosen whether you will attempt this, and while you do not have a mate agreement with this man it is something you are considering on an essence level. There seem to be some hurdles and time will tell whether you choose to clear them or try again another time.

<roseh> thank you Karen - very enlightening
<Kathryn41> Styx you are next.

<styx> Name is Paul.  currently working on a community based project with a fragment, by the name of Paul . Would like to know of past lives and this life agreement.

<KarenMurphy> So you are both Paul?
<styx> yah

<KarenMurphy> Paul, we see some friction here. Although you would like things to go smoothly, there have been some difficulties. That is not to say that they cannot and will not be worked out, but perhaps this is the crux of your question. Although there have been no significant lives shared between you, there were a number of lives in passing that have created some residue that affects you now. There was a lifetime spent as mercenaries in 15th century Germany. This was a particularly brutal time period, and although you did not know one another, you shared the common energy of geography and purpose, as well as similar experience. This almost brings a feeling of distaste between you, a shared memory of a horrific time. In other times you also shared a commonality of time and place, in ancient Egypt, in Mesopotamia, and in 12 century Europe. Although nothing arose between you specifically, the memory-stamp of that time is shared between you. One thing you were hoping to work on together in this life was experimenting on overcoming that residue of common time-place-experience, but overlaying it with a new shared memory. This is what you are doing now, and you see that it takes time. This difficulty is not that uncommon but we do not see many fragments choosing as you have to find ways to overcome it. This information of course will be shared and become useful for many. It is part of your life task, and although you do not occupy the same working groups, you do share this commonality of life task that unites you.

<Kathryn41> Paul, do you have a follow up question for this information?
<styx> So, no karmic connections, or murder?

<KarenMurphy> No.

<Kathryn41> Colleen, you are next

<colleen> Please tell me who the man Phil is to me in this life, past lives, and possibly future life. Are we meant to accomplish anything together in this life? Do we have an Agreement?

<KarenMurphy> The man to you in this lifetime as Phil has been both your father and your attacker, in two different lives. Karma resulting from the attacker lifetime has been paid, in his care of you as your father. You feel at times a duality there from him, in other words sometimes light and sometimes dark. This unnerves you to some extent, but at the same time you are attracted to it. There is a mate agreement between you. Also a possible agreement to work through some other issues should the mate agreement be accepted. This is still in question. The hesitancy seems to be more on your end than his, as he has no bleedthrough to work with; in other words, his memories of you from the past are fairly clear.

<Kathryn41> Do you have a follow up question to this information, Colleen?
<colleen> To me, it seems that he has rescinded the mate agreement.....like he feels the "father" thing when he was attracted to me....can he get over it..is there a chance for us??

<KarenMurphy> That depends on your ability to truly accept this duality you see in him. Often there is such an overlayment of energy from another lifetime that it makes it impossible to truly see the fragment as they are. The reticence you are sensing within him, Colleen, is really your fear.

<colleen> Is there an affirmative action that I can take to make it happen?

<KarenMurphy> Fear creates illusion, and the illusion here covers reality. Again, as we have stated tonight, there is nothing you can do to influence another fragment that would not abrogate their choice. Again, all you can do is alter your own perspective about the nature of the relationship.

<Kathryn41> Beryl, you are next.

<beryl> Linda. In a private session, I asked how we choose those to incarnate with us, especially in very close relationships with us. In a personal example, Michael, you said an essence was looking for someone with whom it could feel comfortable with based on a past life experience with me and "your name came up, so to speak." If we have a lifetime or two of shared intimacy with a fragment but in other lives we only "know them in passing," as you stated, how vast is the pool from which we can "draw" and how/why does it happen that we know the same fragment in many lifetimes but only "in passing"?

<KarenMurphy> We have seen tonight in another example that sometimes fragments choose to incarnate, often working on key issues, with those with whom they have shared only a commonality of place and time. Often that is enough to create an energy stamp that makes it appear useful to share a closer reality in a new lifetime. The pool of fragments, is, as you pointed out, quite vast, but it dwindles rapidly when taking into account various variables that render a particular fragment unappealing, for instance, that a particular fragment has other plans, or doesn't wish to participate, or has too many other irons in the fire, or many other reasons. In reality, then, the number of fragments that can truly be chosen among to share a particular experience with is relatively few. So many things have to be in place, the logistics are appalling <smile>. It is a wonder anything ever gets done on the physical plane <broad grin, exaggerated sigh>

<Kathryn41> Linda, do you have a follow up question?
<beryl> Thank you! No follow up. Fascinating -- and amusing!
<KarenMurphy> I should add their rolling of the eyes that went with that.
<Kathryn41> hehehe
<KarenMurphy> Apparently this was quite an "in" joke.
<Kathryn41> Ladybroker, you are next

<ladybroker> Do I have any Karma to work out with anyone in this life and if so with whom? If no Karma do I have any unfulfilled agreements for this lifetime?

<KarenMurphy> Iris, we see that there are yet unburned ribbons for you that may be dealt with in this lifetime. You, on an essence level, are preparing to put things in place to deal with these, but know that it will probably be painful. We cannot be more specific at this time because that may alter your plans and reduce your choices in the matter. However, we urge you to not feel as if there is something "hanging over your head" so that it creates a situation where you do not do *anything* for fear of tripping the wire that brings the bucket full of karma down over your head. All of you, for the most part, have karma of one sort or another outstanding and you may find yourselves in the throes of dealing with it at any time. And, Iris, yes there are also agreements outstanding of various sorts. There are two possible mate agreements and a host of smallish facilitating agreements still "out there" awaiting you if you choose and if circumstances allow.

<Kathryn41> Iris do you have a follow up question?
<ladybroker> is this about my daughter?

<KarenMurphy> Agreement or karma?
<ladybroker> Anything, I have so much pain concerning her.

<KarenMurphy> There are some issues involving your daughter that remain open, things that have remained unresolved. This brings you discomfort, because you always felt life would be more tidy. it has been so in many other ways for you, and this is uncomfortable. We suggest, then, that you attempt to embrace who and where she is, not that you haven't already done so, but while at the same time releasing expectations. This may not be easy. On the physical plane, tidiness is something that helps us feel more in control of such an unstable place. This is why the trick of releasing expectation is paramount.

<ladybroker> Thank you.
<Kathryn41> jj, you have the last question of the evening

<jjtan> I am Jwu. I would like to ask Michael what is my True Work (or Life Task), and to elaborate on how I can work on it.

<KarenMurphy> Your life task is creating sense out of the jumble, the cacophony, of technology that exists in today's society, and in so doing translating science into art.

<jjtan> Wow! That's an intimidating one. And I have no idea how to proceed from that... So I guess I have no further question... Thanks. Need time to digest it first.

<KarenMurphy> It is something you do naturally. You create around you a different energy-space and by doing so allow others to read through that the translation that works through you. It's like you translate using your body.

<KarenMurphy> Oops, I was interpreting there, that last line.
<jjtan> Energy-space.... translation... of science to art. Sounds interesting to do. :) Thanks Karen and Michael!

<Kathryn41> Well then, that is the list of questions for this evening. Karen, if Michael has any closing comments we are ready for them now

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> We see again tonight that you have brought to this meeting some common themes, those of intimacy and duality. Be aware that these issues are endemic to humans as a whole, and as a result seem to be of universal interest. We see as well that tonight you have bridged the gulf, at least temporarily, that appears to stretch between you. Clasp hands now, and bring yourselves closer to those next to you. Holding tighter, begin to feel the sway and swing that is present with the motion of the tides and of the revolution of the earth. Holding tighter still, bring with you all the creatures of life that are presently extant. Holding tighter still, bring all of you together into one solid mass. You retain individuality yet you are part of a greater whole.

Release now and hold that energy with you as you go about your day, your evening, and into the night. Breathe deeply of the you that is one with all. Go in peace.

<ladybroker> Thank you. Good night.
<colleen> Thank you so much, Karen and Michael, for sharing your light and love. I know all of us have so enjoyed it and taken so much from it.
<aeone> Thank You Karen and Michael ... totally awesome "good work" <grin> (@)(@)
<Kathryn41> thank you so much Karen, that was excellent tonight
<Innrafeith> Thank you
<FireflySuz> Thank you Michael and Karen!
<SamL> thank you Karen
<dianekeith> Thanks so much Karen and Kathryn...good night to all ;-)

<KarenMurphy> Thank you, group, that was some beautiful energy tonight.


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